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James Hellyer

I'm guessing that there's a lot of crossover between the Cameron and Clarke/Lansley/Rifkind supporters. If there isn't, there's really no evidence here to suggest that Cameron is a more credible candidate than either of those three or than Dr Fox.

Simon C

Davies & Camaeron are getting virtually all the publicity at the moment, and yet neither of them seems to have gained a decisive advantage. That seems to suggest that they haven't managed to convince yet, and that many in the parliamentary party are reserving their judgement, to see whether there are other alternatives who might catch the early hares.

Wat Tyler

Remember the bookies now give DD a 67 per cent chance of winning. Cameron has inched up to 20 per cent, but everyone else is nowhere.

Say what you like about bookies, but they do accurately reflect the hype-free world of folding money. And since we can sure those rascally MPs are laying down a few quid, the prices will incorporate the very latest and very best inside info available. Normal FSA rules on insider trading do not apply.

(And yes, I know the bookies got the Olympics wrong,, actually I'm too upset by the monstrous burden on taxpayers to discuss the Olympics any further)


Be proud that we've won the Olympics Wat, and just for once don't think about money all the damned time.

The only people I've heard moaning and groaning about the Olympics are fellow Conservatives,no wonder most people think we are completely out of touch!

Sean Fear

It shows how sensible most Conservatives are, Malcolm. We don't like squandering public money on prestige projects.


No Sean,it doesn't show how sensible we are,it shows yet again how completely we have misjudged the national mood.Don't believe me?Read ANY national newspaper of whatever political persuasion.Every one of them is delighted.

Sean Fear

It's the same mental attitude, Malcolm, that sees governments pour millions into keeping loss-making industries going because they are "national champions."

We'll see how happy Londoners are over the next few years to see even more money added onto their council tax bills to back this white elephant.


You're probably right Sean.Maybe we shouldn't bid for the Olympics,maybe we should not put any public money into sport or the arts or museums or events like the Trafalgar celebrations or the 60th anniversary of VE/VJ.
We will be able offer tax cuts with all the money we save,no doubt this will get us millions of extra votes!

James Hellyer


being concerned about the likely overruns, wastage and corruptionis entirely legitimate. Experience with the Dome, and the criminal verdicty this week, cast doubt on our government's ability to manage capital projects of any scale.

Simon C

"being concerned about the likely overruns, wastage and corruptionis entirely legitimate."

Absolutely, but it doesn't need to be translated into opposition to the project. It is entirely possible to be enthusiastic about doing something, and be determined to get it right.

Since Sean is looking for examples, I would postulate being in favour of the war in Iraq, but being able to criticise the way in which the "peace" was handled.

Jack Stone

The figures you show about the latest support is extremely good news as they show that there looks like there is a majority in the parliamentary party for a leader from the sensible wing of the party.Once the choice comes down to a straight fight between Davis and probably Daid Cameron from the sensible wing of the party DC should stand an excellent chance of winning.
If I was a Davis backer I would be quite worried that despite all the Conway, Forth hype Davis is still looking like things will go the same way they usually do with leading contenders in Conservative Party leadership contests!

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