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Simon C

Well if that's what we're reading in the papers it must be right then!

More seriously, as per other postings on this blog, it's too early to call yet.

Simon C

Unsurprisingly, at least one of the two Davids - Cameron in this case - is trying to encourage this. The Independent today reports that his supporters are urging other potental contenders to throw the towel in and join his camp.

Is this early confidence - or over-hasty and possibly a little panicky?

James Hellyer

It's not surprising that David Cameron has suggested the other Not David Davis candidates give up the game; after all, it's his campaign that's most undermined by their diffusion of the NDD vote.

I think it's fairly presumptuous to claim the race is between the two Davids. In a drawn out campaign, Davis could still be undone. After all he's only really in the lead because he's been campaigning so long. Mistakes on his part, his supporters' machinations, or the emergence of other credible candidates could still deny him the top post.

Meanwhile Cameron could fail to generate sufficient support if the other NDD candidates consider their own bids as serious ones.


I hope one of the Davis's win but I feel that a) Michael Howard should hae made clear he is steppind down some time towards the end of July/ August, rather than this ridiculously drawn out campaign and b)the press jump off the bandwagon about the leadership, they have an awfully long wait.

I wonder if the forced resignation of Mr. Howard by a no confidence vote would be useful, I believe it would spark some action and maybe galvanise the Party as well as getting Media attention when it si needed, not 3 or 4 months in advance.

James Hellyer

"I wonder if the forced resignation of Mr. Howard by a no confidence vote would be useful."

There's a post about that in the strategy blog...


Definately not the last thing we need is public infighting.

Would just generate more negative headlines.

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