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Wat Tyler

Not the first time the Times has promoted/defended Theresa. The ran a very supportive editorial during the Election campaign saying she did not deserve to be decapitated.

As it happens, I'm a bit of a Theresa fan- she seems decent, thoughtful, and hard-working.

But I sort of think these editorials are just Mary Ann doing that wimmin thing.


If it's MAS "doing that wimmin thing" I'm perfectly happy. If it's that other Times clique, then I'm not so keen...

The Political Thinker

I’m surprised I missed that article!

It would seem that The Times somewhat favours the possibility of Theresa May as the next Conservative Party leader, and to be honest I would quite like it as well – it’s just a shame that so few MPs believe she is the woman for the job.


Nice women and great moral idealist, we need more of both in the party BUT laks authority a leader needs

James Hellyer

"In recent weeks Mrs May has ... called for more women parliamentary candidates."

She called for sexual discrimintion actually. The moment you discriminate in favour of one group, you discriminate against another.

The Political Thinker


It's called "positive discrimination". The reality though is that many people would choose a male Conservative PPC over a female one, even if the female one was 10000 times better. Why? Because the one is male, and the other is female - and unfortunately many conservatives are stuck in their ways, and believe men are somehow superior to women.

We wouldn't need such drastic measures if people were chosen on their merits only, and their sex, sexual orientation, skin colour, size, etc. wasn't taken into account.

"It's called 'positive discrimination'."

And it's still discrimination. It biases against one group because of their gender, colour or sexual orientation and stigmatises the people it biases in favour of with quota status.

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