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Wat Tyler

As a DD supporter, half of me thinks Ken should stay in the race. After all, he's likely to split the support for a leftish candidate possibly making things easier for Our Man. Which is presumably why DC is now trying to woo the party's right.

Sure he makes lots of noise, but Ken's hippo-like presence only always rocks the boat alarmingly. As a Europhile two-time loser, there's no way he's going to win (even if those anti-democratic MPs do get their way on the voting rules).

For once in his life he should think of the party, and withdraw. Leave us to concentrate on the real choice- ie DD or DC.


If DD really is as unpopular with MPs as many believe then the race Clarke should concern him with is beating Cameron to come second and watch the anti-DD bandwagon swing behind him. Or there could be a euro-inspired anti KC bandwagon giving the race to Clarke.

Would like to know what he really stands for though.

Jonathan Sheppard

Ms Ashley writes,

"Can you see the country turning to David Davis (or, indeed, David Cameron) and thinking "Ah yes, there's someone solid we can trust on the economy"? No, nor can I."

Well actually yes I can see that. We hear all these reports about what a great Chancellor our Gordon has been. Funny how he has to fudge the dates of his "economic cycle". There is a big black hole in the finances that will come back to bite him sooner or later. And lets not go into the issue of pensions.

So actually yes I could see the country trusting either Cameron or Davis - and I suspec teh economy may once again become a political background before the next election is upon us.

Jonathan Sheppard

Oops - and that should read electoral battleground.

Working in Nottingham means I am too busy seeing how the test match is going!

Derek Tipp

He's arrogant, out of touch and now he's even claimed to have ditched his long-held beliefs in the EU. He would be a disaster.


Ken Clarke was the best option in 1997 and the second best option in 2001 but if he stands again he faces the possibility of humiliation a la Herbert Morrison in the 1955 Labour leadership election.

William Norton

If Ken Clarke is "arrogant", "out of touch" and has "ditched his long-held beliefs" as per Derek Tipp (2 posts above) that probably makes him favourite in an MPs-only ballot.


I supported Clarke in 1997, voted for him in 2001 but wouldn't touch him with a bargepole now. He has done nothing to help the Party during the hard times, has been totally wrong about Europe and his time has passed. If he had been prepared to bend a little in 1997 he would have had the leadership for the asking but he was too arrogant to do so. Forget it Ken it is too late.

Selsdon Man

Clarke did not take a Michael Moore position on the Iraq War. He and Malcolm Rifkind based their position on their experience in Government. They have been proved right. Just think of all the votes that we lost (and seats we failed to win back) because our leadership believed the neo-conservative lies and backed the war.


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