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The fact that you post this, Editor, but do not provide any details, suggests you know more than you are saying. Hints are not enough: come on, out with it!

Certainly I have heard rumours of truly staggering debts that have been amassed - we're talking many millions, much much more than usual. This is mainly because there were precious few gifts in the past few years, mainly 'loans'. If these loans are reclaimed (which they might be)...

The new leader is going to take over what is essentially a bankrupt party. In this case, it seems that financial bankruptcy and intellectual bankruptcy go together. That is what most worries me about the new rules to exclude the membership: the party has lost the ambition to a growing and broad-based membership (no leadership candidate has addressed this) - and with it, it will place itself at the mercy of a few big donors. Result? More owed to the few. Loss of touch with the base. A vicious cyle of moral debt.


If our party is in debt because it has spent too much it's a scandal. Much of our publicity amounted to shit being poured on hard-working activists. Anti-Labour posters were put up in LibDem marginals where we needed a strong Lab showing. In more cosmopoliutan seats the agressive 'It (is/isn't) racist to be anti-immigrattion" cost us AB class votes. We were often spending money to destroy our chances of winning. If, as is also reported, Lord M Saatchi's companies received much of the party's hard-raised dosh it is also a breakdown of internal controls bordering on unethical.

Wat Tyler

So how much debt does the party have? And who are the creditors?

Come on somebody- give us the facts.

James Hellyer

The accounts to 31/12/03 are up on the party website:

They aren't pretty reading. Basically the party has net liabilites (admittedly these are largely to the constituency associations).

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