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Sounds really very good. Even if he won't admit that the war was a massive miscalculation and the worst mistake the Conservative Party has ever made. At least he's capapble of rationally assesing the situation. Something Blair hasn't been able to do.

Ho Ho Ho

Yeah, David Cameron, the great big tuff Eurosceptic - that's, I s'pose, why he was trawling (unsuccessfully, natch) for Hezza's support?

Why is anyone taking this 'Cameron rebuffs Clarke' rot seriously? 'Clarke rebuffs Cameron's whining' is rather more to the point.

Selsdon Man

It was a good speech and I too detect Michael Gove's hand. He is in favour of regime change and supported invasion without a second UN resolution. That makes him hawkish in my opinion.

I was disappointed that Mr cameron did not comment on the dodgy dossier or the Niger faked documents that were used to justify the war. The hawks (e.g. Frum, Krauthammer, Kristol and other neo-cons) now ignore the fact that Saddam's WMDs (Blair's and IDS's justification for military action) did not exist.

As I said before on another post, today's speech by Cameron is an attempt to pick up supporters from the "right". This indicates that he is not attracting the centre-left votes.

Cameron may be trying to re-position himself as a pro-Bush neo-conservative - compassionate conservatism with an interventionist foreign policy.

Can Cameron attract the "Faith and Flag" Cornerstone supporters? He needs their votes but is he Eurosceptic enough?

The leadership race is hotting up.

Mark O'Brien

As political speeches go, this was a good one and leaves us in little doubt about his position on one of the most important issues of the day.

On Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction, I don't blame him for (inadvertantly or not) sweeping WMD and the dodgy dossier under the carpet. I was always in favour of the Iraq war, though I never really was concerned by the weapons issue: I felt that was a good excuse to exploit, but it was not for me the real reason to take action against Saddam Hussein. But, of course, in the months preceding invasion, I trusted my government and thought that they wouldn't lie to me or tell me something was gospel truth when it was open to a lot of doubt. And now that we know the truth about WMD, whenever I try to explain my position (that WMD was always a less important concern than the nature of Saddam's evil regime) I get accused of moving the goalposts - just like Michael Howard was when he said he wouldn't have voted for the Commons motion, but still supported the war.

For Conservatives, Iraq will always be a tricky issue to overcome. There are three approaches we can take: condemn the war and admit we were terribly wrong about it (which I still don't think we were, considering the nature of the regime); still support it and declare 'je ne regrette rien' (even though we do 'regrette chose'); or we say, get over it and move on, get the security situation in Iraq dealt with, ensure political stability, and think a bit more the next time we are unhappy with a country. For the post-Cold War western world, Iraq may be our coming of age. The Conservative approach should probably be the last one: to learn the lessons of Iraq, not fight the same old battles over and over again.


At last - a non-managerial speech from Cameron. I too detect the pen of Gove, but that's no bad thing. Would that the same rigour would be applied to his domestic utterances.

James Hellyer

It was a good speech as these things go, but I admit to sharing the suspicion that Cameron is repositioning himself to aim at more of the right wing vote.

In terms of content, I think the comparison with the Nazis was a little offbeam. Nobody serious is actually suggesting appeasing the Qutbists, because their deamnds are no ones it is possible to compromise on. Furthermore the comparison appears to have overshadowed the coverage of the many sensible points that Cameron made.


I think people are engaging in appeasement.

Look at Blair's encouragement of Sir Iqbal Sacranie and his disgraceful Muslim Council of Britain. A man who refused to attend holocaust memorial day because it did not include suffering in palestine and checnya.

There is no equivalence between territorial disputes and the holocaust, yet Sacranie is encouraging the Muslim victim scenario that is at the heart of islamic fundamentalism.


Just listen to Osama Bin Laden. He said that he attacked America on Spetember 11th because Bush had close connections to the Saudi family in Saudi Arabia. It wasn't attack against the world, it wasn't because they thought America was weak, it was because Bush had close connections to the Saudi family in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi family is the wealthiest family in America, the Bin Laden family is the second wealthiest, and obviously the Bin Laden family dosen't like the Saudi family. Once Osama Bin Laden found out that Bush had close connections to Saudi Arabia he got out Al Quada(a group of people that got CIA training and $3 Billion of Americas taxpayers money because they were fighting Iran back in 1984 under the Reagan Presidency) and bombed America.


Up top when I said the "Saudi family is the Wealthiest family in America" I meant the wealthiest family in Saudi Arabia.

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