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Simon C

Certainly the current antics in Westminster don't create any confidence that our parliamentary party has the collective judgement and self-discipline required either to devise a strategy for recovery or to select the right leader.

This has become a dreadful, and entirely avoidable and unnecessary mess. Michael Howard, as I am sure he realises, bears a heavy responsibility for all of this, as do those who have been advising him. Quite how we proceed from here is difficult to see right now, but the prospect of all this dragging on to the party conference and then beyond to December for a leadership contest is not emphatically NOT what I'm thinking!

We needed an open rigorous but amicable debate about the party's direction. We haven't had it. At the end of all this, we will still need it.


This whole situation is starting to become farcical and Labour must be laughing all the way to the 'non' vote! Next week's events in France will be significant yet the Tories have no credibility with the press right now. When Liam Fox speaks in the press it is not as Shadow Foreign Secretary, it is as 'a potential leadership candidate'. In the debates that will follow in the next few weeks that will be harmful.


Hear,hear Simon,well said.I hope many of the 'actors' in this tragic drama read your missive and think very carefully before they make any speeches in public detrimental to our party.

Adam O

It would be the biggest shock, beating Liverpool's amazing win on Wednesday, if David Davis didn't win... it may well happen.

Jack Stone

In my opinion David Davis is unfit to be party leader because he shows with the sort of disloyal, self servers he surrounds himself that he is either a poor judge of character or he as more in common with his friends than is healthy.

James Hellyer

On those grounds, Jack, let's exclude every single Conservative MP. I mean they all work with some twisters!

Or, on the other hand, we could judge David Davis on merits as and when he sets out his stall.


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