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James Hellyer

"It shows I have a reasonable standing with the public. That's a very good thing regardless of whether I stand or not."

Actually it just shows that more people knew who you were, which is hardly surprising when you were the only former Chancellor on the Populus list of candidates and the BBC spends so much time bigging you up.

None of this means you have any more chance of appealing to the electorate than any other candidate; and the Telegraph YouGov poll showed you'd actually repel around half of your own party.

But at least you're a bloke...

Dave J

What, like this is some kind of surprise? As if Clarke weren't bad enough already, any Tories with any sense should regard an endorsement from Heseltine as the kiss of death.

Mark Higgins

Amen to both of those comments. michael Howard yesterday said that Heseltine is "a bit out of touch". how right he is. Voting for Kenneth Clarke condemns us to another four years of navel gazing. WE know that, the parliamentary party should know that and if they don't, then as alan Duncan says today, "We might as well all go back to the day-job".

EU Serf

Ken Clarke couldn't beat IDS in the last poll. He has a veiw on Europe that wouldn't disgrace Delors and his other job is flogging cigarettes.

Nah, I don't think so.

Mark Higgins

What is it about clarke and Heseltine that possesses them to make frankly stupid comments about the membership and/or parliamentary candidates? I notice today that Michael Heseltine in that same article in the Telegraph observes in effect that Conservative party candidates are so out of touch with the modern era as to be museum pieces. And the conclusion he draws from that is that all doctors and teachers support the Liberal Democrats! No empirical data to support his sagacity, none at all. In fact, in his enthusiasm to find something wrong with the parliamentary candidates we fielded, he appears to have overlooked solid varifiable facts that stand in his way: the fact that we are the fastest growing political party; the fact that we had a considerable number of candidates from ethnic minorities, three of whom were successful; the fact that London (That bastian of rural england!) was one of the areas we were most successful. Moreover, my personal experience does not suggest that he is right about the voting intentions of doctors and teachers either.

I could go on dismantlying Lord Heseltine's comments but I'm not here to score points. All I would say is that maybe he should reflect on why we don't really take his endorsement of Kenneth Clarke that seriously, and Maybe they should both think about their attitudes towards the membership who are, of course, the party's future. But of course they won't, will they?

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