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Eleanor Charnley

After voting Conservative all my life I thought about joining after we lost the 1997 election. Now I have to say, that I never agreed with John Major and later Hague becoming our leaders. But when he decided to let Conservative members vote I was excited at the prospect. But he didn't go far enough. When the following leadership election came after his resignation, I was looking forward to voting for Michael Portillo. Unfortunately, because of the system, I was never given the option to. I didn't use my vote. I did not continue my membership. Recently we lost another election and the day after I renewed my membership. Now I hear that my vote in the leadership will be lost for good.

I'm 38 years old. I'm female. I come from a working class background but I have conservative values. I was one of those Yuppies people talked about in the Thatcher years. I'm exactly the kind of person that our party hopes to recruit. But it never will if my vote is taken away from me.

James Hellyer

A party that cares what its members think will deserve their loyalty. At present it takes us for granted.


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