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James Hellyer

"Do the right wing posters not realise that Cameron would be a more right wing leader than Davis because Davis will be forced to the left if he wants to be taken seriously.

"Triangulation, only way to win."

I don't think so Edward. Someone who is naturally right of centre will always be more inclined to put forward rightist solutions to issues.

I think this is clear in Cameron and Davis's respective comments on education - no choice versus school choice.


Yes David Davis will be more likely to put forward right wing solutions, but when he does so he will be mauled by the BBC, broadsheet media and both other parties. He will be set up as a right of maggie lunatic.

The only way for Davis to become PM is to lead the conservative party with more left wing policies because that protects HIM. David Cameron's more moderate demeanour and approach would allow him to introduce more right wing policies whilst seeming measured and sensible.

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