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Countdown to Gordon Brown

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Jack Stone

You must have a leader who as the support of the majority of the Parliamentary party. If you stay with the present system of electing the leader you will simply get, once again, another IDS coup when the going gets tougth which they undoubtably will do at times before the next election, whoever is leader, if that leader doesn`t have the support and confidence of the majority of the parliamentary party.

James Hellyer

But being elected by the Parliamentary Party does not guarantee their loyalty and support. It turned on John Major and William Hague, both of whom it elected.

The Parliamentary Party needs to learn to be loyal to whoever is leader - even if it is someone they didn't choose.

Des Thomas

People elect their leaders. Many motivated and successful working class Tories like me would welcome aUS style primary system. It would give us a party that reflected our views and asperations: freedom to succeed, incremental change and value for money public services. As we form a majority in this country the Party would be the dominant political force. A government of the people for the people, whats so wrong with that! Appart from the fact that those who would be our masters, sociaist or patrician, would be out of work.

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