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I can't believe we are back to flatlining again. Anyway joking aside this is a good poll and shows a healthy lead. I'm trying to remember whether there has been a period like the last few weeks where the media narrative has been so relentlessly hostile for Labour since they became New Labour. The news bulletins and front pages have been utterly dismal for what feels like the whole of the last fortnight.

Election please!

Good news with a strong lead, actually extremely strong lead (it's just our electoral disadvantage preventing a greater majority) being maintained.

Yet the BBC & Daily Mirror talk of Brown having a poll boost.... I don't know what is currently going on with them, maybe they've actually suffered a mental breakdown due to the fact the left has collapsed.

Good news indeed. Cameron, in my view, could step out now and make a few more announcements about the economy and Tory policy regarding it to help cement this lead. Labour's failures are good for us, but are worth twice as much if the voters can contrast them with sound and proper Tory policies as an alternative.

Good news indeed. Cameron, in my view, could step out now and make a few more announcements about the economy and Tory policy regarding it to help cement this lead. Labour's failures are good for us, but are worth twice as much if the voters can contrast them with sound and proper Tory policies as an alternative.

C'mon guys!

With all the Labour sleaze around you should be pushing them into third party status.

So why isn't that happening?

Have you looked to see if your own sleazy MP's have been weeded out of your party?

You have yet to persuade the electorate that you aren't the sleazy Tories of yore whom we all voted out in 1997 expecting something better. LOL Well that was a forlorn hope, wasn't it!

So are you better this time round?

It would seem that enough people don't think so; or you would be higher in the polls.

The sad truth is that the public now despise ALL politicians very nearly as much as they hate the bankers (and boy, do they hate the bankers! I was shocked yesterday by a sweet little old lady, normally mild,kind hearted and much liked by both Mrs_at_Home and our dog, who led me to believe that she would happily take her knitting to the public beheading of Fred the Shred and his colleagues).

The majority of the electorate despise the Tories a little less than they do the Labour Government but there is no enthusiasm for any political party. This is a very dangerous state for our democracy to be in.

There are still events, as news from Mexico city shows.

Oh SilentHunter you poor love..pushing them into 3rd place? Just like Labour did to the Tories in '97? arf arf! There will, alas, always be the demented mob who will vote Labour no matter what..demented but unavoidable.

Quite right, our performance has nothing to do with not pushing Labour into third place. Such an outcome in a general election is simply ridiculous at this time due to lower funding and media coverage for the Liberal Democrats.

However, I was glad to hear in today's Telegraphy article, regarding the suppose Blair opposition for the 50% tax rate, that private polling is suggesting Labour will be pushed into FOURTH PLACE at the upcoming European Elections. Apparently private polling (I assume taking into consideration the low labour turnout for Euro-Elections) is indicating a possible fourth place finish for labour behind the Tories, The Lib Dems & UKIP! With a leadership coup pretty much inevitable if such a disaster were to occur.

I love how willing New Labour are to stab eachother in the back to get to the top of their political aspirations. Be it Brown vs Blair, the McBride Affair or indeed any other number of things such as the supposed Yvette Cooper vs Harriet Harmen war, Labour has no doubt got no concept of party loyalty.


Nice poll, eh!

What a boring selection of posts.

West London Tory, you're not David Starkey in disguise are you?

On Thursday the Conservatives lost a council byelection where they held a huge majority over Nu Labour.

And as I've warned on here before, I think many of you are oblivious to the lengths they will go to in order to cling onto power.

Postal vote rigging, the 'cultural enrichment' of marginal areas, you name it, they will do it. You have been warned. Even fiddling with ballot boxes is not beyond them. Ignore this warning at your peril.

Silent Hunter, do you really compare the fringe players who indulged in "Tory Sleaze" with this institutionally corrupt Labour mob, who may not have nationalised much else, but have definitely nationalised SLEAZE ?

From the start, with Blair/Ecclestone, Mandleson 2x, need I go on ? All of it right at the HEART of the Labour government.

And if you look at "Alternative Edinburgh", you will find Gordon Brown disposing of other peopls's property and rights as he doles out advice as to how students can freeload. Plus ca change ....

Alan Douglas

We really must ensure that we carry out the 10% reduction in MP's - as promised - and get the playing field level again. No more soppy Scottish constituencies of 50,000 giving an inbuilt bias to the socialists (Yes that name is now back in play). This must be a priority after the next election.

Only on the extremes are there large differences in voting populations, where Isle of Wight is massive (but the Conservatives and their MP have actually requested that)and Shetland is tiny.

One reason I think for for this poor situation of Labour getting seats for several thousand votes less than Conservatives need to get a seat is that the smaller diffrences in about 300 seats really pile up. These smaller differences need to be better dealt with. Population generally tends to grow between boundary changes in Tory areas and decline in Labour areas.

A part solution for future boundary changes is to look at the past...if the population has a falling trend in a seat, overload it and if a growing population trend, underload it. That should make the validity of boundary adjustments last a few years longer.

What do electors do in REAL polls ? Last Thursday Tories were down in all but one local by-elections. The Lib Dems were streets ahead and made 3 gains. Don't measure the curtains in 10 Downing Street yet Mr Cameron !

Yes no doubt about it. On the streets the LibDems are miles ahead of anyone...at lying.

Alan Douglas:

No Alan, I don't, in answer to your question, but you're in danger of missing the point; whilst Labours sleaze makes the previous Tory sleaze look like a girl guides picnic I happily grant you - having even one sleazy Tory member gives Labour the ammunition that they need to simply say "there you go, we told you that the Tories haven't changed"

And with 'Dave" saying that things have to 'change' - it gives Labour an easy stick to beat you with.

It's not good enough to be 'no worse' than Labour - You have to be demonstrably better than them.

Although I am not a Tory, I absolutely HATE Labour for what they have done to this country and I would probably vote for the Devil if it meant an end to Labour.

As an aside - perhaps you could suggest to 'Dave' that a pretty good 'no-brainer' way to save money and be popular is to come out and categorically say that an incoming Tory Government would scrap ID Cards and the Surveillance State.

What do you think Alan?

Silent Hunter..............


Yes I was going to say the same...we've already promised to scrap ID cards, repeatedly stating as much!

My faith - and vote - will go to a party who can tackle credit card companies - who for the very average Joe are cashing in on the fact that we are having to "live" by depending on borrowing and getting charged through the nose because of our position.
I wont be SPENDING on the high street for years!! my priority is to clear all outstanding balances and NEVER spend what I dont have ever again.
If interest rates have been cut so radically then how come credit card companies havent been squeezed to assist those of us that they have encouraged into debt.

18% lead?

Scary because the Tories don't deserve it.

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