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He is my MP and a very good constituency MP. Unfortunately he has changed his views on the EU since promotion to the front bench; he once said to me "My heart is with you" and "I`m a eurosceptic like you. I agree with you ninety percent".

If he repeated to Mr. Cameron what he said to me he would no longer be in the shadow cabinet.

A nice chap and intelligent but to me a big disappointment.

Well that's very sad to hear, he seemed to be a good prospect - but I see now he was taking the Cameroonian line when he said things like "I am proud of our English identity, as part of our identity" on Question Time on the 23rd. He seemed reserved, as if he was restraining himself from saying his true feelings, and it must be because he cares more about his job in Cabinet than his views. Shame.


I find it hard to understand the improved ratings in the Shadow Treasury team when they are still rated below the Government in economic competence. If they can't shine above a Government that's delivered the worst economic conditions in a century, what chance is there of them ever coming good?

I have been very impressed by Philip Hammond recently. Its all about Cameron getting his team more visible. I will certainly be highly rating PH in the next shadow cabinet poll.

Good that Teresa Villiers is now winning more support too. She has one of our best policies (opposition to R3).

Did anyone see Alan Duncan on have I got news for you last night?

Cheryl Gillan is the dark horse for me. She's bright, 'mumsy' but tough, articulate and likeable - the Conservative Mo Mowlem?

I still don't understand why Sayeeda Warsi doesn't do well in these polls, she's extremely competent at her job.

(or perhaps I do understand, and would just rather not acknowledge the reality...)

If there is going to be a change then I would go for Ken Clarke as Chancellor. He has the authority, experience and ability to communicate for the job. Am suprised that his rating is not higher in the Survey when one considers his quite excellent performances on the Media, whether its newsnight, Sky or Daily Politics. In fact I would go so far as to say that if he was Shadow Chancellor our poll atings would be in the upper 40's and stay there.

"I still don't understand why Sayeeda Warsi doesn't do well in these polls, she's extremely competent at her job.

(or perhaps I do understand, and would just rather not acknowledge the reality...)"

I think it is ridiculous to suggest, as you so clearly are that race is an issue here regarding how people rate Baroness Warsi. The simple point is people believe, myself included that she is not doing a very good job.

I remember her appearing on Daily Politics after PMQ's when Harriet Harmen took over and she didnd't push the party in any way whatsoever. She talked about how difficult it was for a woman in politics and about how good a job Harmen did. She is a very poor party advocate.

As for Ken Clarke I think the reason he never ranks very highly is because of his screw ups, be it the Europe issue, the Inheritance Tax issue etc. People are sick of him being a loose cannon when we need a tight team in opposition.

I thought this was about Philip Hammond.

I always enjoy hearing Philip in conversation with that non-entity Yvette Cooper-Balls.

She always parrots the Brown partisan line (how many times do we have to hear it) and always swipes at the Conservatives whilst Philip remains calm, makes his case without recourse to personality slants.

He comes across as very statesmanlike whisle Cooper (for example) is little better that a dim-witted parrot.

But then I am biased I suppose!

"I still don't understand why Sayeeda Warsi doesn't do well in these polls, she's extremely competent at her job."

Posted by: Andy

The point is, she isn't.

She is supposed to be in charge of community cohesion, but so far her only 'big idea' has been to ban qhat.

I'm a lager man myself, so it's no skin off my nose, but the fact that all she can think of is banning something is pretty pathetic.

Compare that with Boris Johnson's inspired celebration of the 'Turkish bacon salesman' St George, which was a great way of encouraging all of our citizens to celebrate their Englishness.

Without wanting to bang on, type 'Sayeeda Warsi' into Google news.

You'll find five stories, headed by one from the Enfield & Haringey Independent. This woman is not pulling her weight.

How about his huge expense claims? Why does he need a second home?

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