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Dave J

"These days a candidate basically needs to do the job of the MP but while he or she is fighting the sitting MP. That way people will say, I might not like all what the Tories stand for - but that Joe/Josephine Bloggs works hard..."

That's something that, to me as an American, has a very familiar (and successful) ring to it. Hillary Clinton notwithstanding, the idea of "parachuting in" candidates from outside is practically unheard-of here, to the point that its frequency astonished if not appalled me when I (and I am not entirely ashamed to admit this) worked for Tory Central Office just as Major's government was in the midst of its final bouts of self-obliteration. One can over-generalize, of course, but races here are much more about the candidates as well as (if not more so than) the parties. That's especially true in Senate races in battleground states, which of course can't be gerrymandered...and which are therefore in many ways the closest analogy to exactly the kind of target seats the Tories should be looking towards picking up.

Selsdon Man

Oliver, I am a Clarke cheerleader - merely pointing out that such threats are idle talk. You say that, if he became leader, you would join the socialists - that would be a bizarre choice and says much about your own views.

Meaningless personal attacks on individuals undermine the integrity of the party and this site. We need a mature analysis of what is happening. Theresa May may be mistaken on certain issues but she is certaily not brainless.

It is surprising, however, that no one has pointed out that Clarke was the original stealth tax Chancellor. For example, he introduced air passenger duty and insurance premium tax. Gordon Brown got most of his ideas from Clarke.

Selsdon Man

Oops! That should have read I am NOT a Clarke cheerleader - how embarrassing! I will reveal my real preference in due course.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"For the record, I'm twenty-six, and if Kenneth Clarke became Tory Leader I'd join the Socialists tomorrow... I have never, ever, ever heard a young person (or, for that matter, any person) say that they'd join the Tory Party if Kenneth Clarke became Leader. Got it? The people threatening to leave the Party DO NOT WANT KENNETH CLARKE TO BE PRIME MINISTER." - Oliver McCarthy

Oliver, I don't really know where to start in pulling apart your narrow-minded, hysterical, frothing-mouthed rant.

You're clearly suggesting Ken has no youth appeal - WRONG! I'm 22 and can tell you now that Ken has more appeal amongst my contemporaries than any of the other candidates (yes, James Hellyer, it is because he is better known, before you start) and almost universally agree that the Conservatives would be a much more credible electoral force if they chose somebody with broad popular appeal instead of another right-wing but unknown nobody as leader.

As for your fatuous assertion that you've heard nobody say they would join the Conservatives if Ken became leader, have you heard anybody say they would join the Conservatives if any of the other candidates became leader? I know I certainly haven't.

You say that you would leave the Conservatives and join the Socialists if Ken becomes leader. Frankly, I find this somewhat baffling. If the candidate furthest from the right becomes leader, you will leave the party to join a party even further from the right? I'm afraid I don't understand your logic and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure that anybody with socialist sympathies should be a Conservative in the first place.

Finally, your point that the people threatening to leave the Conservatives (I assume you mean in the event that Ken becomes leader) do not want Ken to be PM is surely taking stating the obvious to a new level. However, the question that needs to be asked is would these people prefer Gordon Brown as PM? I would argue that even though these people do not want Ken as PM, they want Gordon Brown as PM even less than that, but I'm sure you and your socialist friends will disagree...

James Hellyer

"yes, James Hellyer, it is because he is better known, before you start"

You missed out that it's easy to be "popular" whan you're anti-Iraq war and nobody is having a go at you!


Oliver,I don't wish to be rude but we normally try and have a higher level of debate than your post demonstrated on this blog.Think, before you make such wild assertions,they really don't impress anyone,and at the grand old age of 26 you really ought to know better.


So where would this 14% go if Ken Clarke became leader? UKip? Good luck

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