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James Hellyer

"I'm worried about the signal that this gives about the sort of party we are, and the sort of party we are going to be, if we can't even trust our own membership to have a say in the election of the party leader. What does that say about how much of a voice we are going to give to the voters?"

I'm worried about the sort of signal it gives when you don't trust the party members to pick their own candidates, Theresa. Can we have a little consistency please!

Sean Fear

The principal objection to any A-List is that it simply favours party hacks, whose friends get them onto the A-List.

No one, male or female, has the *right* to be selected to fight a safe seat.


I think the way to do it is to say there are say 100 central candidates. They can compete for seats where local candidates are given a bye to the final as it where.

This would promote the very best of our bright young things, including a lot of women, as well as giving people every right and opportunity to fight for their home seat.

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