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LOL!!! The best April Fools are always those which could have a grain of truth to them.

Nah, it was one of these:

Gordon Brown railing against protectionism, quietly forgetting that he's devalued the pound.

Gordon Brown calling for a fiscal stimulus he can't afford.

Gordon Brown telling David Cameron that he's isolated in Europe.

Gordon Brown saying the Conservatives would damage pensions!!

Yeah yeah, very funny Gordy. I spotted all of them ;)

Unfortunately the Tory controlled Bournemouth Council is not an April fool even though we treat them as a joke:

I used to think for a long time that UKIP was an April Fool - I was disappointed when somebody gently broke the news to me that they weren't!

Tehy're not an April Fool, just fools.

Jacqui Smith purportedly being photographed on her way out of Ann Summers clutching a carrier bag?

UKIP are not just fools but Useful Idiots - The Useful ***king Idiots Party

Infact why don't they just rename themselves GUKIP ?

It's only 9 weeks to the EU Elections,I wonder how many of us on here will be badmouthing the UKIP over those results?
I know of a couple on here who should be continually looking over their shoulder in their Regions.

This is the best April fools joke - UKIP policies:-

UKIP Littlehampton & Bognor Regis - Manifestos

Quote: We will scrap Inheritance Tax, not just reform it and cut corporation taxes.

UKIP Littlehampton & Bognor Regis - UK TAXATION

Quote: Raise the threshold of inheritance tax to £500,000

Will the real UKIP policy please stand up?

Its not often I give credit to a Labour MP but Glasgow South MP Tom Harris' (www.tomharris.org.uk)story about the Government introducing a licensing system for bloggers was classic.
It was credible (i.e. we know given half a chance, certain elements in the Nulab Government and the civil service would grab it with both hands)but the comments were priceless especially when you realise several well known right of centre respondents fell for it.

I think I was taken in the other way yesterday. I was convinced that the Alan Shearer story was a spoof but it has carried on today.

UKIP are not just fools but Useful Idiots - The Useful ***king Idiots Party

Posted by: NigelJ | April 02, 2009 at 13:02

Absolutely. Vote UKIP for Brussels and Brown.

That UKIP link posted at the top of this thread is classic... it's an April's Fool in itself. I'd describe it as a sort of scatter gun "we hate everything and everyone that isn't further to the right of Genghis Khan" hoping that a few cynics will say "hmm...yees, I like them".

Of course, it does have one clear policy: pull out of Europe. But that's it. Totally. There is nothing else.

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