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It won't work, but they will probably have to deploy it anyway. Labour have consistently failed to come up with anything better, and will probably have to resort to it. David Cameron is so difficult to attack personally, unlike Brown himself.

The problem Labour have is that people like Cameron. The more he's on TV the better we seem to do. If George was our leader this strategy might have a chance of working but Cameron the chances of it being successful are nil I think.
Kevin Maguire is just too stupid to realise this. I had a look at his blog yesterday.He doesn't get too many supportive comments does he?

Will Maguire even stay on at the Mirror? Won't Brown need someone moderately (and I use even this word sparingly) in touch with the media to fight his corner? In short, will Maguire of the Mirror be setting up office in Downing Street?

"Pigs in Troughs" will only work for us if DC cleans up the act of the PCP, MEP's and Tory local councillors. The Labour response, since Guido spear-headed the exposure of corruption in office, has been the line "We're all as bad as each other" - a scorched earth policy if ever there was one. Unfortunately there are enough examples in our own ranks to give credence to this line, which has been a major reason why politicians of all parties have been so vilified. There are plenty of "toffs" in the upper echelons of the Labour Party. Persons of privileged upbringing who shelter behind the Prole images of Two Jags and the Beast of Bolsover. It is not beyond the wit of Man to quietly prepare an accurate and detailed CV of high profile Labour politicians with a privileged background which can be released in their constituencies during the next election if Labour want to go down this route.

Our leaders should by now realise that the majority of the electorate are alienated from normal politics, and are also incandescent with anger with Labour and by association with all politicians. That anger should work for us in the short term, but a sea-change in the way democratic politics is practiced in the UK is going to be vital if we are to retain power long enough to rebuild our country in the manner we wish.

Hang about, yes New Labour is out of touch 12 years into their government but so are the toffs simply because they have not had ordinary jobs and are quite young.

Who said that 'people like Cameron'? Malcolm Dunn! I suspect Sally Roberts may well agree with you there Malcolm, which makes two of you by my count. As far as I am aware he grates on more and more people as he fails to replace his green strategy with a something relevant to the depression.

It might be better if Mr Cameron had something to attack. At the moment he is still the policyless man, a man of no substance.
What would Mr Cameron be saying if Labour had not, in their nasty way, given him the opportunity to indulge in a very public display of righteous indignation? Nothing probably! We need a leader which Mr Cameron is not! He himself belongs to the shady political machinery, he has never worked at a proper job and is clearly out of touch with public opinion. Don't underestimate Browne and his group of nasty little bad apples. It will I greatly fear take a leader far stronger than Mr Cameron to displace them.

I hope they don't stop the Toff attacks- they helped win us Crewe and Nantwich!!

Once Maguire gets his bitter backside into Number 10, we'll go up five points in the polls.

Where they feel it will help them, Labour will use this tactic. I have also seen the reverse, were a working class Tory candidate in a Local Election was subjected to sneering attacks over his not having a posh accent or using big words but just being an ordinary bloke who worked in a factory. The laugh was on Labour, who's candidate had been an FE College Economics Lecturer when the Tory won the seat which was usually a Labour one.

Mark my words this will be a dirty General Election camapign.

A week in politics is a long time but the impressions left by McBride and Jacqui Smith etc can easily be resurrected, if Labour tries the tory toff line again.
What is important, I think, is that between now and the election any tories who can be pereceived as being equally as bad as the high profile Labour MPs should clean up their act. It simply is not good enough to claim that they are abiding by the rules, if they are patently milking the system.
Finally, when are we going to put the Damian Green saga to rest? I thought it was going to be done and dusted in the new year.

The polls said 'people like Cameron' Henry. You may dislike him intensely (is this a Tonbridge boy being jealous of an Etonian)but I fear like UKIP you are in a small and rather irrelevant minority.

Cameron lacks the killer single big policy idea to inspire the public.

Let's face it, it is going to be tough for whoever wins the next election, and scraping in with a tiny majority as the 'not Labour' vote will make it next to impossible for Cameron to achieve anything, as he will not have the public behind him.

Cameron's clear themes have been the environment and social reform. Who really is going to list them as their #1 priorities at the moment?

(OK put your hand down Zac)

Iain Martin has a valid point. Any attempt by Labour from this point onwards to attack the Conservatives for who they are rather than what they want to do with this country will now fall on deaf ears.

Yes, Henry, I do!

I wonder how the Labour Beast-Meisters would portray the Tory doctors, and nurses, and members of the armed forces, as well as firemen, postmen, publicans, police officers, bin-men, road sweeps, corner shop owners, etc., etc.? All Tories, but all "Toffs?" I doubt it very much!

Just a couple of weeks ago Derek Draper was describing Dan Hannan's speech to the European Parliament as a "clever little Etonian-style, public schoolboy, toryboy speech".

And what about the Marxist/Trotskyist and sundry hard left backgrounds of people in the upper echelons of NuLabour? Those connections seem to have been airbrushed out.

"The polls said 'people like Cameron' Henry."

Malcolm, clearly you are unaware that Henry's mates down the pub are far more representative of public opinion than an opinion poll asking a wide range of the public.

The tricky thing is that the 'decontamination' of the Tory brand is nowhere near as real or far-reaching as the party would like to kid itself.

It might be enough, then again, it might not.

If there was a clear, single reason for people to feel positive and *want* to vote Tory, then an 'I'm a Tory' style campaign featuring loads of non-toffs like nurses, firemen etc could be really powerful.

However, without that big idea, it would just look like spin.

We have been discussing Cameron's 'clause 4' moment for 4 years now, and perhaps the true target has been missed; it is not the 'Tory right' that needs defeating, it is politics itself.

Cameron needs to propose an overwhelming change in the way British politics runs that will be breathtaking and cause outrage amongst the piggies on all sides of the house.

Only then will the people believe that for Cameron, 'change' is a mission, not a slogan.

I am not a Cameroon (sorry Sally) and I can see how Labour will use this line of attack if they feel it will win favour in some seats. Will people fall for it? Die hard Labour = the 30% who will vote nothing else, may do so, but I don't think the ordinary man or woman in the street is that stupid. In any event what about all the Intellectuals in the Labour Party, "Doctor" this that or the other but who wouldn't know where to insert a suppository? They have their own Achilles heel if the want to play the "Class Card"

Richard, ask your mates why they want Mr C to be PM. Their answer will be things can only get better. We've heard that somewhere before.

Malcolm, so even you don't like him, it's just Sally and the Poles.

Malcolm #2: You don't say Eton boy or Tonbridge boy, you say Old Tonbridgian etc.

Unlike some posts thus far, I think that David Cameron is "likeable" and McBride has drawn the teeth of this key area of Labour strategy for the next election.

This is actually a good thing for both the Conservative and Labour Parties plus British politics in general because a General Election based on just mud slinging about "class" would see a very low poll indeed.

As to policies there is really very little that can be nailed down at this stage, "mood music" is the very best that can be done except in one area, the number of MPs. The 10% reduction is too timid, a reduction to around 500 would be better. Also they should evolve immediately a restructuring of the MPs earnings package based upon a totally new system - the overall cost rather than individual elements which have come about because of fudge.

The reason for doing this rather than going for a cross-party consensus is that Cameron cannot say what he will do in terms of taxes and cuts in public spending, these are all moving targets. What he can say though by pointing to a reduction in the number of MPs, the abolition of the current MPs pension scheme with it replaced by a money purchase arrangement is simple:

"Whatever it takes to get the Country back on track, we will do. If there has to be pain, our promise is to share the pain as equally as we can - This pledge is our down payment, you suffer, we in your Parliament will suffer too."

This may mean that any changes to MPs earnings (costs) in the next Parliament will be small but, by the next General Election when a reduction to 500 seats will kick in, some of those cost savings can go to enhance the surviving MPs earnings package at no cost to the taxpayer.

Of course, this does assume that with Brussels providing 80% of legislation that never goes through Parliament, there is still a job for British MPs to do. If not, reduce the House now to be renamed Town Hall, to 130 MPs which should be enough until Brussels takes over completely.

Personally I have always found this type of campagning as offensive as that pinpointing a persons colour or sexuality. Its the quality of a persons charcter and the strength of there ideals and policys that are important not what school they went to or where they were born.

Can Labour take back ownership of it's rightful name 'the nasty party'.

I would have thought by now that the penny would have dropped with regard to politicians of all parties making childish insults about each others backgrounds etc.

Whilst it may have some resonance to some voters, some of the time, to the vast majority of voters of all complexions, they are offensive and something individually they would never countenance in their own life. They are certainly a poor substitute for the policy vacuum engulfing our mainstream parties.

There is an interesting question however that leaves the party wide open to this sort of accusation. Can anybody tell me why a party that draws its support from all social backgrounds, explain why its higher echelons are dominated by those whose life experiences have little in common with the vast majority of their supporters. I am sure if the shadow cabinet was comprised of people who had been succesfull in their own right, rather than under a muggins turn wink, wink, nudge, nudge processs, then the accusations would have less validity.

I think it goes far wider than just the Tory toff attack line. McBride's antics hack off at the knees so many other lines. Do nothing Tories? All No 10 has been doing is writing poison pen letters. Tory cuts? the Government machine is out of control, even to the very highest level. And so it goes on. A fish rots from the head and this demonstration of the decay at the heart of the Brown project will permeate everything.

"It might be better if Mr Cameron had something to attack. At the moment he is still the policyless man, a man of no substance.
What would Mr Cameron be saying if Labour had not, in their nasty way, given him the opportunity to indulge in a very public display of righteous indignation? Nothing probably! We need a leader which Mr Cameron is not! He himself belongs to the shady political machinery, he has never worked at a proper job and is clearly out of touch with public opinion. Don't underestimate Browne and his group of nasty little bad apples. It will I greatly fear take a leader far stronger than Mr Cameron to displace them."
I think a quick look at the opinion polls may change your mind.

I think Labour will deploy the "Tory Toff" attack, but it will be a policy used as a form of Damage Limitation.
I imagine the areas where this may have some effect will be traditional Labour areas, where there is still jealousy and resentment in abundance.
It won't work in the South.

If Brown talks about "Tory cuts" now, Cameron has a ready-made riposte:

"Cuts? The Prime Minister is abslutely right we'll be making cuts- Cuts to the number of special advisers, cuts to the number of MPs, cuts to taxpayer-funded spin, cuts to expenses for MPs, cuts to second home allowances, cuts to quangos, cuts to council fat-cats and cuts to all the other things this sub-Prime Minister has frittered the British people's hard-earned cash on over the last 12 years."

Who knows? Come the general election they might even try to parody the famous python sketch with Messers Cameron, Osborne and others in some bizarre race!

I've never understood how Labour have the cheek to play the class card given that so many of their intelligensia were educated at all the top brass institutions.

David Cameron is our greatest asset in winning the election in my view. All the polls show that. I really can't understand the churlish attitude toward him. Our core vote is in the lower 30's as the last 3 elections have proved beyond doubt. To increase that by 10pts is a great achievment if one does just realise for a moment how irrelevant and loathed we still were after being out of office for 10 years. That has been done by Cameron moving the Party on to the centre ground with a One Nation Conservative approach. It is for that"crime" he seems to be castigated. To my mind he has made us electable, relevant and able to really begin to address the great issues facing this Country.

David Cameron is a very likeable man - Brown is intensely unlikeable. Nobody can warm to Brown who has only synthetic emotions - apart from his temper.

It has been apparent for two years that Brown had no counter to Cameron's personality and obvious genuineness, hence the non-stop spinning of "NHS cuts", "Do-Nothing" and "his Party opposed these measures". Those monotonous ploys have only managed to hold on, tenuously, to the 30% who were born to vote Labour. At every PMQs he sings their anthems.

I did not vote for the Tories in 1997 or 2001 as I felt they did not deserve power - I abstained. Now they deserve every vote which they have worked so hard for.

It does not matter if McBride is replaced by Draper or MacGuire or even Whelan - the power of Brown's dark arts cabal is broken forever. They made too many enemies within their own Parliamentary party who will now enjoy their dish of revenge.

Some of the comments are interesting but some frankly bizarre. The Simon Heffer school of "I hate David Cameron no matter what he says or does..." seems to be present, all rather childish.

With only just over a year to the next General Election, the only political party that could change its leader now, without totally destroying whatever chances they have are the Libdems. Nick Clegg is ineffective, that party operates best at the local candidate level so the leader is largely irrelevant.

Labour cannot get rid of Brown for a whole stack of reasons, they lost the chance over not having a leadership contest which illuminates their main problem, there is no alternative. The Blair/Brown years hollowed out the Labour Party and stifled any career development of a future generation of potential leaders.

Cameron is the best man for the job and even if you didn't think he was, there actually are no alternative candidates and nor should there be. Get over it, "Team Cameron" is what it is and I suspect that in the end, just as he has grown in the job to date, he will be a formidable Prime Minister in the right sense.

Of course for those who prefer to believe in the Campbell, Whelan, McBride propaganda that they have clearly followed...

John Haynes makes an excellent point about Cameron growing in the job.This guy has only been in Parliament since 2001 and it is surely a tribute to his qualities that the public see him as a genuine contender to be PM. Before Cameron came along the disatasfied voted Lib/Dem or abstained. One of Cameron's great achievments has been to reverse that trend. I know the Govt is desparately unpopular but votes do have the alternative of voting Lib/Dem or indeed for fringe parties such as UKIP or BNP so it would be facile to assume that all the discontents would automatically vote for us - they certainly haven't in the past 10 years. Camerons achievments are great in attracting a good proportion of thiose fed up with the Govt.

If the National press had treated the North East 2004 Regional Assembly referendum as a national issue and not a local issue, you would all know that the Yes Campaign for an R A had a brilliant idea of R.A.T.S
Rather Arrogant Toff Southerners.
The press were invited to meet this RAT getting off the train at Newcastle upon Tyne
station dressed in top hat and tails (monocle)supposedly to tell us flat capped Northerners pigeon fanciers and whippet owners how to run our lives. I could never find out who dreamed up that one, but obviously sanctioned by New Labour and even the Church of England as they are not keen on England either. The C of E is New Labour's religious arm nowadays and should call themselves the Church of the Prescotts.

I do like Cleethorpes Rock's suggested riposte at 11.46.

Well said.

Guido's site is down.

It do hope that is because of a traffic surge and not dirty tricks!

Funnily enough, I hope Labour do use it in the next GE campaign

It's a strategy that will backfire, and work in favour of the Tories.

I think we can count on the Mirror to continue this line of attack.
Yesterday I was musing about the rather strange (and spurious) dual attack on David Cameron. It came from the McBride/Watson/Brown nexus:

A: He might have gone to an illegal rave run by Paul Staines in the late '80s.
B: He is out of touch with modern Britain.

This doesn't really stand up very well does it? Surely the suggestion that he may have been a raver makes him look more in touch with modern Britain than Brown.
I'm sure many who are now Police Officers, Nurses, Teachers etc went to raves back in the day.
The top of the Labour party are totally rubbish at these kind of attacks. It's a bit sad really. They seem to like operating like this but they aren't very good at it are they?

"Malcolm, so even you don't like him, it's just Sally and the Poles.

Malcolm #2: You don't say Eton boy or Tonbridge boy, you say Old Tonbridgian etc."

I did post a reply on this a little while ago but for reasons best known to itself the site went mad and it never appeared (unless you arranged for some little gremlins of course Henry!)

Not just the Poles... Although it must be said they could make ALL the difference in quite a number of constituencies (some not very far away from me!)

As for the terminology describing the alumni of various schools - as far as "School" is concerned it's "O.E." - as far as Tonbridge is concerned, I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest ;-)

Labour will return to the 'Tory Toff' attack as it's all they have. I hope they do, it has zero traction with most people, puts millions off Labour, and only appeals to total numpties like Kevin Maguire on Planet Mirror. The Mirror is the news equivalent of Ashes to Ashes, entertaining but stuck in the 80s.

P.S. Guido is back up now!

Unfortunately, I think that this has put paid to Labour's Tory Toff theme.

It's a shame because although it would have pleased Labours core support, it would have alienated everybody else.

"If Brown talks about "Tory cuts" now, Cameron has a ready-made riposte:

"Cuts? The Prime Minister is abslutely right we'll be making cuts- Cuts to the number of special advisers, cuts to the number of MPs, cuts to taxpayer-funded spin, cuts to expenses for MPs, cuts to second home allowances, cuts to quangos, cuts to council fat-cats and cuts to all the other things this sub-Prime Minister has frittered the British people's hard-earned cash on over the last 12 years.""

Do you know, Cleethorpes Rock, you and I agree on more and more....Now if I could just get you to stop saying "Better Off Out"...

Cleethorpes Rock is so right. <<

@ Tim Montgomerie &/or Jonathan Isaby

What Sally says above is true. The CH website is becoming like our beloved Primeminister: It is behaving somewhat erratically.
I just posted a comment and it was severely truncated when I posted it.

@ Conand:

Unsure what could have happened; all that got into the system was that one line which appeared as above, there is no record of the rest of the comment...

I like Cleethorpe Rock's post about a ready made answer to accusations of "Tory Cuts".The public mood is for public spending cuts; many of us are busy retrenching in our private lives: paying down the mortgage as fast as possible, cutting back on inessentials etc.I do hope NuLiebour carry on with the Toff angle; it is risible and absurd and probably worth a full percentage point or two to Cameron

I think we've seen that Labour will do or try anything to cling on to power. The 'toff' approach might not be first out of the traps, but it'll be on the back burner if they think things are getting desperate. The real attack will probably be 'nasty Tories want to cut services'. Its a simplistic vote winner if done right. Thing is, by then, people may no longer trust a single thing Labour say...

Whilst others speculate that wretched term “Tory toffs” has bitten the proverbial dust in the arsenal of Comrades’ personal attacks, I doubt it. The ‘politics of envy’ is deep in the DNA of the Comrades. And perhaps this plays on the inverted snobbery of some of their supporters.

From a logical point of view, it beggars belief that “toff” – a term that belongs in the 1930s by-the-way [not that that would stop the backward looking Comrades!] – has also been made synonymous with being an old Etonian – now a term of abuse in their Lefty lexicon. Moreover, they blithely ignore the fact Eton provides the very best education. But then the Comrades aren’t bothered if their MPs are educated to any level – look at the dizzying political heights reached by "Two Jags" Prescott and Gorbals Mick. I pass no comment on their perceived competence.

The last two high-profile Comrades’ “Tory toffs” campaigns – against Edward Timpson in Crewe & Nantwich – and Boris [who was also smeared as a racist, bigot, clown, and joke] backfired – spectacularly. Let’s hope any further inverted snobbery efforts by the Comrades at the next General Election has a similar effect, and we finally give the Comrades a ‘kick up the ballots’.

And can somebody explain to me how the Conservatives are attacked for allegedly not having any policies yet the Comrades act like collective thieving magpies when a Conservative policy is announced, and they steal it in order to neutralise it. And it’s curious how the Left keep chanting about “Tory cuts” - more Lefty illogicality – and smears!

BTW – Dorothy Wilson @ 10.11 is quite right – why are the Marxist/Trotskyist backgrounds of this government of all the Comrades’ airbrushed out? Marxism/Trotskyism are dangerous – and discredited – ideologies. As I’ve said before, we need to start a movement called the Anti-Communist League.

Yes I tried to put a comment on here at about 8pm, and once again I got the flag saying 'we cannot accept this data'. I am sure it is not anyone on this site! So WHO is it!!

Sally Roberts - As an ex-Tonbridge pupil with a father who went to Harrow, I can assure you the term is Old Tonbridgian, Old Harrovian, Old Etonian (or OE) etc.

Jack Iddon @ 09.43 - 'It might be better if Cameron had something to attack.' WHY??

Do you mean that David Cameron should produce policies, so the Brown can either 'attack' them, or annex them for Labour?

It is true that some posters on this site seem to think, and even that Mr.Brown has before now said, in Parliament, words to the effect that the Tories should produce policies for Labour.

Well the Conservative members on this site who nag about the derth of policies, don't necessarily want them nicked by Labour, but they must be aware that that is what will happen, so it is the same difference!

I go along with Cleethorpes Rock @ 11.46 and 'Cameron has a ready-made riposte'. Good stuff!

I have never met David Cameron so I cannot really judge him as a man. I can only assess him on his polices and his actions.

After what to me was a poor start with all that Green Nonsense, riding the bike with a car carrying all his papers etc, using a helicopter to see a glacier melting, changing the Party Logo to a childish daub etc, he has in the last 18 months or so grown into the job. I also feel that his stature as a man increased tremendously from the dignified manner in which he dealt with the death of his disable son recently.

Is he a "toff"? Perhaps. Is he a "snob"? I would say no. Would I like to meet him? Possibly, but as he is very busy I don't see it happening. In the past I have met Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, Norman Tebbit, Ken Clarke, Michael Heseltine. Perhaps after he becomes Prime Minister I may get a chance to meet David Cameron?

These so called 'toff attacks' are perpetrated by failed spin doctors of the trendy Labour variety determined to distract from their Government's own greed, dishonesty and sleaze. Just look at the pathetic state of both McBride and Draper.These champagne socialists are absolute bigots and the electorate are not be fooled by such attacks.
Their gutter tactics are the typical final throws of a dying Government.

I agree totally with B Garvie and I have seen this in our own town of Reading. A supercilious and condescending attitude by some of our Labour Councillors and their supporters towards the ordinary citizens, the recent plans to destroy much of King's Meadow on the banks of the Thames and the old outdoor baths being a case in point. They counter this from time to time by wheeling out the "statutory prole" to agree with them in the newspaper Letters Columns much as they used to deploy Prescott at their conferences to keep the workers happy.

They are Morally Bankrupt and out of ideas. Bring on the General Election!

Labour is apparently squaring up for a fight in the courts to use that Bullingdon Club picture of David Cameron. They want that fight to take place during the General Election campaign. According to the Tories, however, the "toffs" accusation "didn't work at Crewe & Nantwich".

But the Tories only won Crewe & Nantwich for the same reason that the SNP won Glasgow East: Catholic revulsion at what was then still the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Nothing else. In either case. It takes human-animal hybridity, spare parts babies and the abolition of fatherhood for the Catholics of the North-West to vote Tory, or for the Catholics of Scotland to vote SNP, just this once. And that is what it will turn out to have been: just this once.

Consider what would happen if a group of boys on a council estate, the same age as Oxford undergraduates, formed themselves into an organisation - complete with a name, a uniform, officers and a membership list - specifically for the purpose of becoming drunk and disorderly before committing criminal damage and even assault.

They would rightly be sent to prison.

Whereas the Bullingdon Boys go on to become, simultaneously, an aspirant Prime Minister, an aspirant Chancellor of the Exchequer, and an actual Mayor of London.

Living in rural England, as I have done most of my life and which is a very different matter from merely owning great swathes of it while living in Knightsbridge or Notting Hill, I suspect that the publicans of Oxfordshire are not without connections in the local constabulary and magistracy.

One of those publicans should simply tell the Bullingdon Club to stick the money that they offered him at the end of one of their "events", because he would be seeing them in court. How would it look for Cameron and Osborne if the Bully Boys were to be locked up for just long enough to have themselves sent down?

Yes, of course they can. And Tory shits is even better !. And David the pretend angry ham-actor is about to become universally known as DAVID CAMERA-ON, which describes him and his Bullingdon Toffs perfectly ! WATCH THIS SPACE, CAMERA-ON

This election will be all about class.. It will be the main line Labour will take. They are unable to form rational arguments, they have shown themselves to be deeply corrupt, morrally bankrupt, no ideas, a pathetic record on everything, they have nothing at all to be proud of and so the only thing they can do is smear. Regardless of the Brown/McBride's smear scandal, lies, spin and smear is all they will do. They are little more than crooks, as are their union friends.

ZanuLabour is nothing more than an unholy alliance of Champagne Socialists, Cultural Marxists, Trotskyites and fellow travellers and, with a few honourable exceptions; they share a common purpose of wanting to destroy our nation.

The way that things are going the next General Election campaign could be one of the dirtiest on record with ZanuLabour using class as a weapon. That is, of course, unless our Great Leader and Saviour of the World finds some way of postponing it.

I am certain that Labour will drag up all sorts of "facts" about the Eton Toffs in a desperate attempt to scare the voters. John Bright said "ZanuLabour is nothing more than an unholy alliance of Champagne Socialists, Cultural Marxists, Trotskyites and fellow travellers" Indeed lets not forget the Stalinists, this is a repressive Labour Governement."the next General Election campaign could be one of the dirtiest on record with ZanuLabour using class as a weapon" I can see the headlines now. "Old Etonians eat working class children, in strange satanic rituals". At the very least we can expect D.C., G.O. and W.H. to be painted as out of touch toffs with no conception of the lives of "real" people. Some of this mud is going to stick, that's the downside of having a triad composed of ex-etonians running the show. So we will have to be prepared and ready with reassuring statements about the very good schools and its tradition values. "Oh if only all schools were as good" we will say. We have seen how low Labour will stoop as the e-mail scandal of this week has demonstrated so clearly. They are preparing their Attack dogs for a very nasty campaign indeed. Be prepared ! Oh and least I forget William wearing a top hat is not a very good idea.

Labour may not be using the 'toff' tag as much, or at all, but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't.
Cameron IS a toff in the traditional sense of the term because of his privileged background, so trying to shrug off the image is pointless.
Because Cameron, Osborne and many other Tories have this privileged background, it beggars belief how they can claim to have the interests of we ordinary citizens at heart.
We know WHO they're trying to fool and we know why. IF they manage to fool enough people to get elected to office, then we will see them revert to type, and serve the interests of the rich, big business and their political sponsors.
In the interests of balance and even-handedness, it's worth saying that Brown and Labour are no better than Cameron and the Tories.
All politicians have suspect motives and whether you're called a toff or a socialist, you're all self-seeking chancers.

More fool us for allowing you to carry on your vile trade in the name of democracy.

"Because Cameron, Osborne and many other Tories have this privileged background, it beggars belief how they can claim to have the interests of we ordinary citizens at heart."

Oh absolutely, "British Citizen"! Perish the Thought that they might actually be able to show Empathy.

After all, if you are a man (which I rather suspect you might be), how can you possibly be fitted to comment on children or schools? After all, you have never given birth.

If you are a young person, how can you possibly have opinions on older people - after all you know nothing about being old! If you are an older person - vice versa - after all you have probably forgotten everything you ever knew about being young.

What you say is nonsense. None of us have experienced everything in life. If we are born wealthy and stayed wealthy we will not ourselves have experienced being poor - but if we have had a decent education (and chances are we will have), we will be able to have an idea of the challenges that those unlike ourselves might face.

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