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Jeremy Middleton's answer on MEP selection is enough to get my vote (if I had one!).

I was already inclining toward Jeremy Middleton. Having read these answers I am now confident that he would make a cracking Chairman. Mind you, I don't get a vote. If you do have a vote, please cast it for Jeremy. If not, go to his website and volunteer to help - as I have done.

I agree that Jeremy Middleton is the one for the job

Incidentally why don't ORDINARY party members get to vote on who is the Chair of the NCC?

My first thought was to go for Jeremy Middleton. Having read this, I'm even more sure. He is also the only candidate talking about modernising fundraising and internet campaigns.

Having said that, now he has the backing of ordinary members, it will probably go to the knighted ex-MP or the party veteran.

I think that the open primary system for selecting PPC's is fantastic and its use should be expanded.

I think that the priority list of approved candidates has delivered us some very high calibre candidates and helped to support these candidates while not preventing non-approved candidates seeking selection.

I think that the list system that we use to elect our MEP's needs to change as it is wrong and undemocratic but while we have to use this system the ranking of our candidates by the members (as we do) is the only sensible way to select them.

Which candidate best represents my views?

I do have a vote.

I agree with Tim, Jeremy is right on MEP selection and I think I would support him, if I could vote. However I also agree with Simon Mort on the CSI scheme, it has taken far, far too long and while I am glad that the party have finally recognised St Helens as a city, we have a strong party structure here and don't need outside inteference.

It is very frustrating to be waiting on people in some far off land of whom we know nothing to tell us when we can select our candidate.

For me, Jeremy Middleton is the breath of fresh air that is urgently needed. If the NCC wants the support and goodwill of the grassroots it needs a Chairman with the kind of vision his answers suggest he has. He seems in touch with what members think and that is needed within the party.

Best answer by a mile from Middleton. The MEP selection process was a farce and I'm sorry that Sir Graham and Simon Mort did not oppose it with more gusto at the time.

I liked the answers from Jeremy (candidates) and Simon (sitting MPs). Both are areas which need to be tackled. Beyond 70 years old I cannot see how an MP can fully undertake what should be a physically demanding job.

Frankly if a sitting MEP or a sitting MP, cannot through their actions hold the support of their Association/Area they should be out.

MEPs spend far too little time looking after the members in their area.

Who is entitled to vote in this election?

Not that I get a vote but Jeremy Middleton would be my choice.

Simon Mort is however completely right about the candidate list - it is way too big. Completely unsuitable candidates are being encouraged to try and get on the list as a money making exercise by the party.

I hope by cheering on Jeremy Middleton, I haven't blasted his chances. By the way, although an activist for the last 30+ years, I have only a vague idea of what the National Convention actually does, but it is refreshing to hear a potential bigwig talking like a Conservative. And who votes in this particular election?
The candidates list for MPs is a joke. I have sat listening to and watching Central Office pets and have had to exercise massive self-control to stop my jaw hitting the floor at the sheer awfulness of some of these A listers. What was wrong with the system when local candidates were automatically included? They knew their patch and actually wanted to represent it. Perhaps too many of them had a personality.
The MEP selection process just sums up 'Yoorup'.

the aim of the measure was to approximate the position of sitting MEPs to that of sitting MPs.

So give the same job security to MEPs that MPs have rather than create a more accountable system for all our elected representatives.

Deselection of an MP or MEP is a very divisive thing to try and do, and it hands our opponents ammunition. It is only really useful in cases of gross abuses of privilege, not for lacklustre performance.

A reselection procedure on the other hand is a positive way of ensuring that our representatives remain focused on their contituents, not their expense accounts.

In the case of MEPs, I am a believer in better off out. If MEPs who take an opposite view are selected by the party, that is democracy. If they are forced on relectant voters, then taht is unacceptable.

To those asking who is entitled to vote, I have added the details of the electorate to the original post introducing the candidates:


I too would back Jeremy Middleton, he is a very pleasant man and seems to be offering some real change. Local candidates, ending of the Priority List. I think he would be good for democracy inside the party. I also think he has given by far the best answer.
I think Middleton is the man for the job. It will be interesting to see if the almost unanimous support he is receiving here has any impact on the voting process.

I would be more inclined towards Simon Mort's perspective. He appears to be a man who is able to think and move with the political process without being too radical.

But Middleton's ideas do seem quite appealing. I'd keep in mind that implementing his ideas could be quite tricky.

The future's Bright ..........

What a breath of fresh air Jeremy Middleton is....head and shoulders above anyone else and exactly what is needed.

Can't say I even knew that there was an election on. However, from reading the answers given here, it is quite clear to me that Jeremy Middleton is the man for the job.

The way in which EU candidates have been selected is an utter disgrace-for which I will not be voting for them in June. Sitting MEPs seem to have just gone to the top of the list as though they were playing a game of 'monopoly' and it was their reward for passing 'go'.

Its all very well Sir Graham Bright saying that he privately opposed it but didn't want to make waves. Waves NEEDED to be made, and if he isn't up to it then he shouldn't have the job. And as for Simon Mort's 'I don't recognise that there is a problem' argument well the less said the better.

Jeremy Middleton obviously has the passion for the job and he is in touch with ordinary members.

What a pitty us 'bog standard' activists and campaigners don't actually have a say. Thats democracy for you.

I met both Jeremy Middleton and Simon Mort at a recent conference, and this further inclined me to support (nominally, as I don't have a vote) Jeremy Middleton.
I like his attitude and approach, and also I like the fact that I had previously met him when he came to campaign in the Glasgow East by-election - walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Incumbancy protection is irrelevant: MEPs should be reselected on merit. They must demonstrate achievements in Brussels and Strasbourg. If they vote with Europhiles in the EPP, fiddle their expenses or are idle, the members should have the chance to deselect them.

"Is the Candidates' List too long? " and getting longer all the time. There is plenty of talent out here.Incumbency protection is wrong, when there are so many possibly better candidates. Nobody should get automatic reselection. Any blemish at all should result in a need for reselection at the next election. Such a system would help to rid us of the leaches, and the lazy. Maybe we need a number of referees independent of parliament who set the rules for MPs. Its a sad fact but the people are insisting on reform of the house. D.C. would be very wise indeed to push for implementation of a radical overhaul of the house of commons. Labour sleaze and bad behaviour over many years by all the big parties has reduced the respect that the country has for politicians. I think the current bunch would struggle to implement any state of emergency. At the first sign of any pain people will turn on their political "masters". The Fact is they can and will be replaced by better people if D.C. strikes the right tone from the out. We need to clean up our act so that we again have the moral authority to rule.

"What a pitty us 'bog standard' activists and campaigners don't actually have a say. Thats democracy for you."

Isn't it? But its up to us to lobby for change. Democracy is a bad joke and always has been, its time to restore the sense of unity that used to be the mark of Great Britain. We activists have only to band together to achieve our ends. There will always be a tendency for activists to be used by those who have climbed the slippery pole. There is a class of player who screws activists because that is what they are for.
The best way to deal with corruption and abuse is by fragging from below, those who are on the make should be aware that real fire that is in the belly of the best and brightest of the new wave.There are hundreds of us who could be excellent MPs but there is somebody in that job already. So from now on we should be clear that nobody is indispensable and a blot on your record is a blot on the record of the party. Those who will not buckle down should be outed from above certainly but also from below.

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