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My Conservative Association emails me on a regular basis on social events and meetings.
The party sends me messages from David Cameron and Sayeeda Warsi.
The association sent me a letter and forms to remind me to renew my membership.
NEBCA are doing a good job and others must do the same.
Do not blame Warsi if some associations are not pulling their weight.
She was very good on the politics show today faced with the awful Polly Toynbee.

Growing the grassroots.Does she not realise they are being destroyed faster than they can be built.Ask dave!Take a look at the real membership figures.

With Warsi, as with Cameron, Hague, Clark and far too many others, the Conservative ruling clique simply cannot even see (let alone bring themselves to admit) that they, as well as Labour, have been progressively alienating themselves from the increasingly hostile feelings of the British voting public, including a large proportion of their own former core supporters.

So long as this political arrogance of, "We know best what is good for your future safety and prosperity" persists, so will what little remains of our trust or respect for either the ability or the intergity of our modern professional political elite continue to diminish, until a dangerous point in the breakdown of our democracy is reached.

Perhaps, if our out of touch politicians were not too smug and arrogant to listen to their own constituents more closely and intelligently, they might help to preserve, rather than destroy a democratic system which has served Britain well enough without too much bloodshed for the past several hundred years.

If, however, they do not, further violence,in one form or another, will certainly follow and, to a greater or lesser extent, they will each, as our elected representatives, personally bare some responsibility for this.

David Parker-Correct on all counts!dave should stop worrying about Calamity and start worrying about his back benchers and grass roots-even he doesn't have that much snakeoil!

I would be surprised if they said we werent aiming for a majority. However if you offered cameron a tory majority of 10 or a con/lib majority at the current level, I guarantee he would choose the latter.

I very much doubt she will be in her job in 2015 so what she says now is irrelevant.

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