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We know (not officially of course) who Michael Howard is backing, but it would be interesting to find out who Hague and IDS will eventually go for. Any ideas?


Very interesting. And a very tangled web!

If all 7 candidates run (and assuming that the other 128 MPs not 'declared' vote proportionally to this which they probably won't!) then you can't look beyond a runaway victory for Davis. However if, which is more likely, at least one of the CLR block drops out I am not so sure it would necessarily strengthen the other one/two and someone like Cameron could see their status enhanced, which in turn could pull some backers away from Davis.

As often with the favourite in leadership contests he may have also peaked quite early.

Scanning the names also its worth noting some of the missing names that could make a massive difference.

IDS, Hague, Redwood, Lilley, Dorrell, Ancram, Maude are not listed here and are all either influencial or think they are. I wouldn't expect many of these to be falling over themselves to vote for David Davis for leader.

Am expecting a few twists and turns yet!

James Hellyer

Doesn't Liam Fox support the Liam Fox bid?


Oops. Good spot, James. That moves LF up to 7!


Maude, as Party Chairman, obviously can't declare himself for anyone. But then again, he doesn't need to: he's Party Chairman for Cameron.

William Norton

How robust is the assumption that leadership candidates would vote for themselves? Given all that we know and love of these people, I wouldn't put it past one of them to double-cross himself and vote for someone else....

(Second thoughts: this isn't such a daft idea after all. Are we confident that none of these are "spoiler candidates" standing covertly on behalf of Mr X in order to undercut support for Mr Y? Where's George Smiley when you need him,eh?)

Wat Tyler

Excellent idea Ed.

I'll be amazed if you manage to get above 100 in terms of heads above parapets. And my guess is that some of those you have identified have already complained.

But definitely worth watching and filing away.


Still 3 months to gobefore the official contest begins. By August we should know exactly whose voting for who.
On a serious note it does highlight how early we are into this contest, I think it is dangerous when Mr. Howard is going to be in charge for 3 months.


I think it would be more helpful if you split up the Clarke/Lansley/Rifkind ones. I can see at least three names in there that I know you have got wrong.


I'm happy to learn I'm wrong, polblog... I just need your info to put it right! Who are your three, please?

Ray Davies

Add Shailesh Vara to David Davis' list:

And Greg Barker to David Cameron's list:


Thank you, Ray.

Ronald Collinson

An interesting and useful list.

Add Stephen Watson, Jonathan Morgan, Ali Miraj, Giles Taylor, Nicola Morgan, Anthony Frieze, Ben Rogers, Jamie Devlin, Andrew Pond, Graham Evans, Damian Hinds, Damian Collins, Kevin Bentley and Aster Crawshaw to Cameron's list, at 7/9/05. They wrote into the telegraph declaring their support:

Ronald Collinson

Sorry that the URL didn't fit.

Here it is again, broken into two:

Incidentally, how did you find out that Mark Pritchard (my local MP) was backing David Davis? An admittedly quick search did not provide the information, and nor did a look over


Ronald: you'll always find the most up-to-date 'who's backing who?' list at

(Mark Pritchard declared his support for Mr Davis in a joint letter to The Sunday Telegraph on 4/9)

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