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(a) Cameron won't be Prime Minister a year today, Gordon Brown will still be, (b) Cameron, when he wins, if he wins, will lead a weak government filled with non-entities and people (Hague, Osborne) regarded as figures of fun, (c) his mandate will be pathetic, no matter how big his majority in the Commons as turnout will be dismal and (d) he will, as all this makes clear, be an isolated figure as his European allies (various shades of moonbattery) will only re-emphasise. The truth is that Labour, Brown in particular, have thrown it away, not that Cameron is going to win anything.

You may be right about point (a). You are also correct when you say that Labour and Brown in particular "have thrown it away".

The rest of your post is, to put it kindly, misguided and I will put it down to your being a disappointed leftie who can see the writing on the wall... I don't blame you. We were rather the same in 1996.

Let's just win the election first!

Ann S is spot on. Dont count your chickens etc!

You cannot ignore the people's anger against politicians of all parties over expenses. Cameron has to do something highly significant to move the conservatives apart from all the other parties.

He could announce the the Salaries Review Body will be the body to agree expenses and all expenses will be subject to the same taxation of everybody else.

He could announce that second homes, upon the retirement or loss of seat, will become the possession of the State and sold for the benefit of the Exchequer.

He could announce that any MP alleged to have made improper claims will be subject to a Criminal Investigation, as ordinary people are.

These must be made BEFORE and DURING the election campaign.

I have a view that because of the disgust Labour and Tory parties will suffer greatly. the Lib Dems -who do not have second homes- may well be the surprise of the general election. I would rather have that than the greater danger of the BNP getting Parliamentary representation. That is a great possibility in about ten labour seats.

There is a very good chance that he will be the next PM. However, he is starting to get a little complacent and cocky. The electorate will not like that. I think his comments at PMQ'S on Wednesday about going up in the polls whilst Labour are going down will at some point come back to haunt him.

I'd prefer it if it was Dan.

Tim, we all know that you are a neocon but don't assume that the grassroots are. Most people are sick of seeing British troops die in foreign wars. I for one look forward to Cameron's realism in foreign policy - it is long overdue after Labour squandering of blood and treasure on pointless warmongering.

Cameron's failure to define a strong, clear alternative solution to the economic crisis, playing the 'not Brown' triangulation card leaves him hostage to fortune.

The markets are bouncing. They may leg down again or they may not (toxic debt issues raise their ugly heads). If they don't and things continue to rise, Brown could pull back enough goodwill to scrape an early election win as things look temporarily like a bottom etc, Brown claims the credit blah blah.

Cameron still doesn't get it. The *only* issue for the next 5 years will be fixing the economy. Social reform blah, blah. If you chase too many rabbits, you catch none!

Sally. The Labour party were as confident as the Conservative Party are now in 1992 but looked what happened then. To believe the election is in the bag possibly just over a year still before it will be held is complacency in the extreme.

Jack, in deference to our Editor's wishes I am ignoring you.

From the beginning Cameron has 'done'tactics and PR and it is too late to change.
Just to offer two hard issues.
Will he meekly accept the cutback to the Thatcher EU rebate which was agreed by Blair on the laughable grounds that the EU would reform the CAP- Chirac promptly said it would not.This will be next year.
Then there is the immigration situation Cameron says that the Tories will announce a number-which should be nil-outside the usual exemptions such as senior corporate transfers,genuine marriages under a great grandfather clause etc.What will he do and much more important will he enforce it.
The voters are in the mood that they will not trust any politician despite the poundnotes beinmg hosed on them unless they see illegals towed out into the Atlantic and welfare scroungers lying in the ditches.Are jihadists going to be allowed to stay in the UK on benefits? Cameron has not said they will be chucked out so we can assume they will continue their parasitic dangerous existence and this will undermine him in no time.

God help the world.

Cameron has been adept at keeping things moving along and has at difficult times shown the right steel to stick to his guns. This augers well for the future and I expect he will up the game soon as we go into the last 12 months before an election. That clear picture of exactly what Conservatives stand for, along with strong practical measures and a focused message will be the key to success.

We are not complacent Jack. Tories at local and national level too organised to be complacent.


'Woe, woe and thrice woe', 'we're all doomed, I tell ye', 'the (Conservative) sky is falling, the sky is falling' - sorry, I ain't gonna join in this silly chorus.

Cameron took on an immensely difficult task when he became Leader, and despite some errors (he's human, get over it), he has done a terrific job in making MY Party the winning Party again.

It's why, despite promising my nearest and dearest I'd be cutting back on active support, I shall be continuing to work (as hard as oldish age and infirmity allow) in order to help get DC into No 10 and put some sanity back into the governance of my country.

Rubbish! Cameron is not a Conservative but he is a self opinionated professional politician and not suitable to lead the Conservative Party. David Davis and men and women like him are our future, self made and confident in themselves

'whatever' I don't think you could be more wrong.

Once Cameron is PM (as I am sure he will be) its a whole new ball game -- all the time and resources spent on anything to do with brown and labour will immediately be freed up to be applied directly to the problems the country faces.

Labour will have fallen apart, Brown will be gone, labour have no credible alternative leaders (brown cuckoo'd them all) and will have to wait a generation for a new one to emerge.

In contrast - the tories are awash with talent and leadership material. As long as they remain disciplined Cameron could be leading one of the best governments this country has seen.

With such strong leaders, there should be far less need for the ranks and ranks of second-rate hangers on that this government have surrounded themselves with.

I just hope that power it is used wisely - without the distractions that Tim mentions!

As far as the 'social agenda' goes, I believe people naturally want to live good enjoyable rewarding lives -- the governments job is not to intervene or direct them, the governments roll is to remove the barriers so people can just get on with it. Less intervention, more extravention.

I do believe we will be in government after the next election and clearly welcome that and will work as I always have to ensure it. How much of it will be down to Cameron will in truth be highly debatable. I wish I didn't but I still think think he is far too lightweight and that he and his cameroons are the only force,(well force may not be strictly appropriate more like directionless drift) that could conceivably lose it for us.

Who are these strong leaders you talk about pp. David Cameron himself is a weak leader. This was highlighted when he was going to ban second incomes for his MP's and William Hague said that he would quit along with other senior Tories. That is not being a leader, that is being bullied.

It is highly unlikely that Brown will scrape enough good will for labour to gain even a slight victory. The worst that can happen is for labour to get enough votes to make the tories the largest party in a hung parliament.

People hate labour for many more reasons than just the economy and have lost any good will they may have had when brown became PM.

Although this lack of strong policy is frustrating the current approach has given us a good lead. All it needs is for Mr Cameron to give a bit more solid leadership on the issue of the economy and there is no reason why he cannot be the standard bearer of the right not only in Britain but also in the world

"American conservatives can find much to admire in his social and fiscal conservatism. His "realism" on foreign policy and enthusiasm for the green lobby will be more problematic."

Let me remind you Tim that there are very many American conservatives who support a 'realistic' foreign policy. It may seem like they don't exist but that would be because the ones you hang around with on National Disgrace Online are fake conservatives.

Oh and all this stuff about Cameron being 'a world leading conservative' - ain't gonna happen mate - you know it, I know it.

The world's leading public relations executive.

a day late in your posting ?
World's leading conservative ?
don't you need to follow conservative principles to qualify .....
World's leading 'not quite socialist' maybe

House prices rise for the first time since Oct 2007.

Don't count your chickens.

The only firm decision he has made is to ban MPs who support BOO from his front bench. On everything else, like the EPP and a referendum on the Lisbon treaty he is just wishy-washy. Supported Labour on the unachievable aims in the Climate Change Act which seeks to commit future governments. He must know this cannot be done.

Anyone must better than Brown I suppose, but that`s all you can say.

Conservative - he is NOT. He may become PM, but of a country which is just a minor player in a country called Euroland. Perhaps that`s what people want, please count me out.

The words; "jumping the gun" springs to mind. We still have an awful amount of work today in setting out our vision of change for the UK. I would be interested to see some opinions polls after the G20 summit is over, to see if Brown gets a bounce or not. I have just seen the FTSE 100 climb 3%. Quite a significant jump and inextricably linked to the G20. A sign of confidence may be.

For some reason my posting at 11.53 is given as by 17gha!!!

Believe me, I do not believe in noms de plume. I admit full and total responsibility.

Its way to soon to be talking about D.C. in such glowing terms.

"He has an opportunity to become much more than the British prime minister. "

Its not in the bag yet, and we are going to be fighting an uphill battle against both Labour and the pinkest president the US has ever had. Of course there is nothing wrong with making good loyal noises, but there is also nothing wrong with a dose of realism. Our current lead of about 10% is not enough to ensure an outright victory if the economy starts to recover. A the moment Labour are losing the next general election we are currently not winning it. There is still a lot of work to be done.

"His "realism" on foreign policy...will be more problematic".

On foreign policy, it wasn't that long ago that many American conservatives were critical of Bill Clinton's interventionist tendancies. A refusal to be the world's policeman was a standard conservative refrain.

And we can now see people like Mark Sanford distancing themselves from the pre-emptive policies of George Bush, as detailed in this interview:


On the matter of foreign policy, conservative opinion during George Bush's administration might end up being regarded as an aberration.

I'm canvassing tonight. Should I ask people if they want to help make Cameron the leader of the world?

Why not shoot high?

I'm canvassing tonight. Should I ask people if they want to help make Cameron the leader of the world?

No concentrate on home issues, after all the nation is sick of the likes of Blair and Brown, who seem to be more interested in the world stage than sorting out the UK.

Why not shoot high?

I think we would be do better painting D.C. as a English Family man, who will put the problems of this nation first. There will be time for D.C> to be the international statesman when he has dragged Britain into the 21st century and has something positive to offer the world. I think his trips abroad should be few in number until our economy is running smoothly again. So most likely not in his first term.To put it bluntly, we should sort out our own problems before trying to fix the worlds. In this respect Brown has always had the equation the wrong way around.

You know it really is absurd!

Some on here are trying to teach strategy and tactics to an outstanding politician!Don't you remember the state the party was in in 1997-2002, and again in 2005 after the election? I began to doubt whether the Conservative party would survive.

Cameron's conservatism is not like ours, which I suspect was forged in the political wars of the 1970s and 1980s against Labour and others who were even more extreme - don't you remember Militant and the Trotskyites? The political divide was clearer then.

Cameron doesn't need lectures from us. The situation is totally different now. We musn't fall into the trap of offering the voters policies dreamt up in the 1980s. The Conservative party hasn't always been Thatcherite you know. The party has been different things at different times - we are not still on about the Tamworth manifesto, for instance!

Personally, I think that Young Dave is making a good job of it - disregard his policies for a moment and look at the results. You know, people who are lucky are the ones who leave little to chance. DC doesn't miss a trick, does he?

I may not like some of his policies, or his PR, but I know a winner when I see one!

What I find particularly irritating is the notion that we should replace DC with DH! I don't know, but I would hazard a guess, that most Conservative party members would reject this suggestion out of hand - so why keep on suggesting it. The leadership election won't be rerun.

Gary. Glad that your not complacent. Although it must make life hard having no policy`s. What is it Vote For Me and I ???????

"The Labour party were as confident as the Conservative Party are now in 1992 but looked what happened then. To believe the election is in the bag possibly just over a year still before it will be held is complacency in the extreme."
Posted by: Jack Stone | April 02, 2009 at 10:13
Actually, Jack is correct on this.
Complacency- and that is complacency over a 10-12 point OP lead ie not really very much - can be deadly.
What worries me is that the Conservative leadership are settling for a minor win when they should be going for a wipeout.
Brown could still do it if he gets outside his moated-in mentality.

eg he could ignore EU pressure and declare for a referendum on Lisbon

eg if he were to do the same for an a referendum on an English parliament within the United Kingdom, he would walk it.

The problems for Brown are really entirely within his own mind. He is a rigid personality but he aint that rigid and he has time on his side to think about re-inventing himself.

@ The Bishop Swine @ 12:36 :

Fair enough. I bow to your eminence's wisdom in this matter.

@Tim Montgomerie,

You quote our mate President Sarkozy: 'a new form of capitalism that puts finance at the service of business and citizens.'

We don't really disagree with that do we? I mean, it's kinda like the old capitalism, but 'new', isn't it?

You could accuse him, like Brown, of Stagemanship, but as a point it's not intrinsically wrong really IMHO.

Freddy - you have articulated far better than I ever could have done my thoughts on David Cameron. The guy is a winner and he's the first Tory Leader for ages who even looks like one.I'm proud to have him as our Leader and wish him all the best.

Out of the 32 comments posted so far 14 have been either critical of Cameron or sneering of him. I just don't understand why. To win we need to appeal to far moe than our core vote.We have to demonstrate for example that we care about the needs and aspirations of everyone and are not a narow sect. Cameron is brilliant at demonstrating that he is a believer on the NHS and good education - ie the core issues for most voters. He's got us talking to the Nation about those things and not just having an endless self destructive chat amongst ourselves.

I am at a total loss to understand the negativity.

"Although it must make life hard having no policy`s. What is it Vote For Me and I ???????"

The do nothing Tory's, and the No Policy Tory's, are two of the most effective attacks that are currently aimed at the Top table. Both of these charges should be being fought tooth and nail. So why the defending silance?


No chance! Brown doesn't have the quickness of mind required! Watching his responses, or should I say his failures to respond adequately, at PMQs tells you that.

For that reason we must help the Labour party to keep him till the next election!

Anybody else, especially Alan Johnson, would have a better chance against DC.
Then of course there is the fact that as chancellor and later as PM Brown nearly bankrupted Britain. You can't say that about any other potential Labour PM!

"What I find particularly irritating is the notion that we should replace DC with DH! I don't know, but I would hazard a guess, that most Conservative party members would reject this suggestion out of hand "

It demonstrates a sickening lack of loyalty from some parts of the Party. D.C. is our man. All of efforts should be about supporting our leader. D.H. would be a disaster, he simply isn't in touch with the will of the people. Those members who continue to undermine D.C. should be read the riot act. A disunited party is a massive turn off to the general public, and like it or lump it the public will choose the next PM not a few disenfranchised malcontents.

"To win we need to appeal to far moe than our core vote."

100% agreed.

When you consider both that in a BBC poll (of all places) 55% supported EU withdrawal and the overwhelmingly positive response to Dan Hannan's speech, you will think that a leader seeking to appeal beyond his core vote rather than sneak in through the back door with his own narrow agenda, would at least drop his ban on frontbench BOO's.

No-one expects Cameron to support EU withrawal, but you wouldn't expect him to so publicly suppress such a popular position from his core team.

"Out of the 32 comments posted so far 14 have been either critical of Cameron or sneering of him. I just don't understand why."

I can, Peter! It is because some of the commenters are not Conservative Party members or even supporters. Of those that are, most will have been supporters of David Davis and would like a re-run of the Leadership Contest. Well, sorry Boys but that ain't going to happen.

@ Freddy @ 12:39 & @ Peter Buss @ 12:57

PRO-DAVE Group hug!!

I agree with both of you. I would say however that I DO agree with almost all of Dave's policies. I've considered each one on it's merits and he's won almost every time.

He didn't bicycle to the Crossroads to get his Mojo working!! We're ahead in the polls because a vast amount of the people in our country agree with us! C'MON Tory people! Get real!

"would like a re-run of the Leadership Contest. Well, sorry Boys but that ain't going to happen."

Agreed Sal!

Well not until after May 2010 anyway... ;-)

"@ Freddy @ 12:39 & @ Peter Buss @ 12:57

PRO-DAVE Group hug!!"

AHEM! Hello, Scuse me....

You forgot about me :-(

It would seem that Draper's seeing to by Guido has left his remnant of a trolling, rag tag and bobtail of an army to drift onto here.
can these idiots not see the wreckage that id The Uk. Are they all blind or just plain stupid.Ah, right..............

Sorry Sally, have you got your hoodie? You need one to take part. ;)

Don't worry Sally - you are our founding member as far as I'm concerned !


Please note that although I didn't vote for IDS as party leader, once he was elected, I loyally supported him.

I voted for Cameron, and because he was elected, I'll loyally support him!

Political sniping from the sidelines doesn't help to win elections.

PS:- I am very eurosceptic

Yes Conand - I've got one! It says I love Tory Bear on it (Sorry Tim but you haven't brought out a Conservative Home one yet!)

Peter Buss - Thank you! *hug*



Great! I'm worried about ToryBear, a newspaper in Scotland picked a fight wi'him. He was just trying to say he agreed with them! Scottish Daily Mail: Leave our Bear alone!

Oh No, Poor Mr Bear! :-(

I supported Cameron but he's not above criticism.

All this talk of Cameron becoming the leading world Conservative ignores one fact - the man is not a Conservative. He is a woolly minded wet liberal obsessed with following public opinion not having the courage to give a lead on anything for fear of offending some focus group or other. His lead in the polls is purely down to the present abysmal government and absolutely through no merit of his or any of his team. I write sadly as a life long Conservative who can now see no justification for voting for a carbon copy of Blair.

I take it the Conservative Party's next Conference will be held in Sheffield?

The world's leading conservative, meets the world's saviour, meets God.
What else is left to be said of Cameron, Brown and Obama.
Apart from, we're doomed.
Don't they just lerv themselves?

Cameron now always uses an accent suitable to a room containing his own caste and no one else. That is because he now spends almost his entire time in rooms containing his own caste and no one else. Apparently, it is outrageous that I have referred to this taboo subject. But it matters: by this time next year, will anyone outside the upper upper classes be able to understand a word that he is saying?

I am delighted to point out that Cameron is not in fact on course to win the next General Election. The constituency map that will be used is if anything even more skewed towards Labour than the present one. Tory support is very unevenly distributed around the country, being piled up as the mining vote for Labour once was. Where are the miners now?

The magic 51% in an opinion poll, without which at some point in the preceding Parliament no Opposition ever goes on to win (if you don't believe me, then ask Peter Kellner), continues to elude Cameron, for all the best efforts of the pollsters so to influence public opinion.

And a year or so before the 1997 Election, Labour was topping the poll of real votes cast in all 11 mainland regions. No, that did not hold up into the General Election. But it both reflected and set the mood. By contrast, Labour's then leads in the South East, the South West and East Anglia have no Tory parallel today in the North East, the North West or Yorkshire. Never mind in Scotland or even Wales (where the Tories are on course to do quite well). Yet it is in Scotland, Wales, the North and the Midlands that the Tories have to win seats. They are going to do so barely if at all, and in nothing approaching sufficient numbers.

But if the Tory threat doesn't really exist, then what is the point of the Labour Party? And no such threat exists on any level. Even if the Tories did win, then they would change absolutely nothing. Labour in 1997, on the other hand, was intent on vast constitutional change, on significant social change (especially in relation to sex and drugs), and on a considerable step to the Right where health was concerned, Tory health policy having been well to the Left of New Labour's for as long as there has been a New Labour. Whereas the Tories in 2010 offer absolute continuity, only with a Prime Minister who is younger, posher, prettier, and not as intelligent.

There is simply no case whatever for the existence of a party, either to bring that about, or to stop it from happening.


There (as I am sure you have noticed) are a LOT of trolls in the comments recently.

Whilst genuine debate is appreciated, and we all welcome those with opposing views, it is rather annoying to have to vet all the comments for actual insight worth replying to.


Peter Buss is absolutely right.
My view is that the 14 or more critics are either subversive political opponents or else Tory TRAITORS.
Get behind the leader or suffer the consequences.

What "consequences"?

I say again: "The Tories in 2010 offer absolute continuity, only with a Prime Minister who is younger, posher, prettier, and not as intelligent. There is simply no case whatever for the existence of a party, either to bring that about, or to stop it from happening."

That there is no remaining point to the Tories means that there is no remaining point to New Labour. But you have to accept the first part in order to realise the second.

Oh come on. Nobody believes Cameron could on his very, very, (recurring) best day be a world class leader. He is a weak, dithering, vacillating man.

Jack Iddon. Totally agree. Nothing more than a second rater who would never get in any of the cabinets of some of the great Conservative leaders of the past.

DC is a socialist spiv. What does it mater if he wins. The important stuff is still regulated by brussels. Sooner this fucktard works it out the better.

I would suggest DC is probably the worlds leading conservative who is prepared to risk all by avoiding committing to a policy on anything.
Even the so called single issue parties have at least one solid policy.

My concern is that if he tries to bluff it out until the election is nearly upon us, Gordon Brown dragged back to reality as his nemesis approaches, will have a Damascan conversion, and with nothing to lose may make the ultimate U turn, and decide to call a referendum on Lisbon, or perhaps pull the plug on the Human Rights leglisation to allow him to start shipping out the illegals, bogus asylum seekers etc, in advance of the election. If this happens DC will be left in a deep deep hole of his own making upto his neck in doo doo as the opinion poll lead evaporates.
On the other hand if he does commit to announcing strong policies on the above, he will lance the boil of UKIP and the BNP and attract the floating voter, he might lose a few conservative voters on the wrong side of the argument, but he will lose them anyway, if he eventually decides to respond to the electorates anger on these issues.
The party is starting to believe its own publicity, thinking that the poll leads are evidence of public support for the party, when in reality they are actually evidence of public anger at Labour. I hope in 18 months time we are not discussing on this site the defining moment when the Conservatives lost the election was the day that Gordon Brown pulled an unexpected rabbit out of the hat.
Don't underestimate them , there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal!!

"DC is a socialist spiv. What does it mater if he wins. The important stuff is still regulated by brussels. Sooner this fucktard works it out the better."

Editors, do we have to put up with this vulgar rubbish masquerading as an argument or will "SuperBlue's guide to anti-trolling" have to be posted?

Why assume that people who attack and sneer at DC are in fact Conservative? Is not the site for all to have their say Not like Broon who has a very myserious bug in his site Hmmmmm Truth hurt Broony boy? Does he think that cavorting on the world stage is going to sweep all the sleaze under the |No 10 carpet and save his useless inept...... Please I cant call it a "government!! with jobs going (never to return ) and over 2 million on the dole "they" wont be swayed by fine words Sure as hell they butter no parsnips as my grandaddy used to say

Firstly I have to agree with Super Blue. If me pointing out that catholicism is no basis for morality gets overwritten, how can comments like the above be allowed?

My personal view is that DC has done a lot to turn this party around, modernise it and make it fit for government. He may not be perfect, you might rather someone else were in charge, but the fact remains, under David Cameron's leadership, things are looking up. Whether we like it or not he is the party leader and he will be taking us into the next election, so despite what you think of him or his policies, accept the reality of it, realise the true objective and fight your hardest to get the Conservative party elected! Party unity is far more important than stating a preference for a leader that we're not going to have. By all means debate policies, but leave the personal attacks that only serve to shoot ourselves in the foot at a time when an election looms and the one thing this country needs most is the destruction of the Labour party. There is no use to debating if Cameron is the man for the job, he is the man in the job. It isn't useful talking about if he can win the election, we have to work together to make him win. If we think he is struggling, then we must work harder, it is up to us, the grassroots, to bring about the conservative revolution that this battered country so badly needs.

Super Blue is quite right, this website is becoming infested with drolls [my new word for a troll who is one of Dolly Draper’s little helpers] – and other ill-wishers.

Arguments against Conservatives are one thing, but some of these drolls are not only nasty, but non-listening. One in particular keeps parroting the Lefty line regardless of logical arguments against. It’s just like listening to a stuck record.

Please, please, please can Conservatives have their own log-in section where we can ‘talk’ about certain topics without being besieged by drolls?

But it's going to be a Lib dem government in 2010, with a majority of 144 like Thatcher had in 1983.

Vince has done so well as Chancellor he'll be Agriculture Secretary, and Lyne Featherstone Chancellor of the Exchecker, with suspendors momentum.

It's a very excriting time for the Lib Dems, and the Cabinet is only a year away!!!

"Ms Merkel has welded a more successful coalition government than many expected. She is a quietly competent administrator, who marks a welcome contrast to the blustering anti-American demagoguery of her immediate predecessor, Gerhard Schröder. But she lacks political charisma."

'Political charisma' isn't really an asset in German politics.

It's the New World Order stupid.
We can't have these titans tethered to one insignificant constituency in an insignificant country in an insignificant kingdom, they want to rule the world, downcha know.
Already the US Congress is debating legislation that will give Geitner the power to set wage levels for all the employees in organisations that have been "assisted" by "Government".
Soon Mr. Brown will implementing the same legislation but without the involvement of Parliament, the decisions will be made in the Treasury Department.
Methinks that Her Majesty's loyal opposition may soon have some work to do, or not.

"I supported Cameron but he's not above criticism."

But our loyalty should be 100%. I despair when I see Conservatives pulling him apart,as might a school boy rip legs off a daddy long legs. Since the Euro-rows of yesteryear our discipline in this respect has slipped.
Maybe like Labour supporters we should learn that this conservative party may not always represent all of our views, but it is the best Conservative party we have.I respect that many of my own views are not those of D.C. but I also know that his fundamental values are the same as mine.

It's the New World Order stupid. Isn't it. now that America is no longer no1; our power has increased rather than diminished. BTW I agree with the President we should refer to Great Britain as that, none of the PC crap.
Like any good parent we are still there for the US. We must be friends with this Obama for so many reason. Those dorks who attack his skin colour are barking up the wrong tree. He is offering the Anglo-saxon world what?
Don't you get the feeling that he is talking far to much sense? The man is sane about nukes, which is such a relief after the butcher of bagdad Bush. Cameroon needs to attach himself firmly to the coat tails of this extraordinary fella from the states.
In a very odd way we have gained a great deal from this downturn have we not? Here comes the Uranium standard. What better incentive to keep it safe if it underpins our economy. Turn the nukes into counters.

Cameron is not a Conservative but he is a self opinionated professional politician and not suitable to lead the Conservative Party

Well perhaps that's why you are electable again after 12 years in opposition. As a former Labour voter I might just vote Tory this time around. That is because the Tories are saying sensible things about Labour's jihad on civil liberties, and are promising to repeal the ID Cards act, remove the innocent from the DNA criminal database, and don't seem as though they are pathologically opposed to the NHS. You don't win elections by just appealing to your core vote.

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