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Simon C

Still all to play for, although I would admit that it might soon be time for Fox to bring his campaign out of the undergrowth and start to chase the early hares.

The Telegraph editorial concluded:

" is possible to describe the ideal candidate, in policy terms at least. He or she would favour significantly reduced taxation, direct support for married couples, the wholesale withdrawal of powers from Brussels and the localisation of power within Britain...If only such a candidate combined these principles with the charm of Mr Clarke."

Liam's USP is that he shows that you can come from the right of the Party and still be a nice guy. Not all of his parliamentary colleagues achieve that.

I would guess that he would have a better chance of leading a united parliamentary party than any of the other 3 leading candidates, all of who seem to command hostility as much as they do support.


If we take the Telegraph article to be fairly accurate I was wondering do we know which candidates the 'unlikely group' have backed in recent leadership elections? I believe Lansley backed Clarke, but not sure about May, Willets or whether Rifkind (albeit from outside Westminster. Anyone know?

James Hellyer

Try here:


Don't have a problem with Camerons 'modernisation' agenda but have very deep problems with the Europhilia of Ken Clarke.
If they form a 'dream team' Cameron loses my vote (if I have one!)


Thanks James. The list of supporters from the last leadership election makes interesting reading.

In response to Malcolm's post, while I understand your point of view, I'm in somewhat of the opposite position. I'm backing Cameron and not keen on Ken, but I'm also very keen the new leader isn't David Davis, so if Cameron doesn't feel be can beat Davis on his own but that teaming up with Clarke he can, then I'll probably back the 'dynamic duo'!

Liam is acceptable to me, I'm just not sure I see him as a future PM, which personally I can see for Cameron.

Shame Theresa hasn't gained more backers, but I like the idea of her as Shadow Home Secretary, I think her style of politics could do well against Charles Clarke.


I think there has been a lot of press spin about the Cameron interview on Today on Thursday. I don't think there is anyway it can be interpreted as feeling he cannot win or beat Ken Clarke. He simply said if KC has people who want him to stand then he should do so as he will if people want him to stand. And at this stage he will (sensibly) rule nothing out as the business at the moment is discussing the party’s future direction.

Pity really, because as usual it allowed the BBC to smother the attractive things Cameron was saying about education and A levels in particular.

Wat Tyler

Somewhat astonishing myself, I agree with Blue2win (partially anyway).

Cameron certainly didn't sound like he was about to join Ken. All he said about that was "I certainly don't rule anything out."

And he'd be mad to jump before 27 September, because if the Convention rejects the MPs' voting power grab, there's no way Ken will actually stand.

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