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I am not surprised that Ms Lumley is angry. She has campaigned hard for the Gurkhas only to see them betrayed by the Weasels that we have to call our Government.

This is disgusting. Labour have allowed tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in, and failed to deport many extremist preachers that hate this country. This is a slap in the face to people who have put their lives on the line for us. We should be welcoming them with open arms.

The treatment of the Gurkhas is absolutely shocking: it is criminal.
This Government has made it its mission to encourage every immigrant and their aunt to settle in our country (and to send us to Coventry if we dare criticise it), yet it won't even consider settling those who have fought long and bravely for us. This matter should be raised in the House; NuLab must *not* be allowed to get away with it.

Reminds me of the way they have treated refugees from Mugabe.

Labour is an utter disgrace. Every Tomski, Dickski and Harrietski can come here from the EU. Those who have shown nothing but loyalty to this nation and who have often taken the lead in military campaigns are treated like this. What an awful anti-British government these Labour con-men are.
Have they no honour at all?

I am shocked - not least because five live reported this morning that the government had allowed the Gurkhas right of residency!

I am completely flbbaergasted at the incredible pettiness of this pathetic crew towards an honourable group of people who have served our country.

Gurkhas will probably vote Tory.

Therefore, No Gurkhas allowed to settle.

Labour are really scraping the barrel of deceit here.

This is appalling!

Perhaps we should ask the Gurkhas to use use their weapons to help the electorate remove Labour from power without having to wait for a General Election; where I fully expect Labour to unleash their carefully planned 'Postal Votes Scam' to try to steal the election.

They really are SCUM.

The reason the Government has given for this decision is that they don't want the estimated 100,000 dependents (i.e. families of the brave soldiers) to come here with the Gurkhas.

And yet, why have we allowed the likes of Abu Hamza, the hook handed hater of modernity, and his tribe to come and set-up shop in this country and claim benefits?

Why have we allowed Abu Qatada, the Salafist cleric who incited genocide in Algeria and wanted on terror charges in Jordan for being Bin Laden’s “Spiritual Ambassador” in Europe, and his family to come and stay here courtesy of the British taxpayer, and we then pay him damages for an abuse of human rights?

And why do we have up to 250,000 Somalis (the largest community in Europe)? This is grotesque. We should hang our heads in shame at the state of the immigration system.

The Gurkhas have fought for us, not against us, unlike the 4,000 (according to MI5 and the CIA) Islamists who have gone out to Afghanistan and the North Western Frontier in Pakistan at the behest of the likes of Messrs Qatada and Hamza to kill our liberating soldiers and stamp on progress.

Any person who has served the crown in a military or auxiliary capacity ought to have the right to settle in the UK. This should be an automatic right, those who serve the nation deserve the right to live here.

Well not surprised at all. You can arrive in the back of a lorry via Calais from such places as Eritrea or Afghanistan and appear to be welcomed with open arms poncing off the British taxpayer, whilst men who have served this country are told to clear off back to Nepal.

Laurance, it's very cynical but the government has this position because Gurkhas play by the rules and try to live in the UK legally. Ergo they won't be allowed to stay because it costs Darling more money.

Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, sneak in and it's too "hard" to get rid of them subsequently so they don't care. Especially as they do lots of very low paid work and the government can turn a blind eye to it.

As I've said before, defence needs more money to do lots of things - helping these gurkhas out is one of them.

It is a shameful weaseling on the part of the Govt. It is also a waste of talent in tha the whole group are skilled across a number of professions and have a strong work ethic.
A lot better to have Gurkhas here than expensive overseas talent to screw up Connecting for Health.
Tony Makara's point is very valid. Further, why are the Gurkhas discriminated against in this particular?

"THE family of a decorated Gurkha killed alongside British troops in Afghanistan have been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. "
Why is this not automatic, why was a campaign even needed? Thanks to Tory MP Julian Brazier for the campaign.


What an absolute disgrace that we cannot even reward these people who have done so much for this country with the right to settle in this country. Unfortunately this is just symptomatic of this government that is pathologically unable to admit when it gets things wrong and is always seeking the easy way out that offends the fewest people in order to meet their own political ends. Today they have made yet another critical mistake. The ordinary decent British citizen will take this as yet more evidence that Labour is now the true nasty party and that Brown has swallowed the only moral compass that New Labour had between them!

This government has a record of being anti British (especially anti English) and it certainly has no wish for true, faithful and very old allies and friends of Britain to live here.

They should hang their heads in shame but they won't.

Why is Labour not just giving the right to settle for them and their families? Its bewildering. Surely this is a no-brainer. They go and fight for us so we dont have to and we give them what they need afterwards as a token of thanks for what theyve sacrificed for us...

I can understand why it has made grown men cry. Its so obviously wrong, when the door is wide open to so many undeserving people.
I would welcome them and their family, as I honestly believe they have earned their right to be British citizens. Even if the whole lot came and lived here they would only represent a very small increase, after years of allowing millions to enter. I am starting to wonder if this isn't like the 50% tax hike, a tactic to divert our anger over the budget and the debt mountain. I believe Labour have spin doctors evil enough to play that sort of game with us and the public.

This is an utter disgrace. Words fail me. Do we really have to sit and watch this totally immoral government destroy the values of this country for another 14 months? Are there any more depths to which they will descend?
liz kemp

Very simple - if you are brave enough to lay down your life, in service to this country. You deserve to be thanked, valued and treated with complete equality. The government has got this completely wrong.

Written on a memorial to the The Gurkha soldiers.

Bravest of the brave,
most generous of the generous,
never had country
more faithful friends
than you.

Its a matter of National shame that this Labour Government is treating them this way.

This really is pathetic.

I can't imagine a single person, on the right or left, opposing gurkhas having the right to stay in the UK.

Utterly outrageous approach from 'Cheque Book Spliff's' muppets. Yet an other disgrace from the home (office) of dysfunctional Goverment.

And where was the Home Secretary? No doubt out shopping for a new pair of Jackboots courtesy of the taxpayer.

Sack Smith
Sack Normington
Sack Woolas
Sack Croaker

They are all f***ing disasters that bring shame on this country!

I agree with all the sentiments expressed above. One subject where all the comments are united in condemning this apalling decision.

Cameron should take note.

Anyone for a manifesto commitment to increase the defence spending and for better quality accommodation for our soldiers and families if it is going to cost an extra £1 billion?

I will vote for it.

Jesus Christ, even the BNP believe the Gurkhas should be allowed to settle here (albeit their children have to leave when they become adults).

This is a debt of honour! It is shameful that these brave soldiers who have fought with HM Forces for 2 centuries are treated in this way.

If you are prepared to die for Britain, you should be allowed to live in Britain.

The Gurkhas who retired before 1997 should have the right to stay, just as those who have retired since then do.

What a bunch of po-faced hypocrites you all are. Before 1997 (you remember, when there was a Tory govenment) Gurhkas were not allowed to settle in Britain at all. Under Labour, anyone who was in the Gurkhas after 1997 can, as well as a number of soldiers before then.

Can you confirm that you are happy for 100,000 Nepalese people to settle here? I am, but then I'm happy with the Somalis, the Poles and the rest. I wish you applied the same fervour to other immigrant groups who contributed enormously to our country.

Resident leftie:

Are you asking whether one of the selection criteria for immigration access into this country should be that the applicants should be required and be suitable to serve in the British Army for a set period of time?

If so that is a damn good idea!

The Gurkas are an amazing fighting force that has risked their lives for this country on numerous accasions. We are treating them like dirt - that is an atrocity in my opinion.

Yes, but what are the Tories going to do about it? Nothing.

Not only should old Gurkhas have an absolute right to live and be naturalised in the United Kingdom, but (an even more pressing need) serving and former Gurkhas' children should be charged only home student fees by universities here. When is that going to happen? Why hasn't it happened already?

"What a bunch of po-faced hypocrites you all are. Before 1997." Well I suppose you have a point, But that was way back when we were the nasty party wasn't it?

Compare with the way ex French foreign legionnaires are treated:-

1) They can apply for citizenship after 3 years service.

2) They can apply for citizenship if they are wounded in battle.

Why are Ghurkas in British service in a different position?

The general reaction is understandable but I wonder whether people are being a bit sentimental. People who are normally opposed to large scale immigration suddenly get a warm glow and advocate immigration rights for up to 100,000 people when families are included.

As resident leftie pointed out, Gurkhas who signed up before 1997 knew that they didn't have an automatic right to settle here -they are not being denied something that was originally promised to them. Obviously there is a rough edge, because after that date there are rights to settlement. So the government has to draw up some rules that are fair and clear. They've drawn them up on the basis of length of service, and distinctive contribution. That doesn't seem a totally unreasonable approach, given that soldiers are now being given rights that they were never promised at the time of their service.

In any policy issue like this a line has to be drawn somewhere. What would a Conservative government have done? I can't believe it would have been a free for all.

Posted by: Marian | April 24, 2009 at 17:25

"What a bunch of po-faced hypocrites you all are. Before 1997." Well I suppose you have a point, But that was way back when we were the nasty party wasn't it?

Well, I look forward to the nice Mr Cameron's announcement that any Gurkha who has ever served and are welcome to come and live in the UK with all of their dependents forever.

Until that day, I'm going to stick with po-faced hypocrites.

E mail your local mp now and complain.. It's the only way. Signing petitions is all very well but when the MP's have their boat rocked they do something. Flood the House with e-mails. Bombard them. No rest for them.
99% of MPs have never served Queen and Country. They are just a bunch of failed solicitors and barristers. (See T. Blair et al).

I don't think anyone in the cabinet has ever served in the forces, or ever had a proper job for that matter.

This is what happens when you put over-promoted poicy wonks, researchers and student activists into positions of power.

I would rather have ALL the Ghurkas live in this country than the illegal immigrants that seem to be leaking into this country, WHAT is the government thinking about?

The 1997 has a lot more to do with handing over Hong Kong than the election of Labour. Prior to that the Gurkhas were a Hong Kong based Brigade and on completion of service, many took up employment in Hong Kong. After 1997, that option has not been available.
Over the last few years, the Communist Maoist Party has made the lives of existing Gurkha veterans unpleasant and is seeking to end the practice of recruitment into the British and Indian armies.
I would place their case on a par with Ugandan Asians. They are not being expelled but they are being badly treated. The UK seems to be weaseling on a 2006 committment that covered ex -Malaysian, -Sinagporean, -Brunei and -Hong Kong serving Gurkhas.

The Gurkhas with their history, their traditions simply do not fit in with Labour's metropolitan mindset and their left wing hatred of our country's history. It doesn't surprise me one jot. Think about it logically, the Gurkhas stand for everything that Labour despises. I notice the Afghan hijackers are still here.

Joanna Lumley is my heroine. Full marks to her for loyally, consistency and persistence. She deserves our active and noisy support.

I used to believe that Resident Leftie was reasonably sensible, at least by leftie standards, until I read this:

“Can you confirm that you are happy for 100,000 Nepalese people to settle here? I am, but then I'm happy with the Somalis…..”

If you cannot see the difference between up to 100,000 generally laws abiding Ghurkhas (including their families), who have served our country with great loyalty and the 250,000 Somalis we have allowed in already and whose record of violence and criminality is all too well established, then Resident Leftie, I fear there is no hope for you. But of course, you will get out of it by accusing me of “racism” (wrongly because I would extend the same welcome to any law abiding Somali who has served the UK loyally over many years).

Snegchui wrote: “I would place their case on a par with Ugandan Asians.”

Absolutely agree! I hope there is no long term bad feeling between us over yesterday’s disagreement concerning Christian Charity.

April 1653 Oliver Cromwell address to Parliament:

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice. Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining among you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God. Which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man among you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes, have you not defiled this sacred place and turned the Lords temple into a den of thieves by your immoral principles and wicked practices. Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You who were deputed by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance. Your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse this Augean stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings in this House; and which by God`s help, and the strength he has given me, I am now come to do.

I command ye therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place; go, get you out! Make haste! Ye venal slaves, be gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!

Oliver Cromwell must be spinning in his grave at the way this so called Government treats soldiers of the British Army.

I have posted at length on this matter on the Telegraph site, suffice to say that I consider this decision disgraceful in the extreme but, with this vile government, nothing surprises me.

What I am looking for is a pledge here and now, that the incoming Tory administration will overturn it as a matter of great urgency, before too many more brave old men die.

If further proof were needed, a government financially and morally bankrupt. The Gurkhas have given their blood for this country and therefore should have the right to settle here if they wish. This government has used cowardly tactics and weasel words to support an indefensible position. They should remember that the Japanese had a great respect for the Gurkhas during WW2. I agree with every word Jo Lumley said. We should all be ashamed of this government.

One might almost think Labour hates the Gurkhas because of their decency, devotion and commitment to military lifestyle. For your hard-core Leftist a crime in itself.

The Gurkhas don't seem to fit in their box of the poor deprived ethnic minorities, either. In my view, Labour is the biggest enforcer of the class and race divide - they like people knowing their place and God forbid should you aspire to anything different than celebrating diversity you shall feel their wrath.

Obviously we dont want any more immigrants and equally any sane person would rate the ghurkhas a million miles in front of the human jetsam and outright terror lovers let in by sucessive British governamnet.
1. We dont want a 'harki' problem This refers to loyal Algerians taken to France in 1962 but who have never integrated there.
2. Ghurkas have flooded the Sikkim region of India for the last 100 years,now grossly outnumber the native Sikkimmese because of a very high birth rate and are now pressing to split off from the state of West Bengal to form their own state.
3. Ghurkhas were recruited under a contract. Why are we now changing -at the expense of the poorest Britons who will compete with even mkore cheap labour-a freely entered conytract.

Oh allright let Joanna Lumley decide policy.

Cleethorpes Rock @ 18.21 - You've got it in one!

I nearly threw something hard at the television when the government front-man Woolas was weaseling on in the ITN news.

It would not surprise me if this is the one group that even the BNP would endorse to stay here, and it that is the case then this load of hypocrites - resident leftie - will have just made themselves a whole lot more unpopular!!!!!

I have just heard some government-sucking oik on radio 5 giving a new line on this- apparently if we let in the few gurkhas that might, god knows why, want to live here, then we would be opening the door also to hundreds of thousands of their dependents. The government have strangely woken up to the immigration problem and are now using this against the gurkhas. How low can this government sink? I thought we'd seen everything. Woolas ought to follow his master and take the advice meted out by Kelvin McKenzie. That, or face a regiment of gurkhas!

I have a lot of respect for gurkhas. But Mr Woolas is 100% right if we let them in and their families, every tom, dick and harry will want to come in too. England is overcrowded now, Gordon Brown and Phil Woolas is absolutelty right, and deserve all our thanks for this correct decision. Well done the government.

Every time I think this government of intellectual pygmies and squalid moral-bankrupts can do nothing to sicken me more, they go ahead and beat their own record. I try to vote on reason, but at the next election my X will be scored onto the paper to metaphorically rub out the face of this Prime Minister for this disgusting decision.

Oh, and resident leftie, with your remark about po-faced hypocrites etc. I remember there were similar remarks on Labour websites over smeargate. If you can't tell the difference between real and synthetic emotion, I think you've been hanging round the value-free cesspits of the Labour party for too long.

Proud socialist etc:etc:etc: @ 23.39 '.... if we let them in and their families, every tom, dick and harry will want to come in too.'

Are you blinkered, what on earth do you think has been going on for the last few years, under your friends. Why do you think ouwer Jakwi - Smith got in such a panic about the immigration statistics becoming 'public?
And what about the immigrant criminals that have been let lose in our society, and if they COULD be caught, could not be sent back where they come from, because the poor diddums might suffer a bit - OK for them to rape or murder here of course.

The Gurkhas have fought for this country, some have been killed and others injured FOR THIS COUNTRY!!! Have those other people YOUR friends have let in done anything useful for this country??? And I am NOT repeat NOT talking about the hard working Polish community that your friends the BBC always name and shame!!!

The cowardly, corrupt and sleazy ZaNuLiebour are not only lacking any military experience and sense of history, they are totally devoid of any spirit of British patriotism. If they had any of the aforementioned they wouldn't treat so shockingly badly the heroes in the Gurkha Regiment, who have fought so bravely and sacrificed so willingly for Britain.

ZaNuLiebour could learn something from the Gurkhas, but I don't think they will!

There is no doubt that the Gurkhas are excellent soldiers. Whether the right adjective is fearless or brave is a moot point. But they are not Commonwealth citizens and their service was as mercenaries to a foreign power i.e Britain. The deal that the pre-1997 soldiers signed up to included pay and pension but did not include immigration. It is only because more recent recruits have had immigration rights that there is now pressure to grant immigration rights ex post facto to this group. But there have to be rules rather than a complete free for all.

Joanna Lumley keeps going on about her father. But when he was an officer in the Gurkhas, presumably well before 1997, did he ever object to the rules of service that the Gurkhas then had ? I suspect not.

I come from an Army family and I cannot recall any one thinking the pre-1997 rules were unfair. The presumption was that Gurkhas would retire to their homeland in Nepal on an Army pension that would make them relatively wealthy in their homeland.

And back in 1997 horatius, there wasn't a presumption that every illegal immigrant that clawed his way to this country, whether criminal or not, had a better 'right' to stay in this country than that relatively small and brave group that fought and died for this country - the Gurkhas!

Patsy Sergeant,

Two wrongs don't make a right. Just because Labour quite wrongly has let in a huge number of immigrants, many of them illegal or fraudulent, doesn't mean we should now grant new "rights" to this group, however comparatively "worthy".

To be clear, we should be generous to this older group of retired Gurkhas when really necessary, say in the case of an elderly Gurkha who needs specialised medical treatment. But I don't think we should extend open doors to, say, a healthy 50 year old who is enjoying a good Army pension anyway.

I don't want to be nasty about this, it's just that the reaction has been so emotional that there has, in my view, been a lack of objective analysis. Some one has to put the opposite view, otherwise there's a danger of people getting carried away. Anything that the government does is giving rights that weren't there before. Any government needs to draw up rules, not just say "let's have a free for all"

I am with you Pastsy Sergeant, and I am sure the vast majoirity of people are with you. These fine people have fought and died for this country and for this disgraceful government now to turn around and say you can't live here unless you have a medal is not only demeaning for them but for every soldier.

I am sickened by the dishonest way they have gone about this, 20 years service then you live here when they know very well majority of Gurkhas serve 15 years before they are retired. It is disgusting and vile the way they have handled this affair.

" have a lot of respect for gurkhas. But Mr Woolas is 100% right if we let them in and their families, every tom, dick and harry will want to come in too. England is overcrowded now, Gordon Brown and Phil Woolas is absolutelty right, and deserve all our thanks for this correct decision. Well done the government."

Seems that po faced hypocrisy is not the exclusive response of Tory's.England is overcrowded now, thanks in no small part to Nu-Labours policy of allowing every tom, dick and harry will want to come in too.
Given the choice I would rather share my street with these brave loyal soldiers than the dross from the continent that is here to take advantage of our jobs and our benefits.

"20 years service then you live here when they know very well majority of Gurkhas serve 15 years before they are retired. It is disgusting and vile the way they have handled this affair."

Only officers serve 20 years. Private soldiers 15. This is an astonishingly crass attack, that proves how class ridden the champagne socialists are.

At least one Conservative is thinking about the practical implications of this and not just reacting emotionally: Gerard Howarth MP for Aldershot and Shadow Defence spokesman.

Here's the text of a letter that he has sent to a constituent. It is already in the public domain, having been published on an Army discussion board. I therefore hope I'm not breaching any confidentiality rules.

"Dear VB

Thanks for your email. The Conservative Party's position was set out in
a brief statement by Shadow Immigration Minister, Damian Green,

"The Government is trying to evade the effects of a very clear court
judgement. This is an insult to the Gurkhas. We have said all along that
the Government should not try to challenge the courts and they would
have done better to listen."

Having been out of London on defence visits all day yesterday I'm not
able to tell you more. As regards the Leader raising the matter at PM's
questions next week, the issues he raises are determined on the day,
depending on the political agenda prevailing then.

There are, of course, substantial implications for residents of the
Aldershot constituency where there is already a very large Nepalese
community running into several thousand. In advance of the Govt
announcement (which the Gurkhas expected to reflect their understanding
of the High Court ruling) the spokesman for the British Gurkha Welfare
Society, based in Farnborough, told the local paper that he expected
'almost 1,000 people' to come to Rushmoor immediately, made up of about
250 ex-Gurkhas plus their dependents. In my discussions with the BGWS I have established that if all former Gurkhas were granted right of
settlement in the UK that would entitle some 34,000 to come here - plus
dependents. Given that the Nepalese community is heavily represented in
places like Rushmoor and Folkestone that order of migration could have a
massive effect.

Clearly, such a potential influx would require careful planning and I
regret I have seen no evidence that anyone has given any consideration
to the challenges which could arise.

Thank you for writing.

Best wishes

Gerald Howarth MP
Member of Parliament for Aldershot & Shadow Defence Minister
House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA "

Horatius: Like your Labour masters you have arrogated to yourself a grand symbol of vision and bravery, but lived out the reverse. The full name is Horatius Cocles, Horatius the One-Eyed, and you are living the one-eyed part.
" Any government needs to draw up rules, not just say "let's have a free for all""
The history of the Govt's love of rules is well-documented, as is also for the majority of New Labour Rules to work in direct opposition to their intentions. In fact so bad is the Govt's record in this regard, that it is possibly incorrect to say they have lied and deceived in this matter, as in so many others, but rather by being so incompetent in the art of administration, they are incapable of honouring any committment they give. In fact the Gurkha campaign should maybe have panicked once they heard the Govt say they would turn their full attention to the matter.
Gerald Howarth does not contradict the assertion that the Govt is trying to evade its committments, in fact in the absence of "any consideration
to the challenges which could arise." he could be seen to be supporting the Party position by noting the Govt is so set on evasion, whether by intentional deceit or incompetence, it is not even contemplating the possibility of of Ghurkas coming here.

Posted by: Graeme Archer | April 24, 2009 at 23:49

Oh, and resident leftie, with your remark about po-faced hypocrites etc. I remember there were similar remarks on Labour websites over smeargate. If you can't tell the difference between real and synthetic emotion, I think you've been hanging round the value-free cesspits of the Labour party for too long.

I rarely frequent Labout sites.

No, it's here that I've seen the cathartic effect of a Tory-style moral outrage. I'm not saying that the emotion is feigned, but the hypocrisy is pretty universal.

"Jesus Christ, even the BNP believe the Gurkhas should be allowed to settle here (albeit their children have to leave when they become adults)."

Posted by: RichardJ

You gotta love the BNP - they are truly the Benny Hill version of the Nazi Party :-)

Is that Labour sites or Layabout sites?
Oh I am tired.
Hypocrisy of Labour starts when they open mouths.

Lord Bramall Chief of the Defence Staff from 1982-85, and a colonel with the 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles from 1976-86, has written in the Independent on Sunday. He makes many of the points I did above, but with the authority of his former office. "Don't be sentimental. We have treated the Gurkhas well."

He also expresses something I had noticed but not remarked on, and that is that this campaign has come from lawyers etc trying to invent non-existent new "rights". He says; " And I am also confident that a great many serving Gurkhas regard this recent activism as "trade unionism" that discredits their soldiers and is in any event counterproductive."


Well, I would say to Lord Bramall thatb he ignores the current situation in Nepal and the price that Gurkhas may have to bear for being ex-British Army. With the likes of Milliband and the po-faced gits what run the Foreign Office endorsing Chinese imperialist colonisation and marginalisation and exploitation of the native populations of Tibet and Nepal, I would say our hands of friendship should not be closed.
There is no point in having a stone house with a good floor if the Govt won't let you keep it.

time for a national conservative campaign

The Gurkhas are basically mercenaries. Would we admire British soldiers who volunteered to join Nepals armed forces. The government have fulfilled the contracts. The main mistake was in changing the rules to give new recruits additional benefits. These guys did it for the MONEY , not because they loved Britain so much. Remember many Gurkhas also serve in Indian armed forces as they also pay more than can be obtained in Nepal. As for China they have a non intervention policy in Nepal . The Maoists won the election in Nepal fair and square without any Chinese assistance. In fact the Nepal Communist party is well to the left of China and China had a good working relationship with previous Nepal governments. So keep your slanders to yourself as you have no evidence

"She has campaigned hard for the Gurkhas only to see them betrayed by the Weasels that we have to call our Government."

This government has no mandate, any more than did the previous one.

However, that aside, it's quite amusing to see Tories championing the cause of the Ghurkas, as do I.

However, how many Ghurkas got to live here during the last Conservative administration?

This is just Labour bashing for the sake of Labour bashing and though no Labour supporter and no Tory one either, descending to the level of name calling is a little on the pathetic side..

For me, as far as I'm concerned, the Ghurkas have fought for this country, as have a number of other people not born in the UK, they should be given an automatic right to reside here, if they so desire..

Add to that, I believe that anyone who wishes to come here should be able to do the same, providing they make a contribution to our society.

And, before anyone supplies the usual knee jerk response to that, make sure you don't have a second home on the continent or elsewhere in the world, before your start tapping!


Amidst all the current debate please could someone clarify the difference between the Gurkas and Mercenaries?

Miss Lumley is powder keg blue, I would say.
So her being ashamed of the dreadful spotty government, is not a major revelation.
That she is a firebrand for a noble and right cause is unquestionable. She is right, if anyone not British is to be afforded residency then those who fight for us come first. Labour would rather we had Polish immigrants and so displays a racist and unfeeling slant. Those who are our brothers in arms are our people, that was the way of Rome and should be the way of Britannia.

I will say it again, just as British Jobs for British workers was a sop to the BNP - Brown was playing to the BNP with the Gurkhas. He was trying to stop a few brown skinned Gurkhas coming in this side of the European elections. Playing to the working class racist. This would have been the Gordon Brown moment of saying Cameron and the Liberals are soft on immigration. Except it did not work. The British are very proud of their relationship with the Gurkhas. They continue to fight with us even today in Afghanistan.

This is pure grass route desperation for Labour. Sink to the lowest levels of racism and then blame others. Downing Street has even sunk to the level of blackening up pictures on the Downing Street website.

Im glad the Gurkhas have come won the right to live here becuase of their loyalty to our country however I resent Poles being called Tomskis, Dickskis and Harrietskis, let us not forget that like the Gurkhas the Poles have also fought for this country and died for us too so they have much as right to be here as tghe Gurkhas.

Infact from a purely cultural point of view the Poles have more right to be here as they are European and Christian by culture and so should theoretically fit in better here than non - European immigrants.

"Infact from a purely cultural point of view the Poles have more right to be here as they are European and Christian by culture and so should theoretically fit in better here than non - European immigrants."

They do fit in very well indeed. By the 2nd Generation they are quite difficult to tell apart from those here for longer. I had a Polish Uncle by marriage; his one failing was racism, which was only destroyed when his daughter had a black baby. After that event he embraced the social liberalism, which makes this nation a good place to live in.

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