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James Hellyer

A cynic might think that the Davis campaign is somewhat becalmed, and that this strategy is designed to give it the illusion of momentum in the hope that this actually becomes momentum.

I'm still not convinced that his support has moved beyond the realms of "narrow but noisy". As an individual candidate he's in the lead, but we all know how reliable MPs pledges are.

Drip feedding confirmed supporters to us, who may not be as numerous as rumoured, would serve to create the impression of a bandwagon others would hopefully jump on.

But then a cynic would say that.

Wat Tyler

Sounds like a sensible plan to me...but then I guess I would say that.

Now if only we could trust those pledges...


So "Desperate" Davis and his crew are planning to use spin to try and make it appear that they have more backers and momentum than they do in reality, by using existing support to give the impression of new impetus. His old mate Ally Campbell would certainly approve.

It does appear from this that DD's support might have peaked & that his team are aware of that. Or is he simply trying to boost his green credentials by doing a spot of pledge recycling?

James Hellyer

So what excatly has happened to this Rolling Thunder campaign?

James Hellyer

Another day passes with no roll of thunder...

Simon C

I'd been wondering about this too.

DD apparently is going to bring his formal launch forward as a reaction to the Ken Clarke launch. And he has arranged an extra speech tonight.

There must be a relationship between rolling thunder and predatory inactivity, but I can't quite glimpse it at the moment.

Wat Tyler

Not really sure where this "rolling thunder" thing came from. But we're still over a fortnight away from the Conference...and Davis made his first big speech for two months today.

James Hellyer

But I thought the plan was to announce backers throughut September (which is fast approaching the half way mark), so that Davis would arrive at the Party Conference looking like the heir apparent. That doesn't seem to happening...

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