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Ben O

It would be interesting to see who Dacre supports if(when?) KC is no longer in the contest?


No, this is completely wrong. DMGT will back Cameron. They backed KC the last two times, and got annoyed and embrarrassed. Remember, Chairman Rothermere sends his kids to Eton. They will back the Tory who married into the Astor family. Dacre will be completely comfortable with this too.


A second thought: consider Heathcote Amory at the DM. Husband of Alice Thompson. Friend of Cameron. Although AT did a fair piece in today's Daily Telegraph. Hinted that Cameron was a wobbler. (They all seem wobbly to me)


Does that mean I will have to give up on the Mail as well as the Conservatives? if Clarke wins I will dump both. Cameron is too young and inexperienced and I can't forgive Clarke for doing nothing to help the Party, more concerned with lining his own pockets. If he had been willing to bend a bit in Europe he would have won in 1997

Andrew Ian Dodge

You think? I don't think anyone could have won in '97 with a Conservative by their name.


I stand by my posting, Buxtehude. Simon Heffer bigs up the idea of a Clarke-Davis race in today's Mail and a news story quotes David Curry's support for Clarke. Curry believes that Ken - former Chancellor etc - is the ideal candidate to attack what will likely be a PM Brown and his economic record.

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