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Andy Cooke

Bearing in mind the need to marshal support across the entire party, a "team" approach will probably be a good idea - harnessing one from the "right wing" to one from the "left wing".

This would maximise the appeal to those beyond the core vote, and may well stop divisions being created.

How about a team of Davis and May?

They are both noticeably younger than Howard and "untainted" by the Major administration while still being "big names". Davis has excellent libertarian/right-wing/C2DE appeal, while May has excellent One-Nation/"left-wing"/ABC1 appeal.

A Leader/Shadow Chancellor team of those two might be the dream team.
But would each alienate more of the others camp than is secured by the others presence?

Could they work together?

Peter Littleton

The idea of a unity partnership is just what the party is looking for. However, I'm not sure that Theresa May has clout to carry off such a major role. How about David Davis and Alan Duncan?


The last time there was a joint ticket for the leadership was Ken Clarke and John Redwood in 1997. It was universally decried as the 'odd couple' and rejected by Tory MPs. The judgment of history might be kinder to its unrealised potential...

Simon C

A "dream team" ticket will only work if there is an agreed underlying strategy, & the party is corporately signed up to it. Otherwise it's a nightmare.

Clarke-Redwood had no clear strategy, although in fairness to them they didn't really have the time to think one up.

The party does have some time now before the autumn, and a structure of sorts within which a strategic debate can be held - Michael Howard announced that weekly discussion forums would be held at the party HQ. Wasn't the first due today? (Any info as to what went on most welcome). Let's hope this period is used wisely. And let's do our bit at Conservativehome!

Actually - on that point - it would be good to get some feedback as to how the discussions at those forums progress - spirit of openness and all that. Also, it would be no bad thing for some ordinary party members to attend - perhaps by way of a ticket allocation - first come first served etc.

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