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I have worked with Jeremy and can confirm both the hard work and dedication that he has put into the Party and the innovative and original ideas that he has come up with for promoting the Conservative cause in less than ideal areas. Let's see how the candidates answer the questions tomorrow, but right now I'd back Jeremy.

Good luck Jeremy. You're the right man at the right time.

Graham Bright offers great experience from the ground up - and is taken seriously by the professional and parliamentary parts with the Party - he's the only one who'll give the voluntary party a voice that will be listened to - and the only one who'll be able to make the changes we want.

Jeremy Middleton gets my nod. I met him once a while ago, and I was impressed by his quite confidence, and his passion for the "party", " street campaigner in some of our toughest areas in the North East of England over a prolonged period" Exactly the sort of chap to make a good national chairman.

Simon Mort in my view is by far the best candidate, he has without doubt the most experience in the voluntary party. The 2007 Conference which he chaired was a turning point in our fortunes. He has the experience, robustness, listening ability, commonsense and humour that is required - he is a consumate communicator !Simon is exactly the chairman that we need to drive the party forward at this crucial time in our history. He will also encourage us to enjoy ourselves as Conservatives again !

Speaking from the point of view of an Activist, I have always found Simon Mort an engaging and sympathetic mediator between our local Association and the Regional Office. He would be an asset to this position as he truly understands that local volunteers need to feel motivated, cheerful and valued, in order to be an effective campaign force.
Good luck Simon!

Jeremy Middleton would make an excellent Convention Chairman. I have worked with him on numerous campaigns in the North East and he is a hard working activist with coal face experience of campaigning for our party.

Best of luck, Jeremy!

Why doesn't the ORDINARY party member get to vote for the Chair of the NCC?

"Why doesn't the ORDINARY party member get to vote for the Chair of the NCC?"

There are no ordinary members of this party, all of them are extraordinary individuals.
There you have a good political answer to your question.

MORT for me because he will deliver for the voluntary party.

Jeremy is a good guy but LACKS that VITGAL experience that he clearly showed when he took up the President role at the last Conference.

Jeremy gets my vote.

I've filled out the canvass form on his website, and volunteered to help. What this will involve I don't know. :)

As an ordinary activist I still do not feel qualified to have a view as to who would be best.My impression is that the party still largely takes its activists for granted now and anyone who would be able to change that perception would have my vote.(If I had one!).

Simon Mort is the only one who will have the determination not to roll over in the face of pressure from others within the Party ensuring that Volunteers will have a voice.

We have seen the Party Conference over the Years turn into the Parliamentary Conference, where are the MEP’s, Professionals, CCHQ and Volunteers at Conference? Simon is the man to bring about One Party.

Unfortunately, I don't have a vote. If I did it would go to Jeremy Middleton.

I think he might, just might, sort out our party structure!

Simon Mort the man fo rthe job now.

"Unfortunately, I don't have a vote. If I did it would go to Jeremy Middleton."

But you are able to express an opinion here. I agree with your choice. I do believe that this is not an issue that all party members need to vote on.

"My impression is that the party still largely takes its activists for granted now and anyone who would be able to change that perception would have my vote.(If I had one!)."

The wound inflicted by the election of IDS and the fallout from that event is still very sore. As it currently stands our party is far from Democratic. I think that needs changing but not to the extent of expensive votes being taken on every appointment.

To all those who DO haved a vote. elect Mort and you will not be Disappointed. Elect Middleton and you will regret as he is a yes man.

"Elect Middleton and you will regret as he is a yes man"

Could you give an example of Jeremy being a yes man? I think he is a fine and very principled politician.

Don't forget that there is also an election for the Vice-Presidents of National Convention (3 vacancies).

You can read more about the election process & who get to vote here http://www.voteswaddle.com/?page_id=30

Paul Swaddle
Candidate for Vice President

I have now added details of exactly who is entitled to vote to the post above!

Simon Mort: what a excellent candidate to be Charman. He has my vote.

It has got to be Simon Mort. Jeremy says the correct things but has never delivered.

I have a vote and its is going to Mort.

Though all are good, at this time Simon Mort is best placed to be the the leader of the voluntary party.He leads by example!
Paul Valerio
Swansea West.

Good luck, JM.

PS The future's Bright.

After thinking of backing Jeremy Middleton, I am now backing my old friend Simon Mort.

I have not seen Simon for over 40 years. He has not changed much, thank goodness.

Go on Simon!

PS the Future is not the "middle"

Mort or Middleton? Jeremy Middleton had the early running in the thread but later posts favour Mort....isn't anyone running a book?
Clearly I am jesting, it would be very wrong to bet on the outcome but odds?

Which of those standing will promise to bring back democracy to the party. The way that the current MEPs were given prime positions in the forthcoming EU elections was a complete disgrace. We should have been allowed to get rid of those who have gone "native". They do not speak for the real members of the party.

I am supporting Simon Mort. He is a principled man, one who has fought hard for the party even in the dark bad old days. I have never heard anything bad about him - all good feedback from those of my colleagues who have actually worked with him in Oxfordshire.

Jeremy, too, is a good man and I have been enormously impressed by his monthly Board updates to Convention members. Pity that I only have two votes.

For the VP (of which there are 3!), I will back Charles Barwell, who has already been doing sterling work. I do not know
Mr Swaddle, Lady Hodgson or Mr Walsh.

I well remember Simon Mort visiting the West Country to explain the changes the party wanted to introduce just after the last election. The main alteration being that members would not get a vote in the election of the party leader. He stood before us, full of confidence and bluster and assured me that only 5% of the members wanted to retain that right. Well, he was incredibly wrong and was voted down by the Constituency Chairmen shortly afterwards.

Anybody who can espouse views like that, which come down from the party grandees and MPs and not defend the ordinary party member has no place as head of the voluntary party.

My vote, if I had one (and golly that is another vote I would like to have had) would go to one of the other two candidates.

When I had a vote it went to Simon Mort and he never let me or the voluntary side of the party down. He speaks his mind and fights our corner.

Simon Mort took the trouble to come up to Scotland and travelled round meeting as many people as he could very recently and outlined his plans. That impressed me. He is clearly very serious about the role.

I would vote for anyone but Sir Graham Bright, the most unremarkable MP we have ever had in the history of the party.

If Graham Bright by some miracle took over from Don Porter who has been an amazing Chairman of the National Convention it would be a disaster.

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