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Selsdon Man

The first key to a Parliamentary vote is whether the older generation of the "centre left" back Clarke, Cameron, Lansley or Rifkind.

The second is whether new intake will vote for candidates in their late fifties or sixties. That is where Fox and Cameron could be stronger than expected. A lot can change between now and October.


I heard the interview. What struck me was Davis' constant laughter. It reminded me of I.D.S. once laughing nervously through a John Humphries interview. It comes over badly and unprofessional. One jokey aside or laugh may demonstrate that the person is human but lots of giggliness makes the interviewee seem unserious. Given the main topic was Labours pub reforms it was a serious topic. DD is good on TV but he needs to get his radio style under control!!!

Wat Tyler

Unfortunately I missed the interview and a BBC gremlin means we can't hear the repeat. Sounds like DD agrees with us that Ken isn't going to win, but unlike us, is too polite to call for his withdrawal.

As for the giggles, I've heard this point made before, and maybe it needs some work. But I can't believe it was on the same scale as that infamous IDS interview.


There are BBC gremlins, Wat, but I managed to tune in by choosing the 'listen to the whole programme' option but then sliding the time to about 1hr49mins into the programme. DD does laugh quite a lot!

Selsdon Man

It does sound as if Davis was nervous. Perhaps he is uncomfortable with the line he is taking on the Labour drinking reforms. Perhaps his campaign advisers thought it would a good idea to put pressure on Cameron.

Mark O'Brien

Isn't it possible that Davis is trying to call Clarke's bluff? By being light-hearted and unserious about the threat from Clarke in a major interview, he may be trying to get Clarke to up the ante and be a bit bolder in pushing his case, and Davis knows that if he does, all he'll probably be doing is splitting the vote for Cameron (from the left of the party) and for Rifkind (from the 'older generation' that Selsdon Man identified).

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