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The Political Thinker

I must just correct something I said above. Public sector inflation is actually three times that of private sector inflation, not the 1.75 I said above.


Didn't you notice all the Scots comments were posted by Scots like me? You are right, in 1996 we saw the way the wind was blowing and when my husband was offered a job in England we jumped at it. It has turned out exactly as I expected Strathclyde Regional Council writ large, populated by the usual suspects second rate one time councillors and failed politicians. What do Scottish MPs do these days? also if anyone thinks Gordon Brown is charasmatic there must be something wrong with me. I loathe Tone Blair but can't help admiring his political skills much as many Labour supporters must have felt about Thatcher I imagine. I would rather have him than Gordon any day, such a pity he wasn't a Tory, he might have achieved so much more without Gordon and the 'old Labour' socialist tendencies round his neck. Still he needs a new Party and we need a new leader......

Derek Buxton

Congratulations to "The Political Thinker", the only one to pick up on what is going on in this Country. We are being made bankrupt to feed politicians, local and national, and a corrupt
public sector. And this was only supposed to happen in Italy and France, ok, I missed the EU.

Sam Coates

Well this is a very polite forum!
I'm a fan of Rifkind, although starting to think that Foreign Secretary would be best for him.

Harry Matthews

Sir Malcolm Rifkind is our man! Can't you see? In today's politics we need someone who is serious, determined, highly humoured and, well, good natured...Really, all this Cameron hype out there (his talk of Jihadists, 'Britishness', misplaced-should I say displaced-'neo-con' raffish historical examples comparing Islamic extremeis to Nazism & Communism; Israel should not concede an inch, &c.)...who's help is he asking for now in securing victory? Where are we going with people like that, I ask you? The problem with politians today is that they can't see the consequences of their words and deeds (and often don't even want to!)...People say the party should start caring about the environment in one breath, and then can't see beyond their one-sideded prejudice about the current international situation, the next. Tell me, what are the acceptable losses in the West (I'm sure Blair know's the answer), since authority acting on our behalf has three years started Forcing positively unhelpful foreign importations of 'democracy' onto an Arab nation. Why then do people keep voting for the bastards in government? Our electoral system can be as unforgiving as the Conservative Party Leadership election. And as for Davis, the man supports the state murder. Come on you soggy inward looking naff Tories, can't you see you'll keep on getting licked unless you give over, by acclamiation, to the calibre of Rifkind. I fear that after Hague the commonsense revolutionary, IDS the Balistic Missile neo-con, & Howard the coward on Iraq - you lot'll plug yourselves with another dud, just because 'you' say we need someone with the 'right image'. (please refer to the previous loose cannon balls for accurate historical examples when seeking to make a decision about who should lead the party). Sir Malcolm has the intellectual vigour and experience [both as former Foreign Secretary & for his time out of Parliament 1997-2005 (with the valuable perspective that lends)] to lead us back. Roll on Sir Malcolm Rifkind!

philip twydell

Rifkind should be forced to stand down as a leadership candidate due to his obvious unfitness for the position.


Are you meaning a general or a specific unfitness Philip?

philip twydell

As a Cabinet Minister some 15 years ago Rifkind authorised the export to Indonesia of planes & other items of warfare which he knew would be used to massacre soldiers and innocent civilians fighting for independence in East Timor. As such he was an accessory to mass murder and hence unfit to hold any public office.

James Hellyer

While the extent of Sir Malcolm's knowledge on this matter is open to dispute (much was made of the "training" status of the Hawk), this is very much the sort of issue where we now need to take to a stand. It is wrong to arm foreign despots. End of story.

philip twydell

I agree - but Rifkind did so in full awareness of the uses to which they would be put. No doubt/dispute about it. He should be languishing in jail, not challenging for the Tory leadership. Admittedly he stands no chance of success but that is hardly the point.


Thanks Philip. You might be interested in the last few posts of Tuesday's thread under "Cameron supporters rule out alliance with Ken Clarke, the Tories' new Eurosceptic". It was about the arms trade.

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