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Please click here to join the influential Conservative Members' Panel.  Every month you'll be invited to complete a survey on issues facing the Tory party.  One of its first findings was reported earlier today on this site.

54% want Davis promoted or left in place

Davis_david_green_bckrnd_1It is not only David Cameron that will be celebrating this morning.  YouGov also predicted the result very accurately. 

As ConservativeHome noted on Saturday - YouGov predicted a 67% to 33% victory.  The actual result was 68% to 32%.  YouGov also predicted 2001's IDS-Clarke race accurately.  The good news for this site is that our 69% to 31% prediction was also highly accurate.

'Our' 69% to 31% prediction comes from the new website that you can access here.  By taking the survey on that site you can join the Conservative Members' Panel.  That monthly Panel and survey will be an essential part of this website's mission. successfully championed members' right to a vote in the leadership election and we aim to continue to be a site run by members for members.  The Panel will be a way of ensuring the new leadership is kept in touch with members' concerns on issues of policy, candidate selection and party reform.

More results of the latest Panel Survey will be revealed soon but as Mr Cameron makes final touches to his shadow cabinet we thought he might like to know what you think should be done with David Davis...

The Panel was asked: "What should happen to David Davis under a David Cameron leadership?"

767 members had answered by 2pm yesterday afternoon:

  • 23% said that he should become Deputy Leader
  • 31% wanted him to remain Home Secretary
  • 8% thought that Mr Davis should be demoted to a lesser role
  • 2% think he should be sacked
  • 34% said that it was a decision for David Cameron to decide.