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And yeah verily, the gusty miasma of their heartwrenching sighs at the wrongs visited upon them by a vengeful world did confuse the vultures on a carrion heap a mile hence.
This Labour Admin are rotten to the core, and the sooner gone the better.

"A compost heap you wouldn't want to risk on your roses"

"William Hague once promised that New Labour would first be greeted with fascination, then admiration, then disillusionment and finally contempt."

He was spot on, as we are well into the contempt phase. As always William speech was intelligent, clear brilliantly delivered, but just a little dull. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Williams but I think he is now finally in the best position for his talents. He is a great supporting player and a safe pair of hands, and a good team player.
Well done William good speech.

Gordon Brown & Co. are the worst government we have ever had. Luckily the polls show that Labour are electorally DOOMED.

I just wonder why it has taken so long for the contempt bit. And why we had to wait till they wrecked the joint.

Please guys, get the disasterous muck heap out of office NOW ... I'm sure a good proportion of the country is behind you.

We CANNOT have another 12 months of this stupid set of mentally ill idiots ... it will terminally ruin this country.

Press for a vote of no confidence or go see the Queen and get her to do something!

I think this is an explicit signal of the start of the election campaign. It is pretty good timing and I think marks a shift in emphasis. The danger is that we go too far in our rhetoric as we don't want to alienate people.

William is a star. Sometimes too clever - he is the only one with enough wit to counter spin on the hoof. A dangerous business as spin ultimately corrupts even if you use it initially in defence.

The line of attack should not be personal but Social Justice. Apparently this is the ground on which Labour was founded and yet they have sold their credentials for an ounce more power.

William, Cameron and Clarke have the credibility to speak on Social Justice and they should proclaim a unifying vision for Social Justice and the electorate will see just how far individuals in Labour fall short and the party collectively.

Conservatives could steal what Labour believe to be their clothes, just as NuLabour stole fiscal responsibility. Let's hope Conservatives prove better guardians of Social Justice than Labour did for fiscal responsibility (or for Social Justice for that matter).

David Sergeant @ 17.21 - 'I just wonder why it has taken so long for the contempt bit.'

There was the most damning article in yesterday's Telegraph, David, by Iain Martin, I don't know whether you saw it? It outlines, quite clearly why this country has ended up in the mess it is, and it started in 1994!!!! Mr. Martin starts his second paragraph:-

'In May 1884, shortly after the death of John Smith, Blair decided that he NEEDED (my capitals) to become Labour leader instead of Gordon Brown. He did so partly because he feared the consequences for his party of a day such as this Wednesday. And he was absolutely right.'....

Mr. Martin starts his fourth paragraph:-

'Yet the Blairites needed Brown, for none of them knew very much, or cared very much, about economics. Neither, as it turns out, did Brown - but he and his advisers said that they did and so were granted control.'!!

Like Henry VII, the Tories - as we all know - left a nice pot of money, in 1997, so that Brown was able to play around, and be as wasteful as he liked - for a while at least.

But getting back to your question, people started to praise Brown's expertise, as well as journalists. So the average Joe would absorb all this, certain people even 'built him up' for his 'expertise' on this website! So to go, in such a relatively short time, from being the 'best Chancellor ever' to the worst PM ever, when he has been 'sucked up to' by foreign leaders (who were probably laughing at him behind his back!!!

This has all happened FAR TOO fast for the average Brit to get to grips with.

It is only now that we have had this Budget, and the newspapers, FINALLY, are printing exactly - well nearly - how f....d up this country is, and what lies this government has told, is telling, and is making it quite obvious that they haven't a clue about 'running' a country, or a state, OR even a school!!! That I think you might well find the Polls changing and that 30% also dropping. Heavens above one or two leftie trolls on here are even wavering!!!!

Fine, but the trouble is that we don't know what the heck we are going to do with the economy when we take over.

We keep hedging our bets and saying that we will have examine the figures when we get into office, and that we will have to preside over a period of austerity and that we can't commit to tax cuts.

Frankly, it is all pretty feeble and we are just picking up votes off the back of a totally discredited, over-spending, clapped-out socialist government. Let's hope that when we finally get into Downing Street that we are not just a sad repeat of the indecisive Heath and Major governments.

We need to have the guts to stand up for reductions in public expenditure, rather than maintaining that we can go on taxing the decreasing number of wealth creators in this country more each year.

One thing that has struck me since the budget is that I've heard two different people at two different times refer to 'scum' Labour, these were ordinary people and not rabid Thatcherites or politically motivated types any means.

This government has now fallen into disrepute, and has gone from being excused, to being disliked, to now actually being hated. The feeling I get from talking to, and listening very carefully to what people say is that there is now a real longing to get Labour out.

'W.Hague - who will not have acted without the agreement of Andy Coulson and George Osborne' - as Hague is the only good orator on our side I hope it was just a question of the other two getting an advanced copy of his speech and not Hague taking any advice from those two. Osborne seem either frightened or incapable of mounting this type of attack - but, alas, among our Front Bench members he is not alone. Now is the time for the whole party to go in for the kill. Hague has made a superb start.

Is it just me or does Freddie say DOOMED in every post. Can't fault you for consistency tho my old lad.

William should have also pointed out the utter contempt from Labour benches during the debate after the budget. These arrogant wasters did not care what Cameron or Clegg had to say with Skinner walking out before Cameron spoke(no suprise) and most Labour backbenchers leaving before Clegg spoke how rude!

The only emotion i saw on the Labour frontbench was when the 50p rate was introduced. Harriet Harman looked like she had an orgasm.


It's Freddy if you don't mind!

This is the worst goverment ever. They have been fooling the people for so long now that they think they can keep getting away with it. This budget sums them up, lie about the forecasts then fudge the figures to fit. From Iraq to the Budget, this is their way. At the end of the last Conservative Goverment, Prescott and the rest of them used to spend every interview sneering at the Tory Party. Good on you William Hague if you can start to get back at them. Time to attack.

Sorry Freddy I was literally talking to my friend Freddie at the same time. Apologies for the mistake


No need to apologise! It was a joke!

I only say DOOMED when I think that Labour visitors to this site are around.

Some Labour supporters used to say it to us Tories, when we were on 22%!

William is wrong about one thing, it's not the Conservative Party that can remove New Labour from office, only the voters can.

I hate the Labour Party but I won't be voting Conservative unless my local Conservative candidate wants to legalise cannabis, and I don't think they will.

Hague is responsible for Europe and it's on Europe that we have to vote first. Can anybody tell me perhaps what Party policy is on tne EU and stop me voting BNP?

It's ridiculous - Mark Francois as Shdw Min:for Eiurope, spelt it out but not to us - to the Germans. WHY on earth is there this silence?

It should be easy - What's keeping them ?

we need to get this shambolic lot (new/labour ?) out of office as soon as possible. the longer they remain the deeper in trouble this country becomes.


Very true, even the trolls will find it hard to defend double digit leads.

" unless my local Conservative candidate wants to legalise cannabis"

Vote, far better if we legalize the execution of those engaged in drug production and trafficking. It is because we have spineless governments that the lives of thousands of young people are ruined, crime is rampant and prostitution is rife.

Dead drug-pushers cannot push drugs.

I hope all those saying we need to get this government out have signed the Downing St petition.
As William says, "we must spare no effort to get rid of this government."

Re the petition
Am I the only one to be a little hesitant that the No.10 petition site wants your home address? I'm not sure I want them to know it....the knock on the door at 3am may be only a fantasy, but just in case.....

"I hate the Labour Party but I won't be voting Conservative unless my local Conservative candidate wants to legalise cannabis, and I don't think they will."

Its going to be very difficult to undo the damage that has been done to the legalise cannabis campaign. We have been on the verge of a breakthrough a few times in the last 30 years only to see the press destroy the good work. Many libertarians are unhappy with the current prohibition and the criminality it encourages. I don't expect an overnight victory but that will not put me off voting Conservative. After all Blair downgraded it to class C only for the press to engage in a ridiculous refer madness campaign. I want it decriminalised and you want it legalised but we are still very much a minority with a lot of convincing to do.

roy s
I agree this government has a terrible record on civil liberties - but if you are right then that's all the more reason to sign. If things are that bad already, they'll find a reason to come for you sooner or later....

Maybe its time for people to stand up for what they believe in rather than hope someone else will do it for them?

"To see what is right and not to do it is want of courage" - Confucius.

Tony Makara,

You seriously want to execute people for growing weed? Sorry, I can't even take that seriously. That's not mainstream British politics, that's more like something I'd expect to read in a BNP leaflet.

I honestly believe that adults have the right to use intoxicants and certain currently illegal drugs (like marijuana) if they want to. Ditto for using the services of prostitutes and engaging in prostitution.

I'm a voter and I have the right to make 'red line' issues about anything I like. I choose to make that red line cannabis legalisation ;) Do you know why? Well it's NOT because I'm a cannabis user, I'm not. In fact the only recreational drug I use these days is alcohol. It's because this whole war on weed make it a B Gordon is an unprincipled political game. Even the Lib Dems got in on the act when Lib Dem front bencher Tom Brake decided to try and get pot seeds banned and legitimate businesses closed down. Politicians are turning an important issue that should be about personal freedoms, taxation and public health into a game of A B C for votes. And I don't want to be represented by someone like that. I want to be represented by someone who gives a damn about more than just their own career in politics. I think every cannabis user (there are literally millions of them in the UK) should make legalisation their red line at the ballot box - if they did the parties would u-turn on it as quickly as the Tories did on gay rights.

I think cannabis legalisation is about 10 years away in Britain and it won't happen until it has happened in the USA. I think certain USA States are around 4 years away from legalisation. Look out for California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon. This prohibition nonsense has gone on to long and those states are close to tipping point.

One other thing that I think is useful for Conservatives to know but I fear might be wasted on you. The Conservatives could have and should have won the General Election in 2005, but they didn't because they managed to have a leader that made David Blunkett look like a liberal. If senior Tory politicians were to call for mass executions, especially for 'crimes' like growing pot you'd actually lose to a pathetic shower of s**t like Gordon, Harriet and Jackie.

Yes, roy s, I think that Deborah is right @ 23.03.

"Now is the time for the whole party to go in for the kill. Hague has made a superb start."

Posted by: JS

I agree with the sentiment but not the detail.

Hague can get away with this sort of attack because he is quick witted and charming. He has the ability to be vicious without looking nasty, and it's a talent not everybody has.

I agree with Tony Makara. Dugs are poisoning our children and the solution is to be very very nasty to the pushers, just as they are in Singapore, a major world port and, in spite of this, a victor of the "War on Drugs".

As for you, Vote to Legalise, I hope you have nightmares in which you are haunted by those whose lives you have helped to ruin by your narcissist self indulgent behaviour.

Vote, the level of punishment meeted out to those producing and dealing in drugs would have to be decided by the courts. However execution should be an option reserved for those involved in the big business end of the drugs trade. People are sick of the damage that drugs do to our society and people are sick of politicians who haven't the guts to deal with the problem.

As David_at_Home says the authorities have to adopt a nasty approach. After all if a British government isn't squeamish about dropping bombs on the heads of Iraqi children then it shouldn't be squeamish about executing those who make a fat living out of plying death through their trade in drugs.

My final word on drugs (for now).

It is stupid, absurd, idiotic and positively evil to send our fine young men (and some women) to fight and die in the arid wastes of Afghanistan to defend us from drugs. I can understand why and even sympathise with impoverished Afghan peasants who grow opium as a cash crop to buy some sort of life for their families. I have no understanding and zero sympathy for the drug pushers here on the streets of London. The fight should be brought back here to the UK with no quarter given.

There are two options with regard to drugs, either to execute anyone found in possession even of small quantities, have absolute zero tolerance, wipe out the dealers and the users, or to licence it in the same way as alcohol, allow supermarkets and off licences to sell it and charge 20% VAT on it thus raising revenue helping to reduce PSBR, reduce crimes of acquisition because of probably lower prices and be able to reallocate police to other activities - all crime should be cracked down on though whoever commits it.

I have never taken illegal drugs, have little sympathy with those who do, but feel very annoyed by the amount of money spent on warehousing drugees in jail where they actually have more access to the same drugs than they do on the outside and then get state subsidised access to treatment programmes, this is what happens with the half hearted measures that there are at the moment.

So far as this government's attempts to sort this problem out, they are a continuation of attempts by various governments going back to the early 20th century, prohibition came in in the early 20th century, it was abandoned for alcohol, but continued for a wide range of other drugs. During earlier centuries there were mostly no restrictions, some people took drugs such as opium, laudanum, heroin, most didn't.

I don't really expect much change in coming years on policy on drugs.

Great phrase William. Funnily enough it didn't seem to make the BBC news last night, where the "trendy-lefty, beardy-weirdy" journalists decided instead to lead with the Labour & Trades Union comment denouncing Michael Gove's announcement on primary schools.

"I hate the Labour Party but I won't be voting Conservative unless my local Conservative candidate wants to legalise cannabis, and I don't think they will".

Oh, well - we suppose that we shall have to govern without the potheads. In Holland you can be fined for smoking tobacco in public but not for smoking pot.

Tony Makara, David_at_Home, How right you are. If only our elected leaders had the courage to do it. No, they have had the next general election handed to them on a plate by GB & and his inept incompetent cronies. Is it just possible that they too, like GB are really only seeking after power over us and will protect their current lucky, unearned position way out in the lead at any cost. Don't make waves chaps. Bugger doing the right thing lets just keep trying to get away by promising policies at some time in the future!

I have some sympathy with opposition parties on producing costed policies if they don't have the figures.

Not having the figures is just one of the absurd features of our bankrupt, unaccountable parliamentary system. This, like so many other things that are completely broken (MP pay & expenses for example) do not need the latest figures to come up with some sort of policy to fix it.

Policy: The conservatives will reform the civil service to have a duty to publish non-sensitive information to all parties so that government and the service itself can be held accountable.

Policy: The theft of national democracy by the EU under the Lisbon treaty will be put to a referendum as soon as possible.

Policy: The expenses debacle has gone on long enough. Conservatives believe X,Y,Z. Our policy to support this is A.B,C. Whilst we will continue to talk with all parties and welcome public consultation too, we will put A,B,C into effect immediately.

Policy: The current inequality of devolution is unacceptable. Since the entirety of our parliamentary democracy is now held in contempt by the public, as part of a root and branch reform of our political framework, we will do X,Y,Z with the purpose of delivering government of the people, by the people, for the people.

There are 101 social justice or future national prosperity issues that don't need 'the current figures' to deliberate policy about. The worst that could happen is that some of these ideas don't get implemented until after the next election. The best that could happen is that Labour steal a few and things start to get a little better in the meantime. The public won't forget Labour's past and they will appreciate leadership in these difficult times. If we have some good ideas, now is the time to share them for the good of the nation.

Quite right Alister, so why don't they? Surely they realise that folk will suspect devious motives why won't you set out a little of your intent in more than generalisation Mr Cameron. On ToryDiary today, under a very cute GB as the two faced god Janus is stated:

David Cameron has just launched the above poster as part of the Conservative campaign for the European Parliament election.

With the Constitution-cum-Treaty still yet to be ratified in Ireland, Czech Republic and Poland, Mr Cameron said now was the time to "maximise the pressure" on the Government to hold the referendum it promised at the last election. Indeed, he pointed out that the Conservatives were the only party which had stuck by its word on the issue (since the Lib Dems changed their tune as well).

Given recent U-Turns by Gordon Brown on public spending, MPs' allowances and "Titan" prisons, he said that he wanted another U-Turn - "and what better U-Turn to have than one on the European Constitution?".

Well Mr Cameron, why do you not also say thet if GB won't hold a referendum, you, after the next will do so regardless and close the issue down? Why don't you Mr Cameron if you believe it should happen? Sitting on fences yourself, leaving your options to deviate from what you know is right whilst calling on GB to act is not very nice, creditable or admirable. It is the kind of new labour act that has become so despised.

I can see Brown now, dressed and sounding like Dads' Army's Frazer "We're doomed, dooomed, I tell ye!"

Well said, William Haigh! Time to jettison the disgraceful grabbing Labourites and put somebody in charge of the country who actually cares about it, not kicking it while its down, then rifling through its pockets.

It was surprising that kitchen sink issue became a political matter!

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