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This is excellent news, because if Osborne can afford to spend time on this rubbish, and can assure us that it won't increase debt, that must mean that the Tory Party now has a fully-costed economic policy, has worked out how to end the recession in double-quick time, and has drawn up a list of other spending cuts to pay for this green guff.

But wouldn't it have been a more useful speech if instead he'd told us what the economic policy, recession-recovery plan and spending cuts were?

Oh God, is that the best our shadow chancellor can do in this time of national crisis? Are there no engineers (professional engineers, not fridge repair men) in Tory Central Office?

Some of the measures he suggests are semi practicable, some are motherhood and apple pie and the remainder are pie in the sky. Not one addresses the fundamental problems of energy supply that confront us.

Why are the Tories openly proposing 'green' policies now, that they are actively seeking the government to half-inch, but are not doing the same on the big issues, the economy and reform of politics?

Are each one of these proposals costed and guaranteed to be in the Tory manifesto, or is this politicking?

The 'keep our cards close to our chest' approach advocated by many here is clearly not being followed by Team Cameron on green issues, so why for the bigger policies?

There is a real lack of consistency here.

How would a £17bn state funded (as the party has previously announced) high speed rail service NOT add to government debt??

A 'high speed rail network initially between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds' would actually be stimulating.
One of our main aims is to help the North of England become one of the best places in Europe to do business.

I was at a CPF Meeting last night.

The purpose of these meetings is supposed to be so that the branches in a constituency can discuss current policy ideas, have some input, then pass them "up the chain" to HQ.

Its a nice idea, I think. That the leadership take the time to listen to the actual members and consider their views before forming policy.

Last nights meeting covered all these policy announcements here. So it's great to see that our leadership have now gained the talent of clairvoyance and knew what our CPF meeting would say before we even posted our conclusions to them.


Osbourne reconfirming his Socialist agenda in case anyone is in any doubt as to his Leftist leanings.Is there no length and depth to which this opposition will not sink in order to curry favour and temporise with the liberal Sociailist establishment?It would seem not.

How many of these grand-projets are on PFI and will they be put on the balance sheet?

I'm a bit dubious about building a massive offshore DC busbar, especially as the the wind-farms are not there to service it. Offshore wind farms do produce four times the energy, but suffer from large hysteresis losses and are expensive to construct and develop. I just hope these schemes are not an excuse to create a load of part-time noddy jobs to mask the economic problems. Subsidy for environmental measures often creates perverse incentives that increase pollution and drive up costs for consumers.

One easy remedy would be to change our clocks to daylight saving time for the whole year. This will cut our electricity consumption massively.

Wherever you stand on the "man-made climate change" issue, reducing the amount we spend on energy and reducing dependence on foreign oil and gas can only be a good thing- for our security and the economy.

1. A £6,500 energy efficiency entitlement for every home in Britain

Where is this cash coming from? 30million homes x 6,500 = give me a break!

2. Fund at least three Carbon Capture and Storage projects

Just three?

3. Smart Meters

Government already plans to roll this out from 2011

4. Feed in Tariffs

Again already scheduled

5. Create a national recharging network for electric vehicles

Then all we'll need are some electric vehicles - they don't exist. Alternatively, we can just hitch a ride with the milk man...

6. Begin work on a new high speed rail network

Again, given the nations finances - where is the cash going to come from?

7. Invest in the creation of an electricity internet

Given the paltry contribution and unreliable source of energy that renewables are today (wind turbines are 0.5% of UK requirement), is this a good use of resources or likely to make a significant contribution?

8. Provide government loan guarantees to companies investing in green technologies and create the world’s first environmental trading market

More Government loan guarantees? Hasn't he heard of the Banking Bail outs? Where is this coming from?

9. Create a network of Marine Energy Parks

Refer to Point#7

10. Build an offshore DC cable network

Again Point#7.

We need the next generation of Coal & Nuclear which currently provide around 75% of our energy supplies. No mention.

This is mostly expensive window dressing that we can't afford, don't need and will do almost nothing to address our impending energy crisis.


Maybe he's looking forward to a continued special relationship with the Obama administration?

Cleethorpes Rock - don't dispute the arguments about energy security, just worry about the numbers e.g. the £6,500 energy efficiency allowance. If that's "paid for" by savings in fuel bills of £160 per year, it will take only 41 years to pay for itself - but if the programme also has to pay off interest on borrowing, then it might never pay for itself (£160 is less than 2.5% of £6,500). So it must mean that a Tory Treasury is planning spending cuts elsewhere to pay for this scheme - or of course a tax rise of £6,500 per household.

"5. Create a national recharging network for electric vehicles"

For every million electric cars on the road would require an additional 2TW of generating capacity. Fine if you have a surplus but we don't, our lights are about to go out. Hmmmm not such a bright idea, and anyway I seriously doubt whether battery powered cars are the solution, better would be to go the Hydrogen fuel cell power cars route (Honda have a very good hydrogen fuel cell on sale right now) that wouldn't require expensive rewiring of our towns and cities, but only need a easy conversion of our petrol stations.

I note the greenest policy of all , a population policy , is still being ignored by our out of touch political class.

Hard to disagree with some of the posters above. George will be put under pressure to explain how these proposals would be cost neutral. He'd better have a very thorough and coherent set of answers.
Also echo Iain's point about a population policy. If our population is going to grow as some predict many of these proposals will be at best a sideshow in making the UK more enviromentally friendly.

Statistics Man, I agree. I think the numbers are very fuzzy, designed to make it look like we're "doing something", as seems to be the job of the modern politician.

Changing to daylight saving time wouldn't cost a penny.

As for energy efficiency, I know that if I insulate my house and turn lights and appliances off I will save money- I don't think we need to government to tell us that.

DC network? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way back in the days of Edison and Westinghouse it was found that Alternating Current AC , the type which comes out of your mains sockets rather than Direct Current DC, the type produced by batteries, was the better to transmit over large distances as it can be easily stepped up and down by transformers etc to the voltage required. Thus the 333KV feed via the pylons is stepped down to more usable and safer levels 440 volts AC for many industrial uses and 240V AC for domestic mains. This is then converted (rectified) into DC in the majority of our equipment such as PCs, TVs etc as their circuits do not run on AC unlike hoovers, heaters and such electromechanical equipment which can be AC only although some of these now have Electronic control circuitry which requires the AC to be converted to DC internally.

DC can only be reduced by large resistors (rheostats) which generate wasteful heat or has to be converted to AC by expensive electronic equipment to step it up or down, a wasteful process as again heat is produced and energy lost.

It would be far more sensible if the offshore energy production equipment envisaged is by generators that produce AC NOT DC and that this is then stepped up or down as needed and fed into the existing National Grid and thus available for use by all.

Either someone has misreported this idea in 10 or the originator does not understand the difference between AC and DC, a far more worrying idea.

Now I am well known to be hostile to the whole Green Agenda but item 10 on the list apart for technical reasons as explained above, the rest seem very reasonable to me, especially the idea of a National High Speed Rail Network. Some of these ideas would provide much needed employment and thus help revitalise the economy and leave a lasting usable legacy to the benefit of the Nation as the Victorians did with their great works of Engineering and Building.

So 9/10 for George Osborne from me. Can I suggest he sends the originator of Idea 10 to see the Science Master for some tuition about Electricity?

forty years after the japanese introduced the bullet train it's about time we sorted that out

These seem good ideas - I like the things like the DC connections as it's a modern idea providing a framework on which companies can build.

Seems a bit of a wedge to get high speed rail in there.

For electical charging they should create a automated unified battery swap system so people can just go to the garage and swap their flat battery for a charged one in seconds.
Trial it on London taxis and buses first.

..but good marks for effort.

All forms of state intervention. Don't agree with any of it.

Lol, who remembers Cameron's quote from 2005, shortly after winning the leadership election, about the public having enough of undeliverable promises, so he will shoot anyone who proposes a 21st century rail network?

I'm opposed to the 'Chicken Little' style Climate Change Alarmist drivel. But all three Parties (or foxes in the story) have agreed - the sky IS falling in.

I'm also opposed to the way the nations finances have been handled over the past decade.

So, George I hope you've done your sums. Because otherwise firstly the Labour Party will have a field day with this lot. And overcome that, we tax payers will still have to pick up yet another massive unnecessary bill.

Great work George!

A high speed modern rail network is possible if the will to build it is there. I would rather the Government had directly funded such an idea instead of bailing out the banks just for them to pay bonuses etc to failed directors and senior staff and not loan the money to keep businesses going as was the original idea.

Obviously steps would need to be taken both to stifle the rent a mob Green lot who would be sure to protest as at the Power Stations in Kent and abortively, thanks to our much maligned Police Force, in Nottingham, and to fast track some of our interminable Planning Procedures, Enquiries etc. The French and the Japanese have proven that it can be done, and the benefits economically and in providing employment and to the environment speak for themselves. The Government takes our money in taxes anyway, so I would rather see benefit such as this than some of the things they waste it on.


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