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Wat Tyler

“It is not like Gordon Brown waiting years for Tony Blair to give up the top job; Ken is 65 so he is not going to be hanging around for much longer.”

Hmm. Remember the last fat cigar chomping Beast who became leader at 65? He hung around until he was 80 and pretty well ga-ga, all the time believing his deputy wasn't up to the job. DC should have a chat with Anthony Eden about that.

The reality is that DC asked for Hezza's support and sadly got snubbed.

Selsdon Man

If the reports are true, Mr Cameron was unwise to have tried to court the Europhile Lord Heseltine (who remains very unpopular with the grassroots).

It could cost him votes of centre-right MPs, particularly in the new intake, who may switch to Liam Fox or David Davis.


I think the early comments may be putting too much weight on this. I would imagine leadership contenders are contacting all the high-profile, yet to declare, Tories to seek backing. Approaching Heseltine, does not mean he specifically sought out Heseltine's backing, for all we know he has approached dozens of senior conservatives of varying viewpoints and it just happens that Lord MH was the one who spoke to the press.

James Hellyer

... but the only reason to go and see Lord Heseltine would be try and persuade him to ditch Clarke and switch to Cameron's side.

Heseltine has been an enthusiastic advocate of a Clarke leadership in the press since the general election (and in 1997 and 2001).

Now a Clarke bid looks a reality, Cameron was claearly trying to knobble it by selling himself to Heseltine as the "wet" Stop-Davis candidate.


Insiders tell me that Cameron is an opportunist who cannot be trusted.

Ben O

"Insiders tell me that Cameron is an opportunist who cannot be trusted."

I can assure you, that you have your Davids completely mixed up!

EU Serf

Can someone explain the tag Dream Team to me. The only dreams that a Clarke victory will bring true are those of the UKIP. It would also allow Mr Brown to continue his Pseudo Euroscepticism unchecked.

The Political Thinker

I think the idea of Cameron stepping aside for Clarke would be a brilliant idea. Am I the only one?

Clarke is old, and has lost many usually loyal supporters. They’ve either defected to Davis or Cameron, and those who’ve opted for Cameron won’t like the idea of being forced to go with Clarke, so would most likely choose either Davis or Fox.

If Cameron steps aside now, and it turns out that the rules aren’t changed, Clarke won’t stand and Cameron cannot then realistically stand; therefore all the better for either Davis and Fox.

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