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James Hellyer

Oh yes! Let's pick our leader according to the criteria that he must be easy to satirise. That's a really good idea!

Wat Tyler

Does anyone else think that Bremner isn't funny any more? He just seems to plod through the same old predictable routines just like that 'Where's me washboard?' guy.


I won't hear anything said against 'Wheres me washboard',he's hilarious!
Regarding how to choose our leader,James, well there are worse ways and I have every confidence that the 1922 will find one.
How about a boxing contest? (DD should win that) an eating competition (Clarke) or perhaps a test on who can name the most foreign capitals (a tough one this, possibly Rifkind ,he was Foreign Secretary, or maybe Clarke,he's visited many of them to persuade people to smoke).
Can anyone come up with anything better?


Brilliant, Malcolm. Another test could involve proving who was most opposed to the cosmetic modernisation of wearing open shirts. Perhaps the candidate with best tie collection should win...


Beer and donut racing

works for me

Stephen Newton

I don't imagine you'll have any difficulty picking a leader who's easy to satirise!

Mark O'Brien

I wouldn't have thought Malcolm Rifkind would provide much material. I've always had him down as a bit of a dry bore! (No offence, Mr Rifkind!)


Wat Tyler, Bremner seems to have decided no one to the right of Robert Fisk ever watches his programme, and is targetting his humour and politics at them. Any humour is now the nasty, mocking laughter of someone making a joke you agree with rather than the genuine laughter of something really funny.

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