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Sorry, but David cameron has 'Flipped' many of his policies so many times over the past year I have lost count. One recent example, we were promised a Referendum on Europe but suddenly he decided to use the 'very weak excuse' that things have gone too far to allow U.K. voters one. So, like a very large number of formerly life long Conservative voters, I have decided it may be best to vote for UKIP. At least they stick to their ideas. The European Union is only of benefit to wealthy business people who make money out of it as well as a gravy train for politicians! We should be E. U. members on the same basis as Norway and save over £40 million pounds a day of total waste. We are being over run by East Europeans who cost the U.K. a fortune and yet David Cameron appears to think it is all fine! He even wants Macedonia in the E.U. Does he want Turkey and other former USSR states like Albania in the E. U. as well? Like the one million Poles already here, as well as Romanian and other eastern criminals, they will suck this country dry! It is high time the Shadow Cabinet woke up and smelt the coffee! Before we become a third world state

Do you mean like the third world states empire pillaged? History is fluid,unlike Fascism.You see a fair world has to include the whole world that is the only way,no doesn't mean bogey man communism or something just that a more even distribution of wealth that is produced is the best way for a civilisation.You will whistle a different tune when we need the 200years worth of oil buried in Turkmenistan for example ! You sausage.(oh and coffee....)

I have tried to get an official answer to this question without any answer.
Sorry Off-Topic but an answer is needed:-
Police Force been told not to arrest burglars
Why have the Cleveland Police Force, (Teesside, UK), been told not to arrest burglars for a first offence.
Is this done to try to fool people into believing crime is less because crime figures are lower?

I'm not, naturally, a Tory voter but i'm glad the Conservatives got in.
I think Mr Cameron has done an excellent job. 5 years (less) ago, i thought the Conservatives would never get back into power - too out of touch. Mr Cameron reversed that. Everyone in the Conservative party owes the current P.M. a lot - including their full support as well as loyalty.
I, also, think praise is due to Ken Clarke. I support the Tories now, firstly, because of the current Prime Minister, and, secondly, because of Mr Clarke who i think is a cut above all the others (in terms of intelligence, experience and connecting with ordinary people across the country).

And, also, like a lot: Baroness Warsi, Sir George Young (gent-type), and a few others (i.e. Chris Patten - think he's retired). But a few, i still have to look away when they appear on the television, they're just too up themselves and embarrassing to watch.

Please explain why Caroline Spelman is in charge at DEFRA given her lobbying past in agriculture? New Politics? Cleaning up Parliament? Not a very good start Dave!

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