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Wat Tyler

I completely agree with Howe's point that we need politicians with experience of the world.

But as a failed leadership contender himself, I'm not sure he should be criticising candidates on the basis of their oratorical skills.

James Hellyer

Why not, Wat? You don't have to be good at something yourself to judge how someone else performs.

Anyway, one of the areas where he made good sense was in bemoaning our failure to make use of the former ministers that people still recognise. What he failed to say is that somne are still in the Commons. The likes of Stephen Dorrell and Peter Lilley could still make a contribution to the front bench, in my opinion. We don't necessarily just need young cardinals.

Selsdon Man

Bring back Peter Lilley. He has been an effective and consistent opponent if ID cards - unlike a certain individuals on the frontbench.

I cannot think, however, think of a single vital policy contribution from Stephen Dorrell.

As for William Hague, he is more popular with the public and would a popular choice as leader. Why is he ruled himself out - has he lost his hunger for politics or making too much money in the private sector?

James Hellyer

"I cannot think, however, think of a single vital policy contribution from Stephen Dorrell."

He was an effective Health Secretary in his day.

Maria A

Does anyone know how I can formally get in contact with Geoffrey Howe to interview him? Does he have a representative/ spokesperson that I could speak to etc? If anyone knows please do help me or send me an email.

Thank you.

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