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As sentinel says, a massive vote for UKIP will send a clear signal to the Tories. If only David Cameron could put an end to the prevarication over the Lisbon treaty and promise us a referendum unconditionally that alone would give his party an enormous boost. It is no use just putting pressure on the Prime Minister.

If he followed this with another firm promise (not like the one on the EPP) of another referendum on our EU membership - a straight in or out, we would then be sure of leaving that socialist dictatorship, there would be no need for UKIP and I and many other would rejoin the party immediately.

What is he waiting for?

Cameron could guarantee massively winning the next election, Samantha could start measuring up for the curtains at No10 tomorrow, if only he would do what the grass roots of Britain (not just the Tory party) demand. Promise the British people the referendum we crave.
There should be two questions in the referendum.
1) Should we exit the EU?
2) Should we accept the Lisbon Treaty/ EU constitution?
He knows what the answers would be and he would be honour bound to carry out the will of the people.
It is so obvious that's why he won't do it - he's a coward.
Eurosceptic Tories who agree on the need for this referendum must ask themselves why it won't happen under Cameron?

Matt Jones:

As far back as 2004 Peter Mandelson, then our EU Commissioner, admitted that the cost of EU membership was twice the benefits.

Europhiles, specifically the members of the European Movement who flood the local newspapers in the East Midlands with EU spin, claim that membership adds £25bn to our GDP. On that basis the total cost is £50bn and the net cost around £25bn.

A similar figure was put forward by the Labour Euo-Safeguards Group in a paper published in January 2007 and has been arrived at by two separate research projects recently.

Also, interestingly, the cost/benefit analysis of EU membership carried out by the Swiss Government [published in 2006] was even more negative. That concluded that the cost of full membership would be six times the current bi-lateral trading arrangements that Switizerland has.

The Swiss study also looked into the cost in terms of loss of sovereignity and, again, was not very favourable to EU membership.

As I've argued before on this site, my view is that David Cameron should commission a similar study. That should be coupled with a referendum giving the people the choice of supporting the current thrust towards ever closer union, complete withdrawal along the lines of UKIP policy or a trading arrangement like that we were led to believe we were getting when we first joined. My guess is that the result would be in favour of the third one.

However, despite my very profound eurosceptic views [Roger Helmer will recognise my name from my letters to the Nottm Evening Post] I recognise that the Conservatives need to handle this very carefully. Unfortunately, we are so tangled up with the bloated edifice that is the EU untangling will be a complex matter and will not be achieved overnight.

That being said, since our net contributions are due to increase substantially over the next few years we do have some cards in our hands as far as negotiating with Brussels is concerned. DC should not be afraid to use them.

For a party that’s not very big, UKIP certainly seems plagued by problems. Indeed, there is a lot of internet gossip that the party is riven by division.

One such example of party splits is their former “National Chairman” [who has even appeared on BBC1’s Question Time representing UKIP] – Petrina Holdsworth – has set up the United Kingdom First Party – and they will be fielding some candidates in the European Elections.

ukip is the place once good team players end their days in regrets. It pays to back the winner they all say.UKIP hasn't captured the people imagination. This will be the year of the BNP protest vote and ukip is unable to attract the plebs. It will be a dishonorable
election for Troys who know what a really sick puppy the EEC is becoming. There can be no real victory for Conservatism inside Europe. We should quite rightly get out of the EEC and sort our own national affairs again before we are simply absorbed into their single super state. WE can be on the edge of Europe with an eye to the West and trade to enjoy. We don't have to play "fair" with the Italians who benefit from the hard work of our people. We can do deals with the anglo-saxon world for now. This is a crossroads set of elections and yet you would think that nothing was a foot at all.If we allow Socialists to drag us into their mess we will have lost our sense of direction and not for the good. We really do have to repeal a whole raft of guff that Labour has tagged on here and there. If we do not abandon the Europe experiment we will be stuck with the shape of Europe for a generation. Rome will have triumphed over us once more. That Nasty wicked Blair plotted well and boxed clever....and away he ran, like a little piggy straight to the pope. This will be a dishonorable set of elections for UKIP, they should bite the bullet and back the Conservative and Unionists. BNP maybes ? should also back Conservatives. We will send more MEPS to rid us of this institution. We will not let England go for such a paltry sum. It is going to be a very duplicitous Election. Are we saying one thing meaning another or is it as presented.
Do we really back the French to the Hilt?
Isn't that what always gets us into trouble.
Trusting those blessed continentals. I suppose the BNP is right if we want to be in Europe then National socialism looks attractive. For the Greater Germany? isn't that an attractive fairytale. Still back to the reality of 21 century "depression" and the grinding day to day. History is made by movements. Lets have a movement to the right.

The UKIP disadvantages are very biassed, the statements were repeated and most of the things said was a result of Labour.

So Conservative party, why do you want to be with the EU? I forgot...they are all disadvantages to the people of the UK and you want that?

These negative leaflets are appalling. Funded by the EPP I notice-hope you are paying them back seeing as you disagree with them so much that you left. Same old Tories

@resident leftie 21:33 - why misleading? One of the MEPs voting against your own government is the now-leader of the Labour MEPs in the European Parliament AND the MEP who led the negotiations for the EP against the Council was a Labour MEP.
Enough said?

Why are these leaflets funded by the EEP ? showing your true colours I see ! Are you allowed to even hand these out in election time I think not. I shall vote UKIP for the very reason you have produced these leaflets. Obviously your running scared !

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