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James Hellyer

"We have already had people from the commission this morning talking about how they 'interpret' the French vote. What don't they understand? No is no.

"If the government in this country or the commission try to breathe life into this corpse, then we in Britain we must have a say to deliver the final blow."

- Liam Fox

I couldn't agree more.

Jack Stone

Of the leadership contenders from the right of the party I think Liam Fox is by far and away the most impressive.Intelligent, likeable and an excellent speaker both in the House of Commons and in the media I think that unlike other right-wing contenders he if were leader could appeal to voters outside of the party`s core support.

Mark Higgins

Liam Fox has been exemplary throughout this week. Out of all the politicians doing the media rounds prior to the 'Non' and the 'Nee' he has made the most sense, building on that excellent speech he made entitled "Let Freedom reign". he appears to be the only one to recognise that the diverse array of reasons behind the two negative votes is the very matter that dooms the ever-closer union to failure. We have different legal, political, social and economic cultures across the continent, and that is a wonderful thing. To try and squeeze them all into a straight-jacket envisaged by the commission and certain governments is stuff of nonsense and more importantly, inherently dangerous as European history repeatedly shows.

My worry about Liam Fox is that He's got to consider that the party might need to change its approach somewhat and his declarations that we don't need to change, full stop, are not encouraging in this regard. He could quite easily alter this by putting his conception of freedom at the forefront of his campaign, in the same manner as he did so articulately a few days after the election. If he adopts this course--and I sincerely hope he does--then I would be tempted to give him my full support in the leadership race.

Mark Higgins

All that being said, I must say that after yesterday's performance in the Commons I was a bit disappointed in Dr Fox. It was passionate yes, it may have sounded inspirational, but Dr Fox still needs to home his technique a bit more. there is passage after passage in that treaty he could have read out to drive his points home and push Mr Straw further back onto the ropes. It wasn't a bad speech, but as a future leader, might he just be a bit too impulsive to come across as prime minister in waiting?

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