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Wat Tyler

Don't know how you reckon Doc Fox- a night drinking with students, then sharing hotel suite with unknown 22 year old- has had a good week.

Lansley's not third in the betting odds- in fact his odds have lenghtened since end-May and he's now fifth. (see

Meanwhile DD's odds have shortened further from evens to 4/5 (William Hill). That's the only proper measure we've got.


I'm not sure that such contentious questioning of Liam Fox is worthy of you, Wat. The Mail on Sunday's sensationalist journalism to which you refer was two weeks ago anyway. This was a review of the last week only. I still think Liam Fox had the best of the week for the reasons I stated, but I still think your man - Mr Davis - is the frontrunner. If Mr Davis has a better week, next week, I'll certainly say so.

Wat Tyler

Editor- point taken- a slightly overexcited comment on my part. Actually in fairness, the Doc does seem to have some appeal with those hard to reach bits of the electorate- my son's girlfriend thinks he's great.


If the Mail comes out for Clarke next week, that will be a huge plus for DD. I say this because I don't think there's any chance that the party - neither MPs nor members - would go for Clarke, but a good showing for a big-beast pro-European would diminish Cameron et al and make DD seem all the more necessary.

I think the Editor is right to give DD a -1, as he continues without any big-hitter team-members.

John Travis

Buxtehude - I think Mrs T still counts as a big hitter ! DD gets her support and is still -1, I think the editor might have an agenda.

James Hellyer

"Don't know how you reckon Doc Fox- a night drinking with students, then sharing hotel suite with unknown 22 year old- has had a good week."

Actually I think that was pretty cool of Dr Fox. I can't see politicians being willing or able to hang out with young people. So all kudos to him!

Of course, Tim also missed our the good Doctor's life saving missions in the week. As the Telegraph said, life seems to be a series of opportune moments for the Doctor!


Do we know that Mrs T supports DD? I hand't heard that. What's the evidence? In any case, she's not a 'big hitter'. She may be heroic and wonderful, but she's no trump card these days. Those who were at the CWF dinner will know she's loved, but as part of the past.

Anyhow, what I meant was active participants. DD has no-one impressive on his team, who is going to help. Still my front-runner, but not easy-going.

James Hellyer

"Do we know that Mrs T supports DD?"

It was mentioned, in passing, on the front page of today's Telegraph.

Ben O

I am not sure if this is a minus or a postive mark for DC:

James Hellyer

I think Cameron's policy announcements are a minus for Cameron.

"Bye bye choice! Hello technocrats!" Or at least that's what his pronouncments on schools said to me...


I've now posted on the Cameron-Johnson endorsement for those who want to debate it.

John Travis

If I were a leadership contender, I'd value Mrs T's backing abit more than Stephen O'Brien - but maybe that's just me :)

Cameron should get a positive as well for getting Boris as a backer.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Who knows whether Mrs T's backing is a good thing or a bad thing? I think it would strengthen the resolve of the supporters and DD...but probably do the same to the "anyone but DD" crowd.


Thatcher's endorsement is a potential disaster skin because if DD does become leader the headlines in the BBC and Times etc will be "child of thatcher" etc etc. And Thatcher is a dirty word to most people in this country.

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