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Selsdon Man

Reform Conservatives? What a terrible name - very Westminster Village!

It is not your name that counts - it is what you stand for, what you will do and the language that you use.

James Hellyer

Does Mister Lansley not think that our policies are informed by our values? Conservatives believe that individuals are essentially rational, and that they and not bureaucrats are best placed to determine how to spend their own money. The Patient Passport was in line with those values. Mister Lansley's views appear to be in tune with some other party's values.


Bizarrely (considering what I thought of his previous suggestions), I've got some sympathy for what he says. The Patient's Passport smacks of escape routes for rich folk - it's pretty difficult to deflect such criticism. We need to remember that the vast bulk of the British people are conservative, but only with a small 'c' - they don't go much for big ideas, only practicality and results. (This isn't to say I don't support radical health reform; I do. But I'd rather get elected and make some improvement than remain simply talking about it.)

Wat Tyler

We watched 'Lansley: The Movie' last night. And we wanted his life- it looked warm and sunny, set in a magical England where the beaches are golden, the land green and pleasant, and his daughter's delightfully civilised comprehensive more like St Mary's Wantage than Fort Apache Brixton.

Actually, Lansley's not someone I know much about, but he looked very decent in a John Majorish sort of way. But he didn't really say much.


Editor,references to Englands Ashes victory are never gratuitous!

Selsdon Man

Is it not strange that our national cricket team, which has included Scots (e.g. ex-captain Mike Denness) and Welshmen (Simon Jones), is called England? Surely the team should be Britain or United Kingdom!

Going back to Mr Lansley, is he ashamed of privatisation? What sort of country would we live in now if we had not privatised the nationalisised industries, especially the utilities and transport? The voters were keen enough to cash in! Privatisation was real reform. How sad that many in our party that we have turned against it!

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