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James Hellyer

What was interesting about the Telegraph focus group wasn't that the older contributors plumped for Davis and the younger for Cameron.

The interesting thing was that when they were asked whether they'd vote for the Conservative candidate or Blair/Brown in an election, the older voters enthusiastically backed Davis (but would also have voted for Cameron, albeit with less gusto), while the younger voters couldn't decide whom to support.

This indicates a few things. Firstly, that Davis was able to enthuse a greater number of people (his Question Time performance went down very well). Secondly, a younger leader will not necessarily win over younger voters.

The lesson therefore is that whoever is leader, the party will still have to work out how to increase its support amongst the young.

Peter Littleton

The results from the Daily Telegraph focus group only really test one feature of the leadership candidates - their performance on television. This is, of course, important, as we need a leader who people can relate to.

However, this is not the only characteristic we should think about. The successful candidate also needs to be able to run an effective Party machine, unite the Party, manage the Parliamentary Party, enthuse the grass roots, develop coherent and visionary policy etc. All these things, and more, have a direct or indirect effect on the popularity of the leader and of the Conservative Party.

Whilst Mr Cameron holds his own against Mr Davis in the respect of his appeal to groups of voters, I question whether he has the experience or authority to compare so favourably when other leadership qualities are considered!

Jack Stone

Firstly if your good enough your old enough. Secondly Mr Davis hasn`t done very well in any of the offices he as held in the shadow cabinet. He was useless as Party chairman and as shadow home secretary he has failed to come up with any policys that are distinct and differant from Labour. Frankly I think Mr Davis has built his reputation on the back of a complete lack of achievement.


I think we have established that there are only two serious contenders, what we need now is for Davis and Cameron to sit down together and make a deal, what we can't afford is to have one of them out on the fringes.

The smart money is still on Rifkind, May or Fox though.

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