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This is excellent news, because if Osborne can afford to spend time on this rubbish, and can assure us that it won't increase debt, that must mean that the Tory Party now has a fully-costed economic policy, has worked out how to end the recession in double-quick time, and has drawn up a list of other spending cuts to pay for this green guff.

But wouldn't it have been a more useful speech if instead he'd told us what the economic policy, recession-recovery plan and spending cuts were?

Oh God, is that the best our shadow chancellor can do in this time of national crisis? Are there no engineers (professional engineers, not fridge repair men) in Tory Central Office?

Some of the measures he suggests are semi practicable, some are motherhood and apple pie and the remainder are pie in the sky. Not one addresses the fundamental problems of energy supply that confront us.

Why are the Tories openly proposing 'green' policies now, that they are actively seeking the government to half-inch, but are not doing the same on the big issue