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Although I was born in Scotland I have lived all of my adult life in England and am assimilated, I'd pass Lord Tebbit's Cricket test. So I will celebrate St George's Day and feel that we ought to have this as the Bank Holiday at this time rather than the Monday nearest to May 1st.

Wave that flag with Pride!

It is time for us to reclaim our country, lets win it back. The forces of political correctness have turned we English into persona non grata in our own country. We cannot celebrate our nationhood without being accused of jingoism, even racism. As the Mayor of our capital says, it is time to unleash the English, to reclaim our identity and be proud of the achievements of our ancestors.

"The Germans may beat us at music; the Italians have the edge in painting – but the English beat all comers at poetry"

With the possible exception of Beethoven, I cannot agree with this assessment. England beats everyone at everthing, always have and always will.

"We take it as a compliment. It is that spirit of small-business entrepreneurship that encouraged St George to flog his bacon to the Romans and will lead this country out of recession."

I see a nation of Ebay sellers happily flogging their wares and leading themselves out of unemployment.

" It is a mongrel language, a language that shamelessly and brilliantly continues to absorb imports from around the world. "

And resells them at a profit...see Boris isn't the only one who can wax lyrical now is he?

When it comes to rock music we beat the world. An American once told me, that they invented rock,n,roll but the English invented electric guitar based Rock music proper. When we thing of the fantastic bands that came from London and Liverpool in the 60s, the great bands from the midlands in the 70s and Manchester's amazing 80s scene, the English can quite fairly claim to be the true monsters of rock.

Congratulations to Boris and Bobby Halfon

Well done Boris, lets hope this is the first step in a see change in the thinking of the Conservative party on the subject of being proud of being English and all things culturally English.

Would anybody like to offer an opinion about whether this is a 'conversion on the road to somewhere ' , or is it perhaps a timely but somewhat cynical response to the increasing prominence in the political arena of minority parties that are unashamedly patriotic.

Let us reaffirm our Englishness with the EU!

"Would anybody like to offer an opinion about whether this is a 'conversion on the road to somewhere ' , or is it perhaps a timely but somewhat cynical response to the increasing prominence in the political arena of minority parties that are unashamedly patriotic."

The Conservative party has always been able to play the Nationalism card very well indeed. I see this as a return to form after a period of rather weak opposition and leadership from the top of the party. Boris is I believe patriotic in the right way. Hanging a picture of the Queen at City hall is far more than a token, its the start of a revolution or more properly a counter-revolution. Time to show the Pinko's the exit.

Help if Boris got it right, the Turks didn't migrate to the Anatolian Peninsular untill 700 AD.

But I would rather English people were given Parliamentary representation rather than a day off.

Thats a great picture! Of course we should have a St. George's Day Public holiday, and yes, it should be in April.

I remember, a group of us being taken to Stratford-on-Avon a long time ago - before tourists! The older members of our group were taken to the Memorial Theatre to see a Shakespeare play, but us young ones were taken to Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Shakespeare's Birthplace etc:, it was a soft, sunny April day like today. One of those days that you don't forget!

My one regret? That I was too 'young' to experience the Shakespeare play!

An Acceptable Face of Nationalism?

It is that time of the year again and this time around the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has called for St George's Day to be made a public holiday (http://tinyurl.com/cqq7sa).

Inevitably the debate about the English identity will sprout its annual media legs and then totter about rather awkwardly like a slightly inebriated débutante in search of a Party until the day after St George's Day.

But this time, I suspect that things may be different. Boris Johnson has primed a London marathon of St Georging and up and down the length of merry old England the game is on (http://tinyurl.com/coegml ) as never before.

I would suggest that we need to capture this national mood as a force for positive good before the gathering extremists corrupt national celebration into ethnic disintegration.

"Englishness is not diminished by newcomers who each bring with them a new strand to England's fabric, rather Englishness is emboldened to grow anew,"

"Let us acknowledge and enjoy what we are."

Dr John Sentamu

Therein lies the distinction between positive civic nationalism and the ethnic variant as embodied and actively pursued by the BNP.

'Dr John Sentamu urged that England must rediscover its identity to prevent a rise in Islamic and right-wing extremism.' (Daily Telegraph)

Civic English nationalism encompasses a broad church from lefty popster Billy Bragg, via the ever sensible Frank Field and arguably to Simon Heffer although exactly which hymn sheet he is singing from at any one time remains a mystery. English nationalism is not currently the property of the far right but the longer we allow the mood to drift the more the BNP will claim it as its own.

If we actively celebrate England, if we openly 'acknowledge and enjoy what we are', through that sense of unity and commonality we will find opportunities to mend much of David Cameron's broken society. If the BNP is allowed to turn the positive celebration of who we are into the ethnic based assertion of who we are not then the Conservative Party, de facto the party of England whether we like it or not, will carry much of the responsibility for giving the BNP the unchallenged opportunity.

London's Conservative Mayor has led the way.

Boris Johnson is about to celebrate England in the most ethnically diverse city on the planet. If our national leadership can embrace the 'E' word with the same enthusiasm I would suggest that when this time of the year comes around again we might be hearing something about an English national holiday not just as a suggestion by a Bishop but as a firm commitment to from our party leader.

Accepting the acceptable face of English nationalism.

Bill Hayley may have been the first "rock and roll" star, but it was London Records and Eddie Kassner who saw the potential and published him. Eddie, who I knew well, was the architypal immigrant, hard working coming from the smoking ruins of Germany and fiercly conservative

This utter duplicity from Boris Johnson is par for the course from every politican and mainstream party.

Who can forget Gordon the traitor wrapping himself in the English flag whilt out campaigning. Then back to the office to sell this country out without permission from it's people and to do everything possible to eradicate the last trace of ethnic Englishness or Britishness with his ongoing policy of colonisation of these islands.

Johnson wants an amnesty for more asylum seekers and no doubt their waiting broods so as to complete the multicultural experiment of London until such time as it resembles downtown Karthoum even more than it does so now. This is not the England I want and it's not the Britain I want either.

He is a fake. Just what is the point of celebrating our Englishness if it is no longer recognisable anymore ? Just who remains to raise their voice and protect the ethnic Britons from the traitors of Westminster ?

I never gave my permission for the colonisation of these Islands. And millions like me are beginning to say the same.

" I felt like some Texan prospector who has idly whacked his pickaxe on some piece of unpromising ground and then stood back in amazement before a great gusher of erupting oil.""

I do love Boris's writing style! He is a superb example of Good English Wordsmithery (if one can call it that!)

I shall look forward to waving my flag on the 23rd with pride!

Bexie, you could well say the same too about characters like Epstein and Meek. These men knew how to get the best out of performers, and understood that a big part of entertainment is presentation. Artists faired much better when working under a stable, and became better role models too.

In the states the end of the 'movie studio' system left many performers to fend for themselves and many were just unable to cope with the pressures. Sadly today, only Disney offers a 'studio' type system which looks after and guides its young performers. Yet this is so important for creating positive role models.

Boris mounts a spirited defence, but St George really is a dull, meaningless sort of patron saint. I'd rather celebrate 23 April as Shakespeare Day. Nonetheless, it's great that he's trying to bring definition to this important aspect of our national consciousness.

It is obviously excellent that this sort of thing is now being encouraged rather than shunned because of political correctness. However, if we're making such an effort with a day devoted to the celebration of being English, should we not be making the same effort with one that celebrates being British, in order to remind people of the importance of the Union? I would suggest a "Union Day" or "Foundation Day" on the 1st of May, to celebrate when the Act of Union came into effect.

The only thing £ngland gets out of the so called 'British Union' is the Bill.

English Parliament NOW!.

Do the Conservatives have any original ideas that they don't steal from UKIP?

The "British Union" 1707-1998 RIP.

Scotland, Wales and N ireland voted 'Yes' for their 'own' Parliament/Assembly (EU Regional assemblies).

As of then the "British Union" has been null and void, so any celebration of that so called 'Union' would be a complete and utter farce.

English Parliament NOW!

Steve fix the broken record, this isn't a thread debating our constitution, it's about the celebration of national identities. You might not be able to bring yourself to celebrate 300 years of glorious history because of your fetish for a new level of self serving, impotent politicians, but there are millions of others who can.

It will take more than this for many English people to forget Cameron's "Sour Little Englanders" speech in Glasgow.

Posted by: MrB | April 19, 2009 at 13:03

You mentioned 300 years. The UK tricentennial passed us by in 2007 without comment never mind celebration. Imagine the tricentennial of the USA being met with the same shuffling embarrassment and awkwardness?

Where were the 42 gun salutes and fly pasts? Did you go to a street party?

In 2027 we can celebrate eleven hundred years of the oldest nation state on the planet: England.

I'm quite aware of that, but celebrations like these don't manifest by themselves, they have to have official recognition and proper organisation. St. Georges day has hardly been a day of ogasmic patriotism of late if you haven't noticed. Luckily we're starting to turn things around. Why do you constantly have to put things in opposition? They I would love to celebrate both magnificent histories to celebrate. Some people just love to simplify and "pigeon hole" I guess.

Good for Boris but most of the Conservative Party, with a few honourable exceptions, studiously ignores England in the mistaken belief that it is somehow a 'threat' to the Union. Yet to the rest of the UK, the Tories are the 'English Party' just as the BBC is the English Broadcasting Company. In pouring scorn on 'sour little Englanders' David Cameron alientates the great mass of the people of England, those people who crossed the road to shake Boris by the hand, while failing to convince the voters outside England. Dave is a 'Greater Englander' who wants to 'rule' the whole of the UK, even those parts which don't vote for him. He does not want to be PM 'just of England' He doth protest too much but let's take him at his word. Let him become Prime Minister of the UK and let's have Boris as First Minister for England.

Forgive my typos! Second-to-Last line should read: "I would love to celebrate both magnificent histories".

" this isn't a thread debating our constitution, "

If it isn't it should be, for how can the English celebrate being made constitutionally second class citizens? A few British establishment figures waving an English flag doesn’t change that fact, or that we should be taken in by these tokenistic gestures for they have no intention of sorting out the constitutional mess. The English remaining as constitutionally second class citizens is just fine by them.

"If it isn't it should be, for how can the English celebrate being made constitutionally second class citizens?"

You may be a little detatched but I've never been with people during a time of national celebration be it the proms, jubilee, St Georges day etc and someone has said "Yeah this is great, but I just can't celebrate my national identity with all these constitutional intricacies in the back of my mind". What a joke. Most people aren't that bothered, it's distant, they probably think that the Barnett formula is an energy drink. In short, no one actually cares but they do like some days to celebrate where they're from.

Roger Scruton, someone whom I admire very much, made the following observation in an American Spectator article:

Gordon Brown has made a point of extolling a new kind of national loyalty, one which is compatible with the disappearance of England. He reminds us of the “core values” of Britishness, which include freedom, toleration, compassion, social responsibility, and other qualities that can be read in ways favorable to the socialist state. But he has little time for the core values of Englishness: the stiff upper lip, the well-spoken accent, the ethic of fair play, and the code of the gentleman. These he is happy to denigrate as imperial hangovers and symbols of a privileged caste.

There is much more to it than just the one political point above of course, but anyway, I'm very glad that the we are now understanding the importance of celebrating the English national identity, Labour and the LibDems will definitely not, exactly because of Rogers point above, however absurd it may seem!

Excellent. It is not before time that we started celebrating English culture.

Posted by: MrB | April 19, 2009 at 13:33

'don't manifest by themselves, they have to have official recognition and proper organisation.'

The Act of Union tricentennial in 2007 was 'officially' buried because Scottish devolution (1999) was effectively in breach of the spirit and purpose of the Act(s).

The Acts were known as the Union of Parliaments at Westminster. That is, a joint legislature. The new Scottish legislature subsequent to devolution opened with the words:

"the Scottish Parliament, adjourned on the 25th of March in the year 1707 is hereby reconvened."

We these words the Union of Parliaments was dissolved into two legislatures again. To officially recognise the tricentennial would have meant having to explain that the Act was now meaningless.

Boris for PM!

"The Act of Union tricentennial in 2007 was 'officially' buried because Scottish devolution (1999) was effectively in breach of the spirit and purpose of the Act(s)."

I have seen no evidence to prove that it was even planned, nevermind buried. No matter what constitutional intricacies you post (of which I admit I am no expert), it doesn't change the fact that there is still a union, and that people identify themselves as being both English (Welsh, Scottish and NI), and British. Therefore it is entirely appropriate for there to be days of celebration for both of these.

"MrB", i should 'celebrate 300 glorious yearsof history?'.

Time began 300 years ago did it?, absolute bile.

I celebrate over a THOUSAND years of Glorious ENGLISH history, the only difference being that for the last 300 years Scotland has been carried along by England for the ride.

Heres something for you to 'celebrate' about your glorious null and void 'Union', happy to put up with the likes of this are you?, well im not, your in a dwindling band pal, sad to say though that some will never wake up, are you one of those "MrB2, or are you NOT ENGLISH and simply want the party to continue????.

Well it WONT!, get your indoctrinated head out of the sand.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Nuclear sites announced.... where will they go I wonder?

Is this what the average Lake District fell walker will be wearing in 50 years time?

Possibly.... Anyway, great news!
List of 11 new nuclear sites released.....

10 of the 11 sites are in England, the third most densely populated country in the world!

Solitary token site announced in Wyfla north Wales, but due to vociferous local opposition from Welsh nationalists, it is expected that this power station will never be built.

HOWEVER, due to the passing of the new planning bill last winter, local opposition in England will not be allowed to deflect the government from their new-build zeal. That planning bill was obviously shepherded through parliament by the 'Aye' votes of Welsh, Northern Irish and especially Scottish Labour MPs.

All the government have to do is quote the mantra enshrined in the new bill.... And that mantra is... 'For the common good'... It means 'for the common good of the people of the whole of the UK'....

Yet again, England is left, bereft of any national representation. Yet again, it is England's few remaining green spaces which will bear the brunt of this massive round of toxic new builds - and all because we like to leave out tellies on stand-by..

And yet again, during the winter parliamentary session, it will be Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs who will 'legitimise' this process when they vote it through.....So that's alright then.

And as for all you people out there who believe that English local planners still have the power to reject the planning permission, think again. This extract taken from the super friendly Office of Nuclear Development website 'Hey, thank God for nuclear power!'...

'Developers may apply to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (an independent body set up to decide on planning applications for projects of national significance) for development consent for those sites which are found to be strategically suitable in the Nuclear NPS. Before a developer applies for permission it has to consult relevant Local Authorities and local communities'.

For those that don't know, the Infrastructure Planning Commission is a government appointed quango of yes-monkeys each with a wad of cash in one hand and a rubber stamp in the other. They have the power to impose anything Gordon Brown wants, anywhere in England.

Oh....... and just in case you were wondering where all the toxic nuclear waste is going to be buried? Got it in one! beneath the green sward of the Lake District...... William Wordsworth will be pleased.

Steve, I'm glad you got that bizarre rant off your chest. If you take the time to read again, you'll note that I'd both like to celebrate 300 (+) years of British history, 1000+ years of English history, and however many other years I can celebrate of our wonderful island. Constitutional issues don't have to go hand-in-hand with celebrating your heritage.

A fantastic move, Boris has genuine political insight and the rest of the party should perhaps pay more attention to him sometimes.

Making St George's Day a celebration for everyone will stop the BNP from claiming it for themselves with their silly parades (anyone remember Richard Barnbrook on a pony with his fluffy dragon?). This is true Conservatism that will restore people's faith in the system and Tories.


Making St Georges Day a celebration for everyone will stop the BNP from claiming it for themselves...This is true Conservatism...

Now I fully realise why I support the British National Party. If this is all the face of 'True Conservatism' is, then this country is truely gone.

Perhaps Guinevere would like to enlighten me as to whether these displays of 'True Conservatism', will also include the 750,000 illegal immigrants that patriotic Boris wants to grant an amnesty to ? And will it also include their broods waiting silently in the wings of some Third World country to add to the Conservatives grand programme of the colonisation of Britain ?

Thank God for the British National Party.

"the Scottish Parliament, adjourned on the 25th of March in the year 1707 is hereby reconvened."

This is a constitutional falsehood. The present devolved Scottish Parliament is a creation of Westminster, legally no different than a local council (though obviously with far greater powers), and could be dissolved by Westminster tomorrow (though it never would be). The Estates of Scotland, as the legislature of a sovereign country, could not be reconvened unless Scotland were independent again; likewise with the Parliament of England.

I would not be sorry if Scotland was to vote for Independence as long as that was what it really meant with no Barnet Money from England etc. We could then have our own predominantly English and Conservative Parliament in Westminster unless of course the Welsh, (possible) and Ulster (unlikely) also wished to follow the Scots when it woiuld be fully English.

Now will any nice people here sign my English Naturalisation papers when the time comes?

I think like many on the thread the hope is that this is patriotism for the right reasons, however the proof of the pudding is how the St George's Day celebration might eventually come to fruition. The worry is once the PC and multicultural brigades start having meetings to discuss the mechanics of any celebration the whole thing will become watered down in case somebody is offended. I can see the headline now. 'St George's day celebration abandoned in anytown England when police advised organisers of a parade where 100 revellers dressed as Crusader Knights with St George's Cross tabards were to march down the High Street, an action which they believe may be deemed offensive to some elements of the wider community'

It has to be either a celebration of St George's day in the English tradition, or nothing.The public in their current frame of mind will not accept anything else.

'Thank God for the British National Party.'

Posted by: Simon | April 19, 2009 at 15:12

And there we have it. The difference between ethnic and civic nationalism. I am, unashamedly, a civic nationalist and I do not apply a Pantone colour swatch to determine standards of acceptable ethnicity.

As I wind-bagged on earlier:

'If the BNP is allowed to turn the positive celebration of who we are into the ethnic based assertion of who we are not then the Conservative Party, de facto the party of England whether we like it or not, will carry much of the responsibility for giving the BNP the unchallenged opportunity.'

The Liberal Democrats are catching up:

Chris Huhne wants St George's Day to be a Bank Holiday in England (11:40am Sunday 19th April 2009).


Go mainstream. Hurrah for Boris and spike the BNP's guns.

Englandism, It's not so much the ethnicity it's the numbers. Lookout Moldovia.

"If there is one thing that marks us out and defines us, it is the language, the greatest, the most fertile and the most stunningly successful language the world has ever seen".

Boris is quite right; we must now try and teach it to more English people. Foreigners tend to be rather better at it!

I was campaigning in Louth yesterday. One shop in the high street had a big window display selling flags, bunting, posters etc. Great Stuff. I'm with Boris on this.

Wrapping oneself in a St George flag whilst simultaneously promoting an amnesty for illegal aliens strikes me as a contradiction.

"Wrapping oneself in a St George flag whilst simultaneously promoting an amnesty for illegal aliens strikes me as a contradiction."

I see absolutely no contradiction, michael mcgough, between celebrating one's country and its traditions and showing tolerance to others.


Wishes to show 'tolerance' to 'others' Well that's extremely noble Sally, pray just how much, 'tolerance' do you wish to display ?

750,000 illegals enough to be getting on with ? Or should we have their broods imported as well, once they have been handed passports ?

And just where should we house them once they have completed their registration at Lunar House ?

And just how much of the benefits of the Social Security gravy train should we shower them with, given the huge contribution they have made to the pot ?

And how once they have suddenly morphed themselves into legitimate Englishmen do you plan to persuade them to vote Tory ? Because Labour realise that 99 percent will vote against you ?

And once these persons have converted to Britons within 24 hours at the total expense of people such as myself, do you plan to prevent the next 100,000 arrivals from reaching these shores due to the 'pull factor' of the amnesty ?

This is a tiny island. We are full up. The sooner the LibLabCon takes this on board the better.

I am sure I am not the only one to notice the very little space given by Boris to the English people. Our only mention is praise for our generosity to immigrants. He is correct but this has been cruelly taken advantage of.

More guff just to distract attention from having surrendered our country to the control of the EU elite.

St George's Cross is an Italian flag, be bought the rights to use the logo in the 12th Cent.

In case Peter hasnt noticed the English language reigns supreme as the "Lingua Anglia" of the EU much to the chagrin of the French! In fact UK MEPs as a result of their native english speaking abilities means we frequently punch above our weight in debates and drafting resolutions and amendments. So I agree with Boris the unrivalled power of English has had a massive impact in shrinking the globalised world in a way no other language has ever achieved before and enabled EU movers and shakers to communicate directly with one another across an EU of 500 million people..a status which French never achieved particularly in eastern europe where Russian and German were previously the international languages used.
I believe even if the UK one day renegotiated a different status with the EU our language would still prevail in its institutions!

Well done Boris ! His arguments for making a big fuss about St George's Day are very valid. For myself I am hoping to have a good friend round for supper on St George's Day & will certainly attend Mass & receive the Blessed Sacrament on the morning of the 23rd of April. Also I shall even buy a few cards & send them to people for St George's Day. What annoyed me was the way that the BBC often makes a song & dance about St Patrick's Day , St Andrew's Day & St David's Day by having a special Songs of Praise to mark those days. But they will not do the same for England's Patron Saint - that is typical of the mealy mouthed PC nonsense that the under 75's have to subsidize via a Poll Tax type levy. It is just plain unfair & shows how ashamed The Guardian readers are of the people of this country & their history.

The English have had a lot of unfairness to do with devolution & are I think a little sick of not being able to celebrate who they are without the liberal left branding them racist for doing so.

As a Catholic who is also English I have no trouble with celebrating the day of our beloved national saint. So Boris is 100% spot on with this & Happy St George's Day to you all !

"My one regret? That I was too 'young' to experience the Shakespeare play! "

I saw my first Shakespeare at age 11 and it started a love affair that persists to this day. My eldest (now 15)has recently discovered the excallant BBC Shakespeare and is consuming the tapes at quite a rate. My younger son is not convinced "he talks like its the past" and "its retarded" being two choice comments. Even so he giggled his way through "much ado about nothing" the other day. I think its important to choose an easy play if you are going to introduce children to the Bard. My first play was a "mid summers night dream." my favorite? Richard 2,3 and the Henrys. Yourself?

From Cambridge City Council's motions to be discussed on Thursday, courtesy of a Lib Dem:

"The Council notes that this meeting falls on St George's Day.

St George is the patron saint of England, and of many other cities and countries in Europe and the Middle East. He is tightly connected to English tradition, yet also, as a Roman Soldier from the Middle East, a symbol of multiculturalism.

The Council also notes the dangers of allowing national symbols that
belong to the entire population to become associated with extremists and believes we should celebrate St. George’s Day in an inclusive way..."

I can guess which direction this debate will be going in.

Now that I think about it, I'm suprised that St George's day isn't a bank holiday anyway.

It definitely should be, and Boris is definitely the man to lead the campaign to make it so.

I've always thought that his brand of bumbling, eccentric genius is in itself a quintessentially English thing.

"Now I fully realise why I support the British National Party."

Posted by: Simon

I don't think that you do.

But here's a hint:

"psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism where a person's personal attributes, unacceptable or unwanted thoughts, and/or emotions are ascribed onto another person or people. According to Wade, Tavris (2000) projection occurs when a person's own unacceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else.[1]"

Oh, well, if you Tories now see "England and St George" as "a winning theme", by all means go for it.

As April 23rd is also said to be the day on which Shakespeare was both born and died, although there's some doubt about the historical accuracy of that traditional dating of his birthday, I'll offer this excerpt from his Sonnet 116:

" ... Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken"

There's a big difference between those who were prepared to be insulted, and both figuratively and literally spat on, for expressing their English patriotism while Tories quietly connived at the attempted dismemberment of England at the behest of the EU, and the fair weather English patriots who now see a show of English patriotism as being politically advantageous, at least for the time being.

Don't think that we'll ever forget that difference.

Denis Cooper is right. I fear the only reason for this sudden outburst of patriotism is that the Tories can see some political advantage to be gained by it.

UKIP has been promoting this for years and all we got was sneers about little Englanders.. Anyway let`s hope these Johnny-come-latelys adopt another UKIP idea - Better Off Out of the EU. Now that would guarantee that Mr. Cameron will be the next Prime Minister!

"Denis Cooper is right. I fear the only reason for this sudden outburst of patriotism is that the Tories can see some political advantage to be gained by it."

I don't agree. We have been a patriotic party for the largest part of our history.
This is after all the party of Churchill and of Lady Thatcher, both of whom knew how to play the National card very well indeed.
If there has been a villain of the peace, who has played down our National identity for political reasons its that awful Nu-Labour. I do however except that UKIP and the BNP have both been rather more vocal in their support of our traditional values, and we have been playing catch up, just a little recently. Like the One Nation wing our love of the Nation is nothing new but is something that we are reasserting at this time.Most certainly we do need to be seen to be the first choice party for the British Nationalists, but this is not a new area for us, just a return to form. After all we have been fighting with one hand behind our back for ages, thanks in no small part to the success of Political Correctness. Thankfully PC is now in decline, which is great news for everyone who wants to maintain freedom of speech. Of course there is a political element to what is going on, we must draw people away from UKIP and BNP, for the good of the Nation. We must become again the first choice party for British Patriots. GSTQ.

Excuse the spelling error it should of course be accept not except, its a mistake I make often.

True, the party always used to be patriotic, one reason why I was a member for many years, but that has become a dirty word and it`s been "all things to all men" and "party before country".

If and when that changes I and many others will be delighted to rejoin, but with the leadership still refusing to rule out the possiblilty of our ever leaving the ghastly EU I can`t see that happening. Unless there is a complete change, our country will be divided into areas of Euroland (they already exist) and someone like Blair will rule over us. Pity Mr. Cameron just doesn`t get it.

The English don't need a day off on St George's day what we need is recognition and equality.

What England does need in my opinion:

An English Parliament - not another layer of politicians but English MPS voting on English issues. No Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish MP's. No fudge.

An end to the Barnett Formula that values a Scottish life at £1500 more from central government per year - so the English can have free prescriptions, free higher education and free care for the elderly etc.

A commitment to scrap the English regions project

A vote on membership of the EU

Mr Cameron has done nothing to suggest he's interested in any of these issues. On the contrary he uses every opportunity he has to mention his Scottish roots and say that the Barnett Formula is a price worth paying for the Union.

It's not.

If Mr Cameron wants to save the Union (and it really is close to falling apart) - make it fair. Give the English recognition and representation. Value an English life the same as a Scottish or Northern Irish life. SAY ENGLAND when you are talking about issues that affect England and nowhere else.

The bottom line - represent the people who vote for you - the English.

Good for Boris. St. George wasn't Turkish though. Turkey didn't exist then. There was no Turkey! Turks came into Asia Minor only after 1071 AD.
Anyway, up the English! Have a great St. George's day you lot. Take the day off.

St George was a Palestinian, born in what was then Lydda. Father a Roman soldier, mother a Palestinian. He joined the Roman army but refused to give up his Christian faith and was executed; he never met a dragon in his life.
He is also claimed as the patron saint of about two dozen other nations, including Spain and Bulgaria.
He's the patron saint of syphilitics, too - mmm. Makes you think, what?

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