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Selsdon Man

Mrs Clarke could afford a £500 bet from the BAT and Independent salaries that go into the Clarke household. Perhaps it was Anna Soubry, the dripping wet PPC for Gedling (and NUS apologist when she ran for the FCS Chair).

James Hellyer

It was me.

James Hellyer

Honest ;=)

Jonathan Sheppard

Driving home form work through the centre of Nottingham I could have sworn I saw cigar smoke coming out of Labdrokes.........

Jonathan Sheppard

And according to the BBC tonight - Ken will announce his candidacy in a newspaper article on Thursday. Game On.

James Maskell

Channel 4 reported that on its 7pm bulletin. Watch the papers tomorrow...

James Hellyer

Today's papers? The Beeb went crazy and announced it as fact last night. BBCi is glutted with pro-Ken articles (I've just sumbitted a hatchet job to "Have Your Say"). Anyone would think he's their candidate of choice.

Or that natural disasters and all, this is a slow news day.

Wat Tyler

£500? If that's all it took to cut Ken's odds so he surged ahead of David C (as he has), it was cheap at the price. Guido reckons it was five grand, but even that is nothing to a man of Ken's means.

And James- I couldn't see your demo job on BBCi- I think you've been "moderated".

Oberon Houston

It was most likely one of you lot trying to hedge. Maybe I should plant £500 on a right winger – that way I can’t lose either.

EU Serf

That's a hell of a lot of good publicity for a very small outlay.

The clever punters will see a great new opportunity though.

Simon C

"That's a hell of a lot of good publicity for a very small outlay."

And it's what the Lib Dems often do in tight by-elections, usually about 72 hours out. It gives a great impression of momentum and insider knowledge.

Wat Tyler

So that's why there are so many LibDems on Political Betting. And I thought it was the LD branch of Gamblers' Anon.


Confirming Wat's post of above - the latest release from William Hill puts KC ahead of DC now as second favourite in the race.

Sam Coates

I've read elsewhere that it was actually a £5000 bid.
A £500 bid is barely worth mentioning really.


If you go to the original William Hill release it was definitely only £500 Sam. They should know!

Sam Coates

Correction, that was according to Guido Fawkes, but on finding the original statement ( it appears that it is indeed £500.

Sam Coates

They should indeed Ed!

It is surprising that, given our Party's opposition to gambling liberalisation, Conservatives (even the social variety) should be obsessed by the bookies.


My limited experience has been that Catholics, in particular, are keen gamblers. Take the socially conservative Bill Bennett for a start!

Sam Coates

Wow, makes you wonder who else could be a closet gambler!

I think it was someone in the Conservative Christian Fellowhip that called the Gambling Bill a 'tax on gambler's children'.

Selsdon Man

Catholics? Not in my experience. I suppose the rhythm method of contraception is a form of gambling. The Chinese are keen (to put it mildly) gamblers too.

John McCririck is celebrity Tory gambler but I read that he is a failed bookie - a very rare beast.

Wat Tyler

Some nerdish plotter over at Guido's points out that the William Hill press release- while specifically mentioning a £500 bet- also says "scores of three figure bets". Which he calculates means at least eighteen grand in total.

Me, I reckon they probably count £1.00 as a three figure bet.

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