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James Hellyer

Brickbats to the Davids Davis and Cameron. Despite Davis having recognised that there was a principle at stake in keeping member's voting rights, in an amazing display of non-leadership neither used their vote.


Clarke is still in second place amongst MPs.

Quentin Davies and Nigel Waterson have still not been added to the list of "Who is backing who".

This website reported Davies' support for Clarke in the letter to The Times on Wednseday but he has still not been added to the list.

Please can someone inform the editor of this site so that the list can now be corrected.


I missed QD "Bristol" - sorry. Where/ when did Nigel Waterson declare?

Mark Fulford

Bristol, Davis is claiming both Philip and David Davies as supporters. Am I missing something?

Mark Fulford

Doh! Sorry...

Selsdon Man

Hollobone previously declared for Davis and is listed as one of his supporters on Who's Backing Who. The article now says that he is supporting Fox. Clarification please.


Hollobone and the four others are backing Fox's policy pledge - not his leadership bid. I apologise if my wording is unclear.

Selsdon Man

To be fair, it was my fault for not reading it carefully. I was expecting the other 4 to back Fox (even though Carswell and Goodwill are Cornerstone members) and was surprised to see Hollobone's name associated with the good doctor.

Nelson, Norfolk

Surely the time has come for all the Candidates to think carefully in terms of who is best to lead the Party to victory at the next general election.

My own view is that the time has now come for MPs to support a dream ticket.

That dream team as far as I am concerned can only be DC as leader and DD as his deputy.

The above combination is the only one that will guarantee us victory at the next election.

Ken Clarke the fag pusher should now withdraw from the race. He did not perform well in last nights Q/Time. He let Labour get away again with their usual untruths. For Gods sake and for the sake of the Party Ken go and go now.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"Max Hastings identified The Telegraph as crucial to the race"

Having read the article, I'm perturbed at the information that Simon Heffer has joined the Telegraph. Whilst being a possible explanation for the Mail's friendliness to Ken, I'm concerned that the Telegraph, which has been going relatively easy on Ken compared to the almost hysterical tone earlier on in the contest, will step up the anti-Ken rhetoric again.

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