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Jack Stone

When you occupy someone else`s country I am afraid you sadly make yourself a target for terrorism.
It is not a matter of fighting terrorism it is about stopping it.
The way to stop it is by announcing a date where we will pull out of both Iraq and Afganistar, You might not stop it completly but personally I think you would go a hell of a long way to doing that.


Your suggestion, Jack, amounts to surrendering to the insurgency. That will only embolden the terrorists and leave the Iraqi people in the hands of very evil men.

James Hellyer

I think everybody except the Liberal Democrats and Jack Stone accept that we cannot disengage from Iraq until such time as its government can support the rule of law.

At present, if we left the net result would be the collase of the interim government and a theocratic regime taking its place.


I really don't think Jack Stone is any sort of Conservative at all.Jack couldn't or chose not to give us any examples of 'the extreme right wing agenda' he accuses us of following.
Regarding the war on terror Jack,do you really think the attack on Afghanistan unjustified?If so,why?
Regarding Iraq,I also think it was a huge error but that is for strategic reasons and the lies Blair told to get us in.
But to leave now will just show the terrorists that terrorism works.
I assume Jack, that you believe we should also surrender to Sinn Fein or indeed anyone else that wishes our country ill.

Sean Fear

Jack is a troll. Take a look at his e-mail address.


Will people now start to admit that Iraq was a huge defeat in the war on terror?

James Hellyer

Well Edward, I supported the invasion of Iraq and the removal of Sadaam Hussein. However, I believe the "peace" has been appallingly mishandled"...

Jack Stone

When you occupy someone else`s country you make matters worse not better.

There is only ever a case for invading someone elese`s country when they threaten the security of another country. In my opinion this was not the case with either Iraq or Afganistan.

Now that this first strike policy as been established any country that comes into disagreement with america or the west is at threat of being invaded. As a believer in the nation state I think this is wrong.

In the case of Northern Ireland I believe that if a terrorist organisation agrees to seek peace than they can and should be welcomed into democratic political life. The problem with Northern Ireland is that the IRA have still fully followed this path but it as to be said that the negotiations with those in the republican movement and the now suspended Good Friday agreement as made Northern Ireland a far safer place for ordinary people to live.

It also as to be said that prior to the Iraq war there were no terrorists in Iraq and it as even been said that Hussein and Bin Laden did in fact hate one another.We are told now that Iraq is all about defeating terrorism but I`m afraid that there would be no terrorism to defeat in Iraq if Iraq was not now occupied.

I am the sort of Conservative who doesn`t believe in risking our troops lives unless this country is directly threatened.


Yeah right Jack.The rulers of Afghanistan didn't threaten anybody did they.

The IRA have negotiated in good faith haven't they.It is only the intransigence of HMG that has prevented a full peace settlement in Ulster.I am very glad you have cleared this up for us.

Jack you are not a 'sort of Conservative' anything.

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