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Peter Berrow

Should know Richard Benyon be taken off the C-L-R list of supporters or is he saying that he will vote twice know?

James Hellyer

Well, this still shows that nobody has really broken away from the pack (unless someone has lots of undclared supporters that we don't know about).

Even on these figures, a lot depends on whether the C-L-R supporters stay together or splinter between the other candidates, when we finally know which of C-L-R are actually going to run...


Thank you, Peter.

I will take RB off the CLR list.

In fairness to him he was put in the CLR camp as a guesstimate. He has only declared once.

Peter Berrow

Thats okay, from info got from the last vote in 2001 we seem to have 45mps who definitly voted for either Portillo or IDS in first ballot who haven't declared yet and with that I think they will be the make or break of the David Davis campaign. What do other people think?

William Norton

Add David DaviEs (Monmouth) - declared for David Davis on Today this morning as part of an interview with new MPs from various parties.

Peter Berrow

Looking in more detail from last time election(2001) it looks like Clarke & Cameron will fight it out to see who challenges Davis, with Clarke winning in the last ballot by 10(a lead thats been reduced all the time). The one surprise in all this through is if Theresa May can get enough of the so called "50" to support her.
Still think through its a shame that Alan Duncan couldn't get support from his fellow MPs.

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