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Wat Tyler

Pundits for DD?

1. Miguel P (,,2088-1650733,00.html )

2. Rees Mogg (,,1052-1651968,00.html )

Personally I've "interpreted" many many others as supporters...but not sure the umpire would agree.

And Ed, really...India Knight? Has the garden sun gone to your head? (see for excellent review of her book The Shops)

Do the pundits matter? Pretty unlikely among this electorate I'd say- whether it's MPs or members. I sometimes wonder if they'll even listen to me.

James Hellyer

The press only seem to be talking about Cameron and Davis anyway. Neither have actually developed breakthrough momentum for their campaigns, so I think we have to be aware that that conflict is a media construct. Either campaign could all too easily falter if it doesn't gain ground soon (see yesterday's Clarke story for an example of how this might happen).

We can't let the press railroad us into limiting our choices, just because bipartisan conflicts produce easier by-lines.

And if the MPs have all the votes,who cares what the pundits say!

Selsdon Man

The views of journalists and pundits must be taken with a pinch of salt. They will back their friends or close contacts - they know that they are more likely to be fed 'exclusives' etc that will enhance their standing with their editor and peers.

India Knight and Suzanne Moore are hardly heavyweights. As for Rees-Mogg, his predictions are regularly wrong.

By the way - can anyone suggest an intelligent piece by Danny Finkelstein? How this man manages to get away with writing drivel on a regular basis is beyond me!

Graeme Archer

I also think Tim (by the way - what sunshine are you enjoying? I'm freezing today) is wrong to dismiss the bloggers' views. I thought we all got into blogging precisely BECAUSE it spells the end of the professional journalists' hegemony of political thought. I've enjoyed reading all the Glendas writing about blogging ... trying to pretend that they don't care ... I agree with other comments here: though I share India Knight's predilection for David C, my belief in him wasn't altered one iota by the expressed views of the author of "My Life on a plate" (must have been a big plate, India).


Don't know why you don't like Finkelstein Selsdon Man.I've always found his articles quite insightful.I used to particularly enjoy his analysis of PMQs when Duncan Smith was leader which I always thought were fair.


Graeme: I wasn't trying to dismiss bloggers (being one myself!). I was suggesting (perhaps wrongly) that because Wat, Peter Cuthbertson, Tom Greeves and other top bloggers aren't yet (sadly) read by as many people as read the likes of Matthew Parris and Tim Hames, they didn't qualify for my list.

I agree with Malcolm about Daniel Finkelstein, too. I don't agree with everything he writes but he's solid on two of today's most important issues - the war on terror and Europe. It's good to have him as Comment Editor at The Times.

PS Graeme - it is overcast in Salisbury today. I'm indoors with the cricket on. England are 432 for 6. Excellent!


Mike White's piece newsworthy? Ken's speech before recess all but confirmed he will stand. The only news angle in the Guardian was KC distancing himself from the euro and his people were dissing that.

BTW check out this week's Mandrake diary in the Sunday Telegraph for signs of an unusual endorsement for Willetts...


Michael Gove should definitely be added to the list. He's come out for Cameron, of course.

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