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STOP CALLING FOR APOLOGIES. It looks petty and doesn't address the issue.

Say what's wrong and why. Say what we'll do instead.

Mr Yvette Cooper is from the same rib as Brown- and so pathologically unable to say sorry too.

So what did you think the word 'BALLS' means?

These are serious allegations. Michael Gove should press on with the good work.

In my opinion he is one of the best shadow ministers - he interviews excellently, he is fluent etc.

His cultural contributions on Newsnight Review are also excellent - this is a man with a great future ahead of him.

Dont mind Michael demanding an apology, but as an Oxford educated man ans well as our shadow schools man and broadsheet journalist, I am sure Michael knows that "Profound apology" is a tautology. An apology is an apology, not capable of being graded into profound or less profound. It can be graded between sincere and insincere or complete and partial, so I suppose that is what Michael is getting at.

Is "profound apology" code for "resignation".
If so, say it.

Dear Sirs,

So what ?

Yours Faithfully,

Ed Balls

Talking of tautology. Having just read Dr Ken Boston's letter, can anyone grammatically explain how, at two meetings, "David Lee was present at neither of them"?


Ahh don't worry, folks, Balls will lose his seat at the next election. Perhaps Ken Boston could do a little door knocking in Morley for the party??

Agree with Cleethorpes Rock - apologies are just words. Its what you call for in the playground.

Concentrate instead on articulating to the public the deviousness and underhand tactics of Mr Balls.

Leave it to others to call for apologies if they wish.

The words should be, 'Demands his resignation'. It won't be achieved but it's as well to put the demand on record.

Balls has lied twice, once to Parliament and once, fatally, to the Toady Prog.

I can hear Humphreys now, next time he's on. "Now Minister, just to clear this up, did you lie to us when you said you hardly knew Damian Mcbride?"

It is a sad state of affairs when incompetence and dishonesty can be addressed with just an apology.

I guess we are no longer 'shocked' at incompetence and dishonesty because we know full well that is what we get.

I guess we are no longer expect resignations because we know we won't get them.

I guess we make less and less of a fuss because the angrier we get the more our impotence is evident.

He shoudl be fired. Not just by the commons, but by his constituents. One thing the Tories shoudl do when gaining power is to draw up a list of offenses whereby the MP concerned will have to stand down. Starters:

Lying to Parliament
Fiddling Expenses

Any more please add to the list

If this is true he has to resign or be sacked.

Is lying to Parliament a criminal offence? If not why not?

We do not want an apology. Saying "sorry" is not nearly good enough. Ed Balls scorches everything he touches. We don't care whether he is sorry or not [leave that concept to the States]- we want his obduracy and inefficiencies exposed for all to see.

"STOP CALLING FOR APOLOGIES. It looks petty and doesn't address the issue."

Absolutely right, worse it lets them off the hook. Far better to scream bloody murder and insist on a resignation.

Perhaps MPs should take an oath to tell the truth in parliament, as they would a court of law. Anyone lying to parliament would then be guilty of perjury to the nation and would face jail.

Apologies not good enough now? Only "profound apologies" will do the trick.

Silly little word and, if you don't mean it, it is insulting.
What repentance is all about is openly admitting what has gone wrong, seeing what can be done about it, fixing the problem. It is not difficult.
In a democracy, you might expect that there were plenty of people who could help, too.

So let me get this straight; Knight thought he had remembered a discussion, then remembered that he had forgotten he hadn't remembered it because it didn't happen? So why would he need to apologize?

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