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"I was wrong about Boris Johnson"


Happy 1st Birthday, Boris - You are a total superstar!!

Boris has clearly been a huge positive influence on the public perception of Tories in office.

Well done BoJo.

Bravo Boris! What a star!

But London is not really any different than a year ago.

Wow, forgot a year had passed. Congratulations, sir!

Why didn't you put the Queen in your list of achievements?

Yes, putting up a photo of the Queen in the part of the UK where she is least popular (with the possible exception of Scotland).

Well done.

Congratulations Boris! Bingo, I can connect here, but not on the main thread!

The Poll is interesting best initiative, being to ousting of Ian Blair and the lowest being his rather odd support for an amnesty for Illegal immigrants. Of course such results tells us more about the party faithful than about Boris, nevertheless interesting.

"better services could be delivered while freezing Londoners' council tax."

Which has to be the way forward for the Nation. It is not surprising that he can make cuts and increase efficiency, the public services have been on a recruitment binge. There must be many thousands of council employees who would not be missed.

What I like is that even after a year, you get the feeling his direction is still to improve London as best he can, which is a total turnaround from ken who just wanted to make life more difficult at every step.
Sure he's stuck in the middle of bad councils still making life difficult (Westminster making bikes register&pay etc) and a bad government who are also out to get him, but he hasn't let that get him down. Go Boris!

A massive improvement on Livingstone and he has cut wasteful spending. But a total superstar? I think not.
His comments about an amnesty were in my opinion spectacularly ill judged as was the ill thought out Thames Estuary idea.
So a lot of room for improvement,but I have no doubt he can.

Sorry to hear about your bike Tim

'but he will be running for re-election in what is likely to be the mid-term of a Cameron government and the Tories might be unpopular across the country because of painful decisions on the budget deficit.'

Cometh 'that' hour, cometh the man. Not just for London but for England when the positioning will be beyond perfect.

The beauty is that Boris will leapfrog David not by design, vanity nor conceit, but by circumstance. The right person at the right time (yet to come).

Boris Johnson has made some very impressive achievements, in a relatively short period of time. Indeed, he has been applying true Conservative values in regard to so many different issues. This is just what London needs!

Any concerns? Well, the suggestion of an amnesty for illegal immigrants was absurd. I (and many others), would also be interested to know what is destined to happen with Jubilee Gardens; regarding development proposals for that area?

aww i heart boris <3

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